VBA for color coding = Data labels = dynamic values = (from charts)


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Jul 1, 2015
Hi !

i've been looking into this type of conditional formatting but doesn't seem to find the solution ...
hope someone here could help me

In a waterfall (so using the typical excel solution with different ranges of data: start/end, positive/negative, etc), am using dynamic values for the added data labels :
* using a specific series , let's call it "SeriesX",
* but values shown are from another range of data (to keep it dynamic)

Now, what am trying to figure out is how to color code those values from the data range (will use 2 color codes for positive/negative, but will need to define it using the RGB coding). If there is a solution to apply without using vba, am totally up for the most efficient solution :)

I will need to do this for all the charts in a tab (all charts have the same name for the "SeriesX" but the values positive/negative will be from different ranges). I can write the loop for the charts, but am wondering about the values from the different ranges.

Much appreciated if someone can help me with this !!

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Jul 1, 2015
I'm not aware of a way to do this without VBA.

With VBA, the possibilities are endless. Here's my tutorial that describes one approach:

VBA Conditional Formatting of Charts by Series Name

thank you Jon appreciated, i checked your tutorials on the conditional formatting, very useful but unfortunately is not what i need here.

Again, was hoping someone can help me to conditional format the values (positive / negative) of the data labels that you add in a specific chart series.
Those values are linked to a range to make them dynamic (the values that appear in the chart)

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