1. alexofrhodes

    Looping selected controls on a designer

    Hi all. I have the following code to get the selected controls on a userform's designer module. The problem is that some controls are within a frame, in which case the frame itself is added to the collection instead of the selected controls inside it. I expect a similar problem to occur when...
  2. G

    Function to access Userform selections

    Hi Folks, Excel Max has helped me understand a useful way to link option button choices in a userform to a Case SELECT inside my vba code. This code takes the choice of option box and returns it when the ActiveOption function is called from the userform code. Function ActiveOption() vA =...
  3. K

    Worksheet_BeforeRightClick - run macro automatically when right click on cell and select "New Note"

    Dear Guys, I have an older macro which ran well in earlier versions: when I right clicked on a cell and selected "Insert Comment": a macro ran automatically: of course I added following code to the appropriate sheet Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeRightClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As...
  4. D

    Make some CheckBoxes in one Form behavie according to a ListBox of another Form

    Hey, guys. I put some CheckBoxes in my Form and make all of them invisible. Then I want to make only a few of them visible according to the number of Itens that the 'User' insert on a ListBox from the past Form. I also want to change the captions of these CheckBox to the same name of the itens...
  5. kelly mort

    VBA code to check if any of a range of controls are blank

    Hi, I have done some sniffing around to see if I can find solution to my problem. I came close but needed a hand to finish it up for me. Dim allEmpty As Boolean allEmpty =True For Each crtl In Me.Controls If crtl.Name Like "txtM*" Then If Trim(crtl.Value) <> "" Then...
  6. N

    Lock all the controls in a userform

    Hello, I have a userform with many Textboxes, Labels, CommandButtons.... I need to lock all the controls when the userform Initializes Instead of locking each control separate, I found this code on google that works well if the userform doesn't contain any label, else if there is any label...
  7. D

    Excel 365 VBA to place values in Word 365 Content Controls Rich Text

    Hello all, Now they want to add information to a form from the Excel workbook NoSparks helped me code. The code is in Excel and is below. I have it calling to where I have the Word template fine. It goes to a word document with more content controls then what I am requesting to be filled. So...
  8. ACommandLineKindaGuy

    Excel Ribbon: Change a control's default screentip/supertip

    Some built-in controls (eg, idMso="FileSaveAs") allows customization of the screentip and supertip properties. Others, such as idMso="CellFillColorPicker" apparently do not. Is there a way to override these properties? TIA John
  9. V

    Multipage-Controls Appear Out of Place/merged

    Hi everyone, I am facing an issue with Multipage. Controls are appearing merged/out of position when form is loaded When I click on another page and come back again to previous page it becomes normal Request to please suggest. viktiw
  10. E

    Hiding Rows and Conrols simultaneously

    Hello, I am making a form and I want whenever a value of "yes'' is selected from dropdown list then certain rows along with controls appear (which have been already created). and whenever a value of "no'' is selected from dropdown list then those rows along with controls disappear. I tried...
  11. D

    Update value of TextBox after other TextBoxes have updated

    I'm in the process of learning VBA and am working on a League Manager for my local billiard hall (The guy likes Excel). I have created a UserForm to enter scores and I'm looking for an easier way to code up my controls in it. I have a TextBox that needs to display the sum of values contained in...
  12. L

    NOOb Question. Excel game not working in 365

    Hello We have a very popular game we play at our workplace called bubble shooter. However after the company has updated to windows 10 and excel 365 the game no longer works. When I run the compatibility checker it says "Uninitiated activex controls can not be transferred to the selected file...
  13. L

    UserForm name does not change

    Hi I inserted UserForm and some other Form Controls such as textboxes/labels etc. I changed the name of each control for example TextBox1 to Mybox, Label1 to Mylabel etc. I also changed the name of the UserForm from UserForm1 to MyUserForm. Now, when I go to coding window, I see on the left...
  14. K

    wrong outcome

    hello all buddies, whats problem with my code below here, how come it returns column I-M with a wrong sequence? (column A-H is correct & prefect) <tbody> I J K L M N DATE CELL PHONE FAX REGION EMAIL expect 15-July-2005 1234 5678 NY the outcome with below code NY...
  15. K

    VBA - Sorting

    Hi guys! I am having trouble figuring out how to do the following. Basically, I have a spreadsheet that I need to add controls to so the end user can re-sort the log based on how they want to see the data. Rows 1:6 are headers Print Range is A7:AG1525, but range will grow as new rows are...
  16. ClimoC

    Single Class and EventHandler for multiple Control types in Userform?

    Howdy gang Trying to do a shortcut - Userform is having dynamic number of items created at runtime for the user to interact with. I've done this successfully with Checkboxes, and that's all fine - but I was as I'm adding a lot of textboxes and comboboxes, and they all need an event fired on...
  17. R

    Use VBA to parse out undesired strings from each cell in a column, then group column results

    Column C has cells containing dozens to hundreds of control identifiers, with a comma delimiter. Each control has two letters, a hyphen, and numerical identifier. I have VBA script that alphabetizes the contents of each cell, but I need to parse out all the controls in each cell that don't...
  18. A

    Active X Control - rclick menu

    Hi, I've some active X controls which have taken on odd behaviour. They are label and combo box controls. As I mouse over them the cursor becomes a 4 pointed thing whether I go to design mode, or not. There's no dropdown action. A right click shows a different menu to the expected one starting...
  19. K

    Excel VBA ActiveX Control Error

    Hi, I have 5 or 6 sheets in a workbook, and each sheet have around 5 to 10 ActiveX controls, and in Workbook_Open event I am filling values in these ActiveX controls, but when the Workbook_Open event fires and go to the procedure where I am filling those ActiveX controls, there is an error...
  20. H

    ListView in Additional Controls - Not Found

    Hi Experts, I am unable to find the ListView control in Additional Control or in Toolbox of Userform. I surfed thru Google and tried a few steps still unable to find it. Please help me where did I go wrong or is their any other solution for this? In our office, we are using: MS Office 2016...

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