1. K

    VBA macro to save excel worksheet as a CSV file

    fpath = "\\location\" fname = "folder_" & Format(dte, "ddmmyyyy") Set srcWkb = ActiveWorkbook Worksheets("Thatworksheet").Copy Set destWkb = ActiveWorkbook With destWkb.Sheets("Thatworksheet").UsedRange .Cells.Copy .Cells.PasteSpecial xlPasteValues .Cells(1).Select End With...
  2. S

    Pulling data from multiple .csv files

    Hi - any idea how to vlookup or sumif or ... from multiple .csv files into one master file? The master and .csv files would be saved in the same location, and the filename of each .csv would be stored in a cell in the master file. The .csv files would not be open when the master is open (and...
  3. R

    Workbooks.Count problem

    I use Workbooks.Count to enable to Set a name to a new download. When the download is a .csv file there used to be no problem. However, in the last week (I have Excel 365, so it may have changed) a newly downloaded file of the generic ".csv" type does not get included in the Workbooks.Count...
  4. Nelson78

    VBA: how to open the only .csv file existing in a directory

    Hello everybody. I've the following directory in my pc: R:\Users\john.smith\Downloads It contains two files, only one of them is a .csv. But, about it, I don't know the exact name. How can I open it exploiting the only information I have? (it is a .csv file). Thank's.
  5. H

    .CSV Email issue

    Morning all, I have a .CSV with contact information and in column E is the email address. The source of the emails (another Workbook) shows them as a none active link - i.e. if you click the email, or hold Alt and click nothing happens. So when these are copied over they are still a none active...
  6. C

    VLookup and HLookup

    Getting a "There's a problem with your formula" error. So what I have is... When I get results back from a lab, they also supply a .csv file. All data points I want to reference are left to right, while each sample is top to bottom. Each sample has a specific serial number I want to use as my...
  7. J

    Create .csv file from a workbook sheet with new filename and timestamp

    Hi all, Im not great at VBA by any means but since moving to mac I cant seem to do anything i used to do with ease. I am simply trying to create a macro that copies a sheet in my active workbook to a new .csv file with that sheet name as the title and todays date and time in the newly...
  8. S

    Saving file as .csv VBA

    Hello, got problem, can somebody help me? How can I save file as .csv by macro in current folder? I would like to avoid defining file path to save because it will be different in every case. Another question - how can I grab string from cell(A1) and put it in the name of saved workbook as...
  9. C

    Copy contents of VBA csv export to Clipboard

    I have a functioning VBA macro to export the contents of a worksheet to a .csv file. I am curious if anyone knows how to supplement the below script so that the contents of that exported .csv file are copied to the system Clipboard for pasting into a separate program. The current method is to...
  10. J

    .csv file dropping formatting

    Hello. Is there a way to save a .csv file with the required formatting? I need to enter "0000" in a range of cells. When the .csv file was open on my computer, I formatted the range for text so I could enter the required "0000" in the cells. I save the file and sent it to someone else, but...
  11. T

    VBA Excel - Saving .csv with semicolon as separator

    Hi everyone, I came across a problem with the task currently at hand: I need to save a file as .csv with a semicolon as separator. My Windows regional settings also have a semicolon as list separator. When I manually save the file as csv (or even manually save a macro generated .csv before...
  12. T

    using macro to open a csv file with a file name that changes

    I am trying create a macro that will open a .csv file. The file name changes daily. The file name is YYYYMMDD_7dat.csv. Is there a formula that I can put in VBA that will format the open from to this format?
  13. W

    Automating HMI data transfer between data logging web server to excel spreadsheet

    I'm an engineer at a manufacturing plant who's trying to automate one of our more troublesome processes. We use an HMI system to monitor all industrial process data and export the desired data tags to a logging directory. This web server directory contains a maximum of 30 .csv files, which is...
  14. S

    Save sheet1 in .csv and sheet2 in .text - vba - excel

    Hello, Is there anyone that can tell me how to save sheet1 in .csv and sheet2 in .text file in one go with VBA. Greetings, Steel010
  15. S

    Deleting Source .CSV file after embedding it to worksheet via VBA

    Hi…I’m trying to embed a .csv file to an excel sheet and then delete the source file using Windows 10 and Excel 2016. My code embeds the sourcefile to the worksheet ok but when it tries to delete the original .csv file I get a “Run-time error ’70’: Permission denied message. I’ve tried the same...
  16. F

    obtain a value from .csv and place in another .csv

    Can someone explain how I can access a CSV via inputs and find matching values from 1 column. Then to output these as a CSV. The file is to large to open in Excel and I was wondering if anyone could help me with some vba to do this
  17. P

    Excel Files Keeps Corrupting

    I have 5 .csv files being created by a database process. I have a separate Excel file that is used to analyse the 5 files. The 5 .csv files are loaded into the Excel Data Model (Excel 2013) and Relationships are established between the common column so that all data is available when building...
  18. M

    reading csv and precision

    Hi, I have a .csv file and it is filled with numbers between 0 and 1. There are about 15 significant digits in the file. The issue seems to be that when I save the file (copy the values to excel then save as .csv) the .csv is truncating the digits to 10 places. Is there anyway to keep the...
  19. Q

    Save .CSV file as .txt without opening

    Hi! I download .csv files with CUSIPs. The cusips are nine characters and sometimes have leading zeroes or are sometimes a combination of numbers and "e". If I open the file, Excel drops the leading zeroes and interprets the e as scientific notation. However, if I open the .CSV file in word and...
  20. S

    Query refresh does not include new column in data source

    In Excel 2016, I use "queries" (found under the "Data" tab) to extract data from .csv files. The data from the .csv file is neatly extracted in separate columns in a separate worksheet in my Excel file. When the .csv file is updated with new values, I can simply "refresh" the query and the data...

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