1. D

    Copy Paste two rows to two separate areas on another sheet

    I have Excel 2013. I need a macro that will do the following. I have two rows that need to be copied to another sheet, say "XXXYYY" at the bottom of different columns, in the first unoccupied row, depending on the name in cells C7 and C8 Row one occupies A7:J7 Row two occupies A8:J8 If the row...
  2. G

    VBA Copy data to another work book based on CONDITIONS

    Hi Team, I would like to copy data from one work book to another. The data has to be copied from BookA to BookB. However, the issue is that I am not allowed to edit the vba in BookB. Book A has a list of names and their forecasts. Book B also has a list of names and forecast but it also has a...
  3. StephenArg

    Copy contiguous columns, paste to non-contiguous columns

    Hi there, I have a workbook with integers stored in 6 contiguous columns and 3 rows. ("source WB") For example: A1:F3. However, this range changes from week to week, so the selection of the source range needs to be dynamic. I have another workbook ("destination WB") where I want to paste...
  4. L

    VBA - copy new rows from different sheet, if condition is met

    Hi, I am VBA Excel coder since yesterday and I am stuck. Hopefully you can help me. I am managing sports team and want to follow players training progress. I have made google forms page and linked it's workbook to my computers excel file to update it automatically via Data - New Query - From...
  5. A

    Copy paste from Sheet1 to Sheet2

    Dear Excel Experts, I have a Data in Sheet1, I want to copy some columns to Sheet2 as per below condition. In Sheet1 from cell AC15 Employees Date of Birth, I want to copy columns C, D, E, F, I and AB from 15th row and paste to Sheet2 of column B, C, D, E, G, And F respectively to 10th row if...
  6. willow1985

    VBA Copy visible cells as a picture

    Hello, I have a macro that filters column Q removing blank cells. Once it is filtered to show only the cells with data I am looking for a code that will copy all visible cells from Q2 down and copy them as a picture. Any idea what code I could use? Thank you for all your help! Carla
  7. L

    VBA - Save Copy of Worksheet to Specific File Path AFTER Data Refresh

    To the VBA experts: I need VBA code that will take the active worksheet (Sheet1), the only worksheet in the workbook, and copy and paste the values into a new workbook and save to a specified directory/folder, after I do a Data-Refresh All. It's essentially archiving a copy each time the data...
  8. D

    How to copy multiple rows using If

    Hi all, I'm very new to VBA and have written this simple code to copy certain cells if a certain cell within that row contains any data. I need to replicate this for the 19 rows beneath this. Do I need to Keep writing the same code for each row or can I write a code to cover all the rows...
  9. D

    Copy and Paste Multiple Times

    I just want to know why I am the Visual Basic Applications (VBA) script isn't working as it should be. I am trying to copy and paste multiple tables, depending on the value I put into cell E1. I've used this code here: Sub CopyMulti() Range("A3:D19").Copy Range("E15").Resize(14 *...
  10. M

    Filter, copy and paste into another sheet

    Hi, I've been creating a macro to filter on column N in the Raw Data tab and then copy and paste columns A-J into the Report Log at the bottom. It works, except theres currently one result with Check in Column N but it is copy and pasting this in twice. Any idea why? Sub...
  11. T

    don't copy sheet with specific name

    how to not copy a sheet with specific name please, thanks!
  12. W

    Pulling info from 2 worksheets

    Hi All, I have a workbook with 3 different sheets - (Sheets1 & 2) are data sheets where I enter in various data which both start on A1 and only go as far as row I, depending on criteria will depend on which sheet I update. On sheet 3 I would like an overall master sheet which pulls the data...
  13. W

    copying data from 2 different sheets

    Hi All, I have a workbook with 3 different sheets - (Sheets1 & 2) are data sheets where I enter in various data which both start on A1 and only go as far as row I, depending on criteria will depend on which sheet I update. On sheet 3 I would like an overall master sheet which pulls the data...
  14. M

    How to Stop Excel From Adding Spaces on Newlines when Copying Text Out of Program

    Hi, I'm attempting to copy an Excel cell, and paste it into another program (in this case, Adobe Analytics). However, it's inserting a space after every newline. Ex: Instead of this -It does this -And this -Etc (but instead of "-" it just does a space) When I paste it as text to MS Word, and...
  15. pliskers

    INDIRECT formula with Relative Column References

    I have a formula using the INDIRECT function to reference the name of the tab indicated in cell A11. This formula works and pulls in the indexed value in column G on that page. What I'd like to do is copy this formula across several columns and have the referenced index column change to H:H...
  16. P

    Copy one whole worksheet into another whole worksheet taking too long

    I am copying one whole worksheet into another worksheet but it is taking way too long and excel displays a "Excel not responding". Here is my code Sheets("Sheet1") .Select Cells.Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Sheets2").Select Range("A1").Select ActiveSheet.Paste I have used this code many...
  17. S

    Copy rows from one tab, to start on a specific row in another tab

    Trying to copy rows from spreadsheet named "Items", where if Column E = Yes, then those columns will copy over to spreadsheet named "Print or Email This" & paste starting in row 13 column A. The code below is isn't working for me. Sub CopyYes() Dim c As Range Dim j As Integer Dim...
  18. D

    Copy and Paste Row not working when filtered

    Hi I have the below code(below) that works off a button, to copy an entire row it works fine, however for some reason When the sheet is filtered, it just inserts a blank line, any ideas? Sub Copy_paste() Dim MyPassword As String MyPassword = "Yes" If InputBox("Please enter password...
  19. S

    Formula to copy row A down?

    Hi I need a formula that will copy the data is the first row of AFGIJKLMNOPQR down the sheet, as far down as long as there is data in column C? Can you help?
  20. Y

    Macro to copy values across rows and transposing them and add the user id

    Hi, I wonder if someone can help me with this problem with amacro. I have a table of data that appears below(input data) whichhas usernames down a few rows and one or more accounts across 70 columns. On a regular basis, I would need to able to copy all theaccount numbers that are present...

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