1. S

    Conditional Formatting Formula

    I need to write a formula that highlights cells that contain an error if the next cell contains the word "Venmo." IF (AND (I3=ISERROR , J3 CONTAINS THE WORD VENMO)) then color the cell red I know my formula is silly, but think it conveys what I am trying to do?? :-D TIA!!! Sarah PS, I know...
  2. A

    Conditional Formatting - Icon Set

    Good afternoon everyone, I'm thinking this is an easy question but I'm having a brain fart and can't figure it out. Basically I have a spreadsheet where I need to have a red light whenever the percentage is less than -8% and a green light whenever the percentage is more than 8% and have no...
  3. C

    Conditional formatting

    In conditional formatting I would like to highlight the whole row when yes is entered into cell M2 then each row after that. Sorry cannot paste table into here Thank you for any assistance <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody>...
  4. G

    Conditional Format with Search and Days

    Hello, I'm attempting to add conditional formatting to a sheet. The Conditional Format is based on: 1) Column A contains the word "Sales" AND Column C is < 30 2) Column A does not contain the word "Sales" AND Column C is < 90 I attempted to build out the formula, but it does not work as...
  5. Z

    Conditional Formatting Based on Headers

    I am having trouble coming up with code that will scan the column headers, strings, and then apply the specific conditional formatting based on values in that column. The order of the columns can vary depending on how individuals pull the report. I want the formatting consistent despite the...
  6. V

    Change color conditional formatting - quick way

    Hi, I have several columns. Each column needs to highlight certain times in a certain color. For each column the time and color is different. Column A 9:00 (color Blue) Column B 5:00 (color Green) Column B 6:00 (color Yellow) Column C 8:00 (color Red) Column C 9:00 (color Light Blue) etc...
  7. L

    conditional formatting - like reverse lookup

    Hi I want to highlight "pass" in result column to different color but not only pass but student name that correspond to that pass For example, cell F2 = pass should be highlighted to different color and also Mary1 as well (like reverse lookup) I can use conditional formatting to highlight pass...
  8. L

    conditional formatting

    Hi I have the table below. I want to use conditional formatting or any other way to highlight the event based on condition like the following: If the event takes less than 14 days, then I highlight "Current" in the 3rd column. but not to highlight the "xmas" or any other events which have...
  9. L

    copying conditional formatting to different sheet

    Hi I have no problem to copy conditional formatting from one cells to another in the same sheet using format painter tool. But I noticed I can not copy conditional formatting to different sheet? Is that by design? Thank you
  10. avisoft20

    Conditional Format

    Dear All Expert, I am working on a data i need conditional format formula. Example: <tbody> Date Material Code 01/10/2019 2002025 01/10/2019 2002025 01/10/2019 2002115 </tbody> Condition:if material code is same on same date it will be highlighted. Thanx & Regards. Avisoft
  11. P

    Conditional Formatting

    Can you do conditional formatting on a column based on last number in each cell. I need to highlight all cells that end with a 6 in a particular column. Thanks
  12. J

    Conditional formatting based on condition of one cell and value of another

    I have a column of dates in a table that has a conditional formula applied that turns the cell color red if the date is >= today()-30. I have another column with names of weekdays in the same table. I have another column that I want to turn green if the date cell is red and the weekday is...
  13. P

    conditional formatting help

    Hi, I need to have rows highlighted that have to meet 3 criteria in a table and was unsure what statement would be best, two have to be a specific text and one has to be above a certain number.
  14. N

    Conditional formatting

    HI, Newbie here, have formatted a table to grey out rows based on a condition on a column, but it has overridden my rag colouring, can anyone help? I have the if = to AR then format then this is for the lines - =$R10="Yes"
  15. M

    Conditional Formatting - need to add a "not equal to" to my formula

    Maybe it's because it's soo late and I'm here working on this but I can't figure this out. Help from the masters would be appreciated. I have a conditional formatting formula already setup and it works... <date(2019,8,2))) AND(($AZ10>0.249),($F10<date(2019,8,2))) <DATE(2019,8,2)))...
  16. G

    Conditional formatting question

    Hello, I have applied conditional formatting to a range ofcells, for example A1 to D1 and the cells are colour coded based on the value. I am now struggling as the cells in A2 to D2 need to be formattedin the same colour, is there a way to Link the colour format ? SO effectively A1 and A2 would...
  17. H

    Questions on conditional formatting

    Hi, Possible to use conditional formatting to 'sum count' font colour? 1 2 The ans should be 2 'count'
  18. J

    Conditional formatting highlight

    Hi, My formula seem to be wrong. Can any one please help me check the formula. Appreciate in advance. Thank you.
  19. O

    conditional format

    Hi my conditional format is not working and i can't figure out why. i think i have looked at this too much lol. my conditional format formula is: =OR($B18>””,$B18>0) the cell range it is applied to is: =$B$16,$D$16,$F$16,$H$16,$J$16 B18 only ever has a date entered into it if that helps, i was...
  20. J

    Conditional Formatting - Highlighting differing values

    Hi all, If I have multiple columns that I'm identifing differences in, and what to highlight those differences. What conditional formatting formula could I use? Example: Columns A2 and B2 should be the same, but they are different values. I want to highlight both cells. This rule would be...

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