conditional formatting

  1. S

    VBA to colour cells that link elsewhere

    Hello everyone, I have a sheet with amounts of historical data that then feeds to another sheet where the calculation/modelling then happens. Much of the data in the "data" sheet is never actually pulled into the modelling sheet and I would like to get an idea of which cells in the data sheet...
  2. nburaq

    Highlight a value already Highlighted at another sheet

    Hi Gents, I have a sheet called "Orders" and all order numbers are in column A and estimated costs are in column B and actual costs are in column C. I already used a formula to highlight values in Orders sheet as C>B. On the other hand, I have another sheet called "Materials" and same order...
  3. S

    Conditional Formatting - Offset Cells

    I have a table that I want the 10 cells below to be highlighted based on the cell value at the top. To look something like the below. I have go so that the "K" in the first row will highlight everything, but doesn't stop at the next "K".
  4. N

    Conditional Formatting formula not working

    Hello, I am having issues with my conditional format formula. I am not sure what I did wrong, but it doesn't highlight anything. I was pretty sure I had things written out correctly, but I am not able to figure out this issue. I'm hoping someone else will see the error with the formula and can...
  5. L

    Conditional formatting based on number of blank cells

    Hello, I have figured out how to format my range (row) of columns into a single colour based on whether or not there is any blank cell in the specified range using the COUNTBLANK() function. However, I was wondering if it is possible to apply a gradient to this so that cells which have more...
  6. N

    Conditional Formatting if difference in time is equal to certain value

    I'm struggling to come up with a formula that will look at the start time and subtract it from the end time (if the dates are the same) and if the difference is 1 minute or 30 minutes, color it green. I've tried googling this and have not come up with anything that works at all. I'm hoping that...
  7. T

    Conditional Format Index Result Location

    I can't get the conditional formatting to work even though the index formula works in a cell. Here is my formula: =CELL("address",INDEX(Months,MATCH(B3,$B$3:$B$53,0),MATCH(VLOOKUP(B3,data!$C$2:$D$52,2,0),$C$1:$AS$1,0))) I copied this formula into the CF from cell C3 and applied it to my range...
  8. L

    Highlight if cell is used twice across worksheet

    I think I may be asking the impossible here but here we go! I am trying to make conditional formatting across multiple sheets. Tabs: TIMETABLE 1, TIMETABLE 2, TIMETABLE 3 If B10 in TIMETABLE 1 (tab 1) is used in B10 in another tab (TIMETABLE 2 or TIMETABLE 3) , highlight both cells red. Is...
  9. H

    highlight all other cells in a row if any one cell has a value

    Hi, I want to Highlight all other cells in a row which are BLANK, if any one cell of that row has a value This is to prompt users to enter value in other cells of the row too. For eg : Cell D25 has value, then Row (B25:I25) should be highlighted except cell D25, and as I keep entering value in...
  10. F

    Conditional Formatting Ignoring Weekdays

    Hi All, I've looked through Google and this forum but can't find an answer to this specific issue. Apologies if it was out there and I missed it. I'm not an expert by any means, my formulas may look convoluted. I have columns like these where they highlight to different colors based on dates...
  11. J

    Conditional Formatting Gone Wild

    I am losing my mind over this. I am very well acquainted with Excel; however, this super basic formula is killing me. Have I completely lost it?! We get a task on certain dates (DATE) and depending on the task, it may either have a 75-day suspense or 180-day suspense (STANDARD). To find out...
  12. G

    Data Bar Min Not Showing Up

    Good Morning, I'm setting up 3 Data bars for 3 ranges 90-100 60-89 0-59 The problem I'm finding is when I set the Minimum Number for the data bar (gradient or solid), it doesn't show any color in the cell. The other issue is that the cell is not responding to the other rules. The first rule...
  13. L

    Conditional Formatting colors between two tables

    Hello, I have three tables. Table 1 is the original table which is a table that shows years and criteria and in it we have colors where each color is used for a certain grade. So BLUE=GREAT, YELLOW=GOOD, RED=BAD, and white = NA. Table 2 is derived from table 1 using a match function and a...
  14. C

    Conditional Formatting Formula for Dates

    Hey Y'all, I'm trying to figure out a conditional formatting formula for cells O17-O30 that highlights date cells that are either in the past, today, or up to 3 months in the future, all relative to today's date. Does anyone know a good formula for that? Thank you! Chelsea
  15. M

    Issue with conditional formatting

    Hi everyone I'm having random issues with conditional formatting. Screenshot of the settings is attached. I have the exact same settings on other cells with no issues. To clarify, the first condition's formula is =B13="termination" If that cell has the word "termination", then I want B44 to B46...
  16. D

    Need top 10 from column B for every different value in column A

    I have three columns in my worksheet, column A contains a list of hubs, column B contains a list of suppliers, and column C contains a sum of their business. The hub in the cell of column A repeats for every supplier they have before moving onto a new hub. Below is an example of what the data...
  17. D

    Gradient conditional formatting for due dates?

    Hello, I'm trying to conditionally format a column that's filled with due dates. I'd like it to to be conditionally formatted with a 3-color gradient starting at yellow, moving to orange, and finally to red. I'd like the fill to begin with yellow when the due date in the cell is about 10 days...
  18. P

    Conditional Formatting Based on Date Column

    Good Morning and Happy (belated) New Year Team Mr. Excel. I am trying to figure out how to do conditional formatting on my spreadsheet. (Excerpt below in a XL2BB format) My goal is to grey-out (for lack of a better term) any rows where the date (Column A) is in the future. The table includes...
  19. B

    Conditional Formatting keeps changing alignment

    Hi, I have simple to do list in a table with one rule in Conditional Formatting. If the text within cells D5:D19 are changed to "Completed", the entire row should color green. Somehow once the Conditional Formatting is applied the alignment is also changed. I already tried to save the Excel file...
  20. W

    Conditional Formatting disappearing after unmerging cells

    Hi there! I'm working on a schedule, date being on the X-axis and the relevant parties on the Y-axis. Each row uses conditional formatting to colour it when there is an input in the cell. Often, an activity drags out over several days and to fit the name of the activity and for the sake of...

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