1. dispelthemyth

    Extracting modules from a different workbook via VBA? (corrupt file)

    I have a corrupt file that i cant expand the project view on meaning i cant get to the point of seeing the modules and right clicking to export (it is password protecting and i am able to enter the password successfully) Is there a way to export these modules using VBA when inside another workbook?
  2. I

    Excel cannot open the file because the format or file extension is not valid

    hi all, i have a massive Excel file I use to distribute reports at work via macro. said macro basically takes one tab (from many), exports as a new sheet and then throws it into Outlook to be sent to specific team members. i recently got a replacement work laptop and now when i run the macro...
  3. M

    Power Pivot Files Corrupt - Module Not Found

    I have a problem with .xlsm files with Power Pivots in them "going corrupt". After working in a file and saving it, the next time I open it I often get a "Module Not Found" error. Then a "Can't find project or library" message when I "touch" anywhere inside the spreadsheet. That is a signal...
  4. T

    Userform: Corrupted appearance on a different computer

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I tried to look for related posts first but to no avail. I created a userform with tons of (working) controls, uploaded to cloud and downloaded it on other conputers. The file's main usage will be on the userform. The issue is, on most computers, the userform...
  5. E

    Any way to force-close a shared workbook without writing to file?

    Hello fellow Excel guys, I'm a developer for my company, and we use a shared workbook which is accessed by several people through the day. It relies heavily on VBA (so much so that I have separated out the code into an .xlam add-in which is referenced from the main file, in order to keep the...
  6. R

    Compact & Repair Issue

    I have a database (in 2003 mdb format running in Access 2010) that works great until I do a Compact & Repair. When that happens and I try to run a query or macro, I receive "Run-time error 3000 Reserved error (-1524); there is no message for this error". I then have to go to my backed up copy...
  7. Z

    Links from Word to Excel error message: "This Object is corrupt or is no longer available"

    Everyone seems to think this is a Norton problem - I do not have Norton or the OfficeAv.dll file. I have pasted cells from a worksheet into work using paste special... > unformatted text & paste as link. This has worked countless times in the past for me. For some reason I am no longer able to...
  8. M

    Excel File got corrupted for no reason. Need help immediately!

    I've been using excel as a log file for all my attempted questions. The file basically includes date, q no, source, time taken, correct and wrong answer columns. Now I opened the file today to access those questions since my GMAT is just 2 weeks away and most of the data is GONE! Please, Please...
  9. K

    Incomplete Pasting/Corrupt File? Excel 2010

    Hello everyone, I have an issue in excel 2010 where it will not fully paste the information I'm trying to copy/paste. Sometimes less than half the data is transferred over, as if it doesn't recognize the other pieces of data. (I'm copy/pasting in between workbooks, sheets, and directly from the...
  10. D

    Corrupted Excel Tables

    I have a workbook in Excel 2010 which holds a data set and then a series of worksheets which based on a primary key return a series of lookups to the data-set and a set of logical statements returning different fields. I've set up each worksheet with its own Excel table. Some of the fields are...
  11. S

    Saving on 64 bit and opening on 32 bit gives error

    I have always used 32 bit Excel 2007 on a windows 64 bit machine. I have a very decent work laptop and recently got IT to install 64 bit Office 2013 for me. I use many workbooks that get large including tabs with 700k to 1 million rows. I used to have Excel tell me it cannot complete current...
  12. S

    Corrupt Spreadsheets in Excel 2010 Since Upgrade

    Since an upgrade to Excel 2010 from 2003, I seem to be encountering a lot of corrupt spreadsheets. Our IT department can fix them by opening them in Office 2003, saving them as 95 workbooks, then opening the spreadsheets with Excel 2010 and saving as an xlsx document. They won't let us go back...
  13. O

    Corrupt excel sheet or problem with the formula?

    Hi All, I have trouble with excel sheet or the formula. I am trying to calculate Min with multiple conditions. The formula I am using is {=MIN(IF(Tier=3,IF(Location="USA",IF(LCount<>"",LCount))))}. If I use the formula on other sheets it works find but on this particular sheet it returns the...
  14. M

    Clean out a template that is easily corrupted

    Hello Excel Wizards, I have a template I have built up over the years. It started as a fairly simple workbook but over time the calculations and functions have become more and more complex. Recently, the files saved become corrupted--not all the time, but more frequently than ever before. I...
  15. R

    Unable to unhide worksheets

    My workbook is not protected. I have about 20 out of 45 worksheets that are hidden (25 worksheets visible at all times). When the workbook is closed, I unhide 6 of these worksheets so our servers can read the worksheets when the file is uploaded. When I try and unhide using...
  16. P

    PivotTable - Missing Page Filters

    I have a bunch of pivot tables in a workbook with charts based on those pivot tables. I wrote a VBA subroutine that changes the page filter in pivot table, and then makes picture copies of the charts into a new workbook. This worked fine for a while. A problem developed recently though. The...
  17. E

    Excel cannot open the file "filename.xlsm" because the fie format or file extension is not valid....but only on some computers?

    I have a file in .xlsm format that I have emailed to several recipients. A few people get the error "Excel cannot open the file "filename.xlsm" because the fie format or file extension is not valid". Most of the recipients can open the file, and so can I, so I know it's not corrupt. I have...
  18. T

    Chart.export creates corrupt files randomly

    Hi All, I am developing a program using userforms to display various charts. I use the chart.export property to save and load chart pictures on userform images. The program was developed under Windows XP using Excel 2007. I had absolutely no issue under this environment. I bought a new...
  19. R

    Can't Open a Data File. Please help!

    Hi. I am trying to open up a data file and the following error message pops up. "Excel cannot open the file 'XXXXXXXXXX.xlsx' because the file format or file extension is not valid. Verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file" I am...
  20. L

    VBA-suppress error message for corrupt file

    I'm using Excel 2003. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p> </o:p> I'm looping through files, opening them, and writing info into another Excel spreadsheet. I need to check for corrupt excel files. I'm getting close, but I'm getting the error message...

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