data label

  1. K

    How to add Data label in Stacked column chart of Pivot charts

    Hello friends, I'm tring to make a Pivot chart with stacked column graph. In where, i couldn't add data label for cumulative sum of value in Data label. Where i could only add data label to individual stacks in column graph. It found possible with normal stacked column chart without pivot...
  2. F

    Excel chart - Data labels, word wrap OFF

    Is there a way, using VBA code, to ensure there is no word wrap in data labels. What I have below does not work. 'Activate chart ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("Chart 1").Activate 'Data range ActiveChart.SetSourceData Source:=Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(5, 5)) 'Data labels - aiming...
  3. R

    Hide data labels with zero values WITHOUT changing number format

    Hi, How to hide data labels with zero value? I did a bit search but all solutions suggested are by changing number format. As I already have a defined number format in the chart, changing format is not an option. Also, VBA is not an option.
  4. I

    VBA for color coding = Data labels = dynamic values = (from charts)

    Hi ! i've been looking into this type of conditional formatting but doesn't seem to find the solution ... hope someone here could help me In a waterfall (so using the typical excel solution with different ranges of data: start/end, positive/negative, etc), am using dynamic values for the...
  5. S

    Data Labels Different Array

    Hi All I have a stacked bar chart which takes it's data from an array. I would however like to to set the data labels for all data series to a identical array of exactly the same size located below the original. I have had a look a the XY Chart Labeler by Rob Bovey which in essence does the...
  6. F

    VBA: Bubble Chart - Insert Data Label - Series Name

    Hello, I have the code below, but I want to include the Series Name as Data Label. The problem is that Excel doesn't allow to change all Data Labels at once. How can I include it in the code below? Also, do you have some good material about VBA in charts to recommend? The code below comes...
  7. D

    Excel Crashes When VBA Updates Chart Labels After Pivot Chart Filter Changed

    Hi, I am using Excel 2010 on Windows 7. I have some pivot charts that have custom labels. When the workbook is first opened, I run the Sub called AddDataLabelAsValues. This is called a few times and runs through a few ChartSheets and assigns custom labeling to the columns. For each pivot...
  8. J

    Data Labels: Label each point with value next to x value

    I'm trying to create custom data labels for my XY scatter. The range of my data is variable as I have an auto filter macro which changes with each set of data. I want every data point to have a label which takes the value 2 cells to the left of the x value. For example, if I have a point with X...
  9. 2

    Chart-plotting %age but data label displaying absolute number

    Hello Friends, Is there a way of displaying absolute numbers (for example 50/100) as data labels on the chart plotting %age. I have a line chart plotting %age of some data. I would like to display absolute numbers for qualifying %age chart. For example the date point on the chart is 50% I...
  10. The_Rock

    X Y Scatter Graph Filtered with Data labels

    Hi All I found the following code on the MS Support site which adds custom data labels to scatter graphs. It working, however when I filter the data and then run the macro I get an 'Invalid Parameter' error. Any idea on how to modify it so it says to count only the visible cells? Thanks Sub...
  11. J

    Add Value Label to Pivot Chart Displayed as Percentage

    I have created a pivot chart that "Shows Values As" % of Row Total. This chart displays items that are On-Time vs. items that are Late per month. The chart is a 100% stacked bar. I would like to add data labels for the actual value. Example: If the chart displays 25% late and 75% on-time, I...
  12. Q

    Problems on Data Label on a Chart

    Hello everyone :) I make a bar chart from series of data from cells. The data consist of values that regarding of students achievment in a test. On the cell if the value is 56.67 and on the data label is shown 56.67. When the cell value is 50.00, which then I've change the format of the cell to...
  13. Q

    Chart : Data Label Problem

    Hi everyone I've created a bar chart using a data from the cells. When the cell show 18.96 on the data label it's also show 18.96 which is fine with me because that is what what it to show on the chart. But when the value is 55, 60 or even 100 it will show 55. , 60. and 100. on the data...
  14. J

    Graph data points and output

    Hi guys, First of all, I would like to thank the contributors on this forum for their immense help to me in the past. As to the question. I am using Office Pro 2013. I want to make a graph (inside Word preferably) that looks like this: Now unfortunately, I am able to do only one of two...
  15. R

    Macro to refresh pivots also resets chart data label fonts.

    Hi, I have 6 pivot charts within a document. I use a macro associated with a button to refresh the tables and therefore the data displayed on the charts. However, each time I refresh the data, the 'data label' font size also refreshes. What is particularly odd is that 5 of the charts are...
  16. V

    Chart Data Label Position Stored as Variable

    Is it possible to store the label position in a variable? Right now I have my own defined enumeration to mimic the positions, and then use an if test to set the correct position. e.g. Public Enum enumLabelPos center right end enum ' define the var Dim theEnumVariable as enumLabelPos...
  17. O

    Data Label formats for Excel Bar graphs

    Hello Friends, I am facing issue with Excel data labels. I have a Bar graph generated in Excel presenting some percentage values. I want to introduce a new data label. If a data in a perticular cell is anything other than a percentage value (For Ex: NA) It should display the data label in...
  18. M

    Data Labels in Pie Chart

    Hi, My current Macro deletes the existing series and adds new series by assigning .XValues and .Values in Pie chart. Problem is that the data labels overlap each other and some data label words break(some letters goes in second line instead of first). I need help to adjust data labels such...
  19. M

    Tricky (?) data labels position problem

    I want the default position of the data labels of the first series in my BarStacked100 chart to be in the center, i.e.: "DataLabelCenter". However, when the position of centered data labels is more to the left than it would be if I used "DataLabelInsideBase", then i would like like them to be...
  20. Yard

    Format data labels to replicate its series on a line chart

    Hi, I have a simple Pivot line chart with half a dozen series. On the maximum value data point on each series I have a data label showing the category name. I want to format the data label to match the line, e.g. Series1 has a red line (from the standard Excel design/style) and I want to...

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