1. A

    Conditional formatting formula for cell

    Hi all. Wonder if anyone can help. How do you put this formula into a conditional formatting formula based on if the answer is “Pass” the cell is green, “Inter” the cell is yellow and fail it’s red. PASS =IF(SUM(D3:$H3)<=$C3 INTER =IF(AND(SUM(D3:$H3)>$C3,SUM(E3:$H3)<$C3) FAIL = any other...
  2. C

    Calendar Coding Using Conditional Formula With A Color Code Of Users Choosing

    I'm having trouble learning this "loop" feature in vba, or even if it's the correct way to do what I'm wanting. I'm looking at changing the day's background fill, or the "interior". I figured out how to do it one box at time, but it seems as though that probably isn't the BEST way to do it and...
  3. W

    Conditional formatting using VBA

    Could someone please help me to create a VBA script which applies the following three conditional formatting rules? Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3
  4. L

    How can I return the most recent account balance from a chart of multiple accounts

    Hi everyone, I thought this issue would be simple but it's actually proving to be quite difficult. I need to write a formula that will return the last balance for an account within a table of multiple accounts. Essentially the formula needs to look at the MAX date for all transactions...
  5. A

    Conditional formatting is not working for less than TODAY(), only for greater than

    Conditional formatting does not apply to dates less than TODAY(), only greater than TODAY(). I have an IF statement with two VLOOKUPS inside. One of them outputs "Not Registered" if the cell looked is empty. The other, just copy the data that is on the other spreadsheet. <code style="margin...
  6. G

    Conditional formatting using an index formula

    Hi, I have used the formula below to apply conditional formatting to the cells in my worksheet. The conditional formatting is based on the result of inputting a value in the column heading and a value in the row headings. The problem I have is that all results are the same colour. I need the...
  7. S

    changing a 2 decimal place number into a whole number in a macro

    So I have an issue sorting data and then using conditional formatting on that data. he data that I start with has numbers in a 2dp format and my conditional format rules work on whole numbers. I dont need the numbers to be 2dp and none of the conditional formatting works until I manually enter...
  8. P

    Conditional formatting question on multiple rows

    How do I use the conditional formatting option for "Use Formula" option on a per row basis? In my example I have a status field as Closed, once the status is set to Closed it will Strike Through all the text in the next 5 columns in that row. How do I drag this Conditional Formatting...
  9. D

    Conditional formatting transparent color

    Hi, Is there a way to use a transparent conditional formatting to put a "shade" over cells with true? The result i'm looking for is let's say a cell has already been manually highlighted with a specific color, if the conditional formatting is true, than a color with transparency will be shown...
  10. TheRogue

    Font Selection Based on Variable

    I have a Toggle Button, linked to C1, which returns a TRUE/FALSE. What I want to do is change the font formatting of a <Text Range>, based upon the result in C1 If C1=FALSE, then <Text Range> displays in the default font (Arial, 10), but If C1=TRUE, the <Text Range> displays in (Times Roman, 12)...
  11. R

    What does top 10% means in excel conditional format

    I am having problem understanding the logic of the top 10% rules in conditional formatting. What does this mean?
  12. E

    Conditional Formatting with VBA

    Hello all, So in column M on sheet 1 I have data that is in no specific order and the amount is always chaning. The data is Dog, Cat, and Fish. On Sheet 2 starting in A1 going to A3, I have Dog, Cat, and Fish in their own columns. They each have a specific cell color and font color. I want...
  13. K

    Possibility conditional formatting within range of cells

    Hello everyone, I have some troubles with conditional formatting, see example below: <tbody> A B C D 1 Date 25-Aug-2019 26-Aug-2019 27-Aug-2019 2 activity1 8 3 activity2 8 4 activity3 8 </tbody> My goal is to change the colour of the "activity" cell when: "B2 to D2 is...
  14. S

    conditional format to change alignment in a cell if a number is entered

    Hi Column B is formatted to align left. Sometimes i enter a number instead of a text. I then click on a button on the ribbon to change the ailgnment I got to wondering....... Is there a way to have conditional format change it? mike
  15. B

    Overrule conditional formatting

    I've made a spreadsheet to keep score of a soccer tournament, and I would like to fill the cells if certain conditions are met. To do that I use Conditional Formatting. Doing that I've encountered a very strange problem: Conditional Formatting overrules horisontal lines, but not vertical...
  16. D

    Conditional formatting

    I would like a colored row on a certain date to turn from red to yellow, how would I format that?
  17. N

    Conditional Formatting for highlighting after today's date.

    I am looking to highlight any dates that passed, however, when I use the built in format it highlights the blanks as well. When I used if($n6<=today(),"true","") it does the same thing. My goal is to just highlight any dates that are today's date and past, without the blanks being highlighted as...
  18. D

    Help conditional formatting not working

    I have a bunch of unique numbers in cells a2:a310. they are from a barcode scanner. the first 10 numbers are the same and the rest are different . when i highlight column A and set conditional formatting to duplicate are red , all cells turn red even though the numbers are different . I have...
  19. R

    Conditional formula

    I need a formula for conditional formatting that will color a font based on the condition that compares the value in H12 through S12 to the value in H13 through S13. If line 12 is of lesser value than 12, color the font red. thanks in advance
  20. B

    Conditional formatting not working on whole selected range

    Hi, I am using conditional formatting with the formula =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(Q4,Sheet2!$A:$A,0)),FALSE,TRUE) with range =$Q$4:$Q$2000 but it only works until cell Q216 and doesn't format anything after that. I have no idea why it's not working, can anyone help? Thanks

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