command buttons

  1. S

    Active X Command Buttons increasing in size

    I'm using command buttons for process control in a spreadsheet. Using vba to enable and disable buttons to keep the user moving along. Each button performs a different vba routine. Problem I'm having is the buttons resizing themselves with each click. Specifically increasing in size, but the...
  2. M

    Have existing button! Can I add existing buttons to New User Form???

    Obviously new to VBA. I've created spreadsheet with many buttons and text boxes, etc... Now, I realize I should have placed them on a User Form for better control. Is this even possible? Can I add existing buttons to a new user form? I've searched the internet and especially your site for the...
  3. R

    Show/hide command buttons based on textbox value

    Have 10 command buttons and a text box. When I enter a value in textbox1 i want to show that number of command buttons E.g if I enter 0, no command buttons will appear, if I enter 4, command buttons 1,2 ,3 and 4 will be visible and the others won't be. Thanks
  4. J

    Copying above row formatting and formula to new row using command button

    Hello VBA Gurus, I would like to create a new row with a command button and then have VBA codes copy the formatting and certain formulas from the row above into the newly inserted row. I would like to only copy formulas from certain column ranges (i.e. A:B; D:L, U:AA) and leave the rest blank...
  5. S

    Copying click Command Buttons

    Hi folks, I used the formula below to simply click the command button to add 1 to the number Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim x As Integer x = Range("A1").Value Range("A1").Value = x + 1 End Sub The application is... I am counting visitors between a 2 hour time period during...
  6. J

    VBA - Print to PDF?

    I have a simple macro command button with the following script: Sub PrintVisibleOnly() Dim wsh As Worksheet For Each wsh In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets If wsh.Visible = xlSheetVisible Then wsh.PrintOut End If Next wsh End Sub This macro automatically prints the selected print...
  7. D

    VBA - Unhide Rows if CommandButton No Longer Exists?

    Putting together a time-off request template with a "Submit" button (assigned macro that will confirm required data input, validate entries, calculate hours subtracting holidays/weekends, etc., email to supervisor, etc.) that is deleted after submission. I have hidden rows with supervisors...
  8. N

    Move rows to other sheets using a command button

    I have a workbook with multiple worksheets and want to create a command button that moves rows in one sheet to another. In the “Master” worksheet, if “Column U” has an “X” in it, I want to move the entire row to the next empty row in “Scrap” worksheet and delete the original row in the...
  9. D

    Command Button : Add/Remove data series

    Hello, I have a bar chart that 4 command buttons are connected to. Initially I had successfully set up the command buttons to add a data series on the first click and then remove the data series on the 2nd click. However, when I initially coded these the data series were static (1, 2, 3, etc.)...
  10. R

    ActiveX Command Button help

    Hello Everyone, I can't seem to resolve the issues I am having with ActiveX Command Buttons. I have created a form which has hidden rows which are unhidden when the appropriate choice is made. Each row of the form has a command button(s). The buttons on the hidded rows seem to have...
  11. F

    vba creating command button when new sheet is created

    I am currently trying to create a command button when a new sheet is created. However I'm facing an error. Error 438, object doesn't support this property or method. Need some assistance here. Cheers. <CODE>Sub wdlsinflow() Dim r As Range, LstRw As Long, LstCo As Long Dim Obj As Object...
  12. D

    Command Buttons and Macro's Stopped Working

    Hello, Several months ago I wrote a spreadsheet with multiple macro's and command buttons which activate some of them. When I opened the workbook today, none of the codes will execute and the command buttons can't be clicked. I've seen several others asking about this issue, and I tried...
  13. T

    How do you hide Command Buttons

    Hi all, how do I make the Command Button (Active X Control) not print on paper? Please advise. thank you :rolleyes:
  14. L

    Command button not working

    I inserted a command button into an existing excel spreadsheet. I went in vb editor for the button to write the code for the button's function. However, when you click the button, nothing happens. I think I forget/missed the line to make it do the macro. Does anyone see what I missed? Option...
  15. R

    Excel 2007 Command button Properties

    Hello, I have managed to create a command button in excel 2007 that performs a macro upon a click. But, after re-opening the workbook, I am unable to right click on the button to recall the properties window. Any ideas?
  16. N

    Updating a summary report automaticaly from existing data using VBA

    Hi there, I'm trying to figure out how I could generate a report using a Command Button. I have a spreadsheet that contains data in columns, some of which I want showing up in the summary report. Any new data entered should be updated in the summary report when I hit the command button. Existing...
  17. B

    Command Buttons Disappearing

    I have a worksheet with 6 command buttons spread throughout the sheet. They are meant to hide/unhide with rows that are either hidden or shown. The issue is that when rows are hidden then unhidden the command buttons do not reappear with everything else. Does anyone know why this would be...
  18. G

    Running macros using command buttons with Add-In

    I have been working on this problem for several days almost non-stop. Is it possible to have a spreadsheet where all the VBA code is contained in an Add-In (.xlam)? The code contains both Functions and Subroutines. The Subroutines are invoked using command buttons on the original spreadsheet...
  19. K

    seriously need help with counting macro and command buttons

    Tracking output quality of two-step process performed on various items. On one worksheet have created command buttons for 1. Employee Name for 1st step of process 2. Employee Name for 2nd step of process 3. Item type process is performed on 4. Quality of item with corresponding reason if...
  20. J

    Create Click events for Command buttons created dynamically at Runtime

    Hi I have a userform that has one combobox at the top created manually. When the userform is opened, the user select an option in the combobox (these options are taken from a range on 1 worksheet). From the selection of the combobox, I use the comboxbox's change event to create and display 5...

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