data entry

  1. D

    Updating multiple table entries by date with VBA

    Hello, New to the forum and so far impressed with the level of support provided to people. I am just starting my journey on VBA and need help with what I think it's an easy macros that I just can't figure out. I need to populate "Table 2" with the past 10 years worth of daily data copied from...
  2. G

    save to location and permanently store result when source data changes

    Hi all I have a dilemma. Can't find a solution. I have a row with 5 columns. A2 has a name, B2, id, and c2 d2 & e3 will have data. The last cells the data then looks up in another chart and find the name and input the data in the required cells. Then A2 name will change so data in C2,D2 & E2...
  3. M

    Hyperlink a cell to a specific document

    Hello, I would like to be able to hyperlink a cell to a specific document but it isn't working for me, here's what I had in mind I have already created an existing user form. It comes up with a range of textboxes that are linked to specific cells but what I would like to achieve is when the...
  4. E

    How to solve a fill range need in a combo box within a VBA code?

    Hello, hope everything is good! I will try to be the most clear with the goal I'm tryin to achieve: I have a Sheet1 where I would like to enter a given record with some information about Country; Transit Type; Incoterm; Forwarder; Currency info. This would be almost what I needed (it...
  5. A

    Add entry at the end of a list with a UserForm

    Hi guys, I am trying to write a code within a userform which can be used to enter data on 3 columns. The columns are F, G, H and the row start from row 4. But when I try to run the code I get an object error on ActiveSheet.Cells(lastrow + 1, 6).Value = TextBox1.Value. I'm new to VBA so the...
  6. D

    Data Input on Workbook Open

    Hey guys, I am trying to implement an input box that appears when the user first opens the workbook. Here is how I would like it to function: User opens the workbook A prompt appears, which asks the user to enter a balance (which is stored as a variable called 'balance') If the user just hits...
  7. K

    Copy data from sheet 1 to sheet 2 using matching names to determine the destination cell

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet which uses the VBA coding on sheet 1 to create data entry on the next available row in sheet 2 for new starters. I'd like to create another form on sheet 3 to populate additional columns in sheet 2 based on the name of the employee. Could anyone please advise of a...
  8. G

    Using Excel to Sort and display Contest results for different categories

    I am extremely new to any complex workings or Excel. I know how to create a simple spreadsheet and how to manually sort the columns while looking at that spread sheet. I am looking for assistance in how to create a document for contest results. The goal is to be able to enter the data on one...
  9. D

    Medical Procedure Database

    Please excuse any wrong terms I may use when attempting to ask my question - I'm new to the community :) My goal is to set up an excel spreadsheet that can serve as a database from where I can pull information, in any combination, to perform research, evaluate procedures, etc. Many of these...
  10. K

    Automatically Insert PC or Excel Username of the Last User to Update a Cell in a Worksheet.

    Hello all, I am a first time user of this forum. My question is as follows: I have a data entry table from Column A to Column Q, then I have this VBA code below. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim myTableRange As Range Dim myDateTimeRange As Range Dim myUpdatedRange As...
  11. L

    Transfer of data between two workbooks using name of worksheet?

    Hi all - I'm completely new to using VBA and macros and I amwondering if it can be used to improve a data entry process that is currentlydone manually. Basically, the process is roughly as follows: · Workbook1 o Several Worksheets (A, B, C etc.) o Each Worksheet has data for individual...
  12. S

    number string to time with am/pm

    How do you convert 01241 to 1:24 am - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm 01241 (hhmm#) to 1:24 am - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm 02452 (hhmm#) to 2:45 pm - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm 12142 (hhmm#) to 12:14 pm - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm 08451 (hhmm#) to 8:45 am - hh:mm 1 for am 2 for pm I want to have data entry...
  13. VBE313

    Easier way to write this?

    I created an excel template that forces the user to enter data in every other column. What this code is meant to do is "delete" the active row of data and move up the data below it. I have it searching every 40 rows down to see if there is a value in there, if there is not a value then it knows...
  14. VBE313

    "Calculate" in the bottom left

    I have a lot of data in an excel file, and one tab is for data entry only. I want just that sheet to be on calculate manual at all times and have that "Calculate" stay there. Is there any code that will keep that "Calculate" down there? Application.Calculation = xlCaluclationManual does not do it.
  15. D

    List Empty ActiveX Text Boxes

    Hello all, I'm building a worksheet with several ActiveX text boxes for data entry. I'm trying to write code that would prompt the user with a message box listing any text boxes that they have not completed before moving the entries to the spreadsheet. When I run my code, it doesn't return an...
  16. B

    Data Entry - Force Selection

    Hello - I have a user that has a lot of data entry to manually enter. I want the user to be forced to select from roughly 2,000 different answers. I am having a tough time thinking of how to do this so that the user can type a few letters of the data, and have excel show them the various...
  17. W

    HR dashboard with lists of employees

    Hi, I am by no means an expert in MS Excel, but most of the times I can find the solutions myself. Not this time... I want to track all the changes in our headcount:* All the dates employees were hired, which position they were hired for, and which team they belonged to* All the dates...
  18. S

    Year-auto increment number?

    We have an Excel table we use to create work orders. The work order numbers are structured as Fiscal Year - incremental 3 digit number. For example, 2018-001 2018-002 2018-003 etc. Right now the numbers are entered manually in a table column each time a new WO is created. I've had some...
  19. R

    Populating ListBoxes Into Corresponding Excel Sheet Rows

    Hi All, NOTE: Row 1 On UserForm Should Populate In Row 7 In Worksheet "Capital" Row 2 On UserForm Should Populate In Row 8 In Worksheet "Capital" I Have 2 Rows Of ListBoxes & TextBoxes & ComboBoxes. When A User Click On CommandButton1, My Code Populates Data From The UserForm...
  20. A

    VBA Code for Entering Data With Double Clicks

    Hello All: I am trying to build a Survey Form in Excel where I want to simplify the data entry by allowing the user to enter data by double-clicking on cells (or buttons), with some areas for text input. Some questions will have multiple answer options by I want to force only one selection...

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