data labels

  1. T

    Chart Elements - Can't select Data Label

    I have line 9 charts, updated with weekly KPIs on Mondays. I took over this spreadsheet once it was converted to FY. One line of one chart, once the data is updated, creates a new data point but I can not not select Data Label. I can click on it, but it fails to turn on the data label. All...
  2. S

    Dynamic Pictures as Data Labels in Excel Graph from Pivot Table/Slicer

    I'm trying to create a dynamic graphs based on a pivot table where slicers will be used. I'm trying to figure out a way for the data labels to be the relevant company's logo based on the slicer selections. I've figured out a way to have the labels show as dynamic to a cell, but when I select...
  3. W

    Custom Data Labels for Scatter Plot

    I have data in a table such as this example, tracking recentcompetitions. Most data is in pivot table, but then cells are linked to astandard table. I have conditional formatting to highlight the status of the competition based on Active/Won/Lost (No color/Green/Red). This is then linked to an...
  4. C

    Column Chart and Data Labels

    I have a column chart prepared based on the pivot table which shows the daily tickets closed by each analyst. When I change the date to the current date, the data labels are not showing and default colour format. What I want is whenever I change the date, the column chart bar should take my...
  5. bs0d

    Relative Chart Data Label Positioning

    I have a clustered stacked column chart. The stacked columns are set to 0% gap width, so they actually appear side-by-side rather than on top of each other. This works wells for me, except when it comes to data labels. Because the series are defined as stacked, the option for "outside end" is...
  6. B

    Column for custom comments in data labels, excel 2010

    I am trying to add a column to a score board, in which I can write custom comments which I want to appear as data labels on a graph (e.g next to June entry, "New manager starts" and such information I have found a way I believe in Excel 2013, but this doesn't work in 2010 as there is no option...
  7. M

    Add data labels from range (text) to multiple (but not all) charts in a sheet

    Hi, As the title states, I'm trying to add the same range of data labels (initials) to 9 out of a total of 13 charts on one sheet. I'm using this popular macro to add labels successfully to 1 chart (Chart 1): Sub AddDataLabels()' Disable screen updating while the subroutine is run...
  8. V

    Problems with data labels in charts - repeated labels

    Hello! My system Mac OS 10.11.6, Excel 14.7.5. I have problems with data labels in graphs. I didn't find an option of attaching an Excel file here, so I have uploaded the file to the google drive, but it's better to download it to view because google spreadsheets do not show correct formatting...
  9. L

    Data Labels - Intervals

    Hi, I know you can amend the intervals on the the X-Axis of a chart, do you know if there is a way to change the intervals on the data labels on the chart? So rather than showing up at every data point, it only shows up at every 6 interval units for example? Thanks in advance, LC
  10. D

    Pivot Chart - Data Labels

    Hi All I have a pivot bar chart for production hours in a month. I want to add the cost of these hours into the chart as a data label to be placed inside the bar chart. Is this possible? EG - 409 production hours on the axis, this is correct and i dont want to change that, can i add a label...
  11. R

    Linked to source Data Labels converts £ to $

    Hi folks, I'm pulling my hair out with what should be a simple problem and I don't have much left as it is. I've created a bar graph in excel which displays different coloured bars depending on whether the value is positive or negative (having used some of the excellent advice many of you...
  12. B

    Data label positions in a Radar Chart

    Hi I have created a radar chart in Excel that plots three data series, and have added a macro that adds data labels. At the moment the data labels are not well aligned to the data points plotted. Is there a way to align them consistently (e.g. to the right of the points plotted)? I have tried...
  13. D

    How to show values in data labels of Excel Pareto Chart when chart is based on percentages

    Hello, I am developing a Pareto Chart for my client in Excel 2010. They currently have a chart that shows the percentage of each category on the primary Y-axis. Then, the secondary Y-axis is used for the cumulative percentage, up to 100%. So far, this is a normal and easy to create...
  14. svendiamond

    Data labels on Up/Down Bars?

    I have a basic graph like this: Right now I have data labels showing each point on the gray line, and on the orange line. I would like to have the difference between the two (i.e. the Up/Down Bars) labeled. I've Googled this problem and have not found an easy way to do this. Any help? I found...
  15. D

    Move position of data labels on secondary axis

    I have a bar-chart that represents hours by month for a 12 month period. On a secondary axis, I display an FTE count to represent the number of full-time-equivalent people those hours represent. For example, the month of January has 878 hours, which equates to 4.9 people (equivalent) assuming a...
  16. C

    Label specific datapoints "n/a"

    I have the data and the chart shown below and I'm wondering how I can display only certain data labels? Basically, the first three companies are all n/a for sales (ignore the EBITDA columns) and so i want to label those as n/a. I tried creating a 2nd data set in column D and charting that, but...
  17. S

    Charts & Macros: how to shift set of data labels & marker dots periodically

    Hello! There is a graph that I need to update on a monthly basis which contains:- bars showing the value (left vertical axis) for each month for last 4 years - line with the percentages (right vertical axis) - months for the last 4 years (horizontal axis) It has data labels on the bars and...
  18. H

    How to reuse the content of a data label from a chart in Excel 2013

    Hey My question is about “how to (re-)use the information shown in data Labels. I produced (in Excel 2013) a simple chart and added data-labels on it. The supporting dataset is dynamic, so if I press F9 a new dataset is generated and so is the content of the data labels. I want to use the...
  19. A

    Mac Excel 2008 - How to add Data Labels for Scatter Plot coming from 3rd column (Label, X, Y)

    Hello, I'm using Excel 2008 for Mac & cannot figure out how to add a data label to an XY scatter plot that comes from a 3rd, separate column. I have 3 columns of data: (A,B,C) Labels, X values, Y values When I select the Data Source for the Chart, there is a greyed out box for Category X...
  20. H

    formatting of data series labels and lines (line chart) is lost, when I slice data

    I was trying to improve the look of my combo chart, which has columns for one series and lines for 3 other series of data. I did a great job of getting it into tip top shape so that data labels were called out above the lines, the lines color coded, the numbers were black....I made sure to Save...

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