conditional formatting

  1. Agnarr

    Log. Need to work on g.sheets

    Hello everyone! I implore your help. I have a diet log for an office and looks like below. Now there's conditional Formatting to change the colors of the cells according to min and max values i had in column T. (calories, protein, sleep, water, steps, etc) Now the problem is that they need it...
  2. E

    Basic Gantt Chart - how to use conditional formatting to highlight percentage allocation per project

    Hello, I was hoping the community can help me. I downloaded a standard Gantt template form Excel and have begun modifying it. I would like to present 3 months of data side by side in the same worksheet (only two shown in the images). The challenge I have is that I can't seem to replicate the...
  3. B

    Excel 2021 conditional formatting that changes with the drop down menu

    I have an excel "database" that does various calculations, data collecting and reports for an event that occurs every year. Various reports are generated from specific columns using the indirect function. My question, with the below example, is when I chose 2023, the company names Target and...
  4. L

    I need help with a spreadsheet I have made for "ongoing project Timeline"

    So, I have made a what we call "job List" at work. This needs to be updated every month and shows, the next 12 months, with a proposed end date for each project we are doing. It needs to be visual like a bar graph and I wasn't sure on the best way to do this whilst making it time efficient to...
  5. C

    Only some Conditional Formatting & Data Validation ranges work, even though those rules exist

    I have several ranges of cells on multiple sheets that I have manually applied both Conditional Formatting (CF) & Data Validation (DV). However, only some ranges actually work. I've also tried this by recording a macro for the CF and then using the macro to save time and avoid any errors. When I...
  6. M

    date difference formatting

    Hello Excel knowledge base I hope you can help me, (I did search previous threads but didnt seem to find an answer but it most likely is there) I have a table with a date in column D and I want to put a formula into the corresponding cell in column H that will show the number of months between...
  7. Z

    why Excel shows duplicate values when using Conditional formatting

    B3 Conditional formatting>Highlight cells rules>Duplicate values shows duplicate even if there is no identical values
  8. C

    Exclude from conditional formatting

    Good day everyone, I have an academic rating spreadsheet where students are ranked in the top 10%, 15% and 40%. So right now 3 conditional formatting rules. Each category of rating is recognized during their graduation and on their final graduation certification. However if the student has any...
  9. L

    Conditional Formatting

    I have an daily inventory record which shows daily sales quantities and inventory replenishments. When daily inventory reduces to less than or equal to (8), replenishment occurs adding (8) more to inventory. The replenishment process takes (14) days though, and I want to indicate the day...
  10. C

    How do I do conditional formatting with today's date, but which also includes other text?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to find a way to adopt conditional formatting for a cell which contains today's date. I've been able to do this successfully, but if I include other text in the cell (for example, a time - see image attached), the conditional formatting does not work. What would be...
  11. G

    Skins Game Conditional Formatting

    I've been unsuccessful trying to figure this out using multiple resources so I'm reaching out here. I'm trying to be make the explanation thorough and apologize if it runs on too long. Sheet 1 has everyones scores by hole who played the last round. The Cells with front 9 scores go from E to...
  12. A

    Conditional formatting for table header if table range contains non-numeric characters

    Hi, I've been trying to find a way to use conditional formatting for a the header if the column for that table contains non-numeric characters as I come across this happening when receiving exported data. I have tried using ISTEXT and ISNUMBER together with an IF statement but haven't gotten...
  13. A

    Datavalidation of social security numbers

    Hi, I've been trying for a while to figure out a way to use data validation and/or conditional formatting when entering Swedish social security numbers (personal id-number) to check that the value is valid but can't get my head around it. I found an old thread on a forum that has been shut...
  14. D

    Highlight cell if date has passed

    I know this seems simple but I've been researching this for a few hours and I'm come up blank. I'm looking to do the following two things with conditional formatting. I need a cell in Row B to go RED if the planned end date has passed and YELLOW if the planned end date is within 14 days of the...
  15. T

    ClearContents VBA is clearing my Conditional Formatting

    Hi there, I'm trying to figure out a way to clear cells without clearing the applied Conditional Formatting rules from those cells. Here's my code: Sub WipeSheet() ' ' WipeSheet Macro ' Wipes all entries in the sheet besides formulas ' ' Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+W ' PopupPrompt =...
  16. K

    Conditional Formatting to highlight first cell in a row that is not null

    I am trying to create a conditional formatting rule to highlight the first cell in the row with a value (or that is not blank/null). See below. See below - I would like the formula to populate as noted below. The spreadsheet is trying to list projects by weeks and hours. I would like each...
  17. J

    Highlighting duplicates of combined cells

    Hello, I am trying to highlight all duplicated combination of 2 cells. Both cells are always numbers and I would like to see if there is already the same combination without adding a new column. An example is: 20 50 20 30 20 50 15 4 I would therefore need Excel to highlight 1st...
  18. X

    Conditional Formatting question

    Hello everyone, I can't figure out how to accomplish following task: I would like to use conditional formatting to color certain cells based on how big is the difference when comparing two cells above each other. Looking at the example below, Row 2 is the starting value and Row 3 is one that...
  19. T

    Conditional Formatting VBA

    I have a code that organizes raw data into multiple sheets, without getting into too much detail, it lists the task from the raw data with short descriptions, and completed date as well as scheduled date for each of the tasks, if the task was completed late (after the schedule date) I want it to...
  20. S

    Excel Sharepoint Help: Conditional Formatting & Data Autofill

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet on Sharepoint that I'm trying to make work. The purposes: To allow people from our building can add their name and birthdays. To have conditional formatting that automatically highlights all rows containing dates from the current month. To automatically populate...

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