data refresh

  1. L

    VBA - Save Copy of Worksheet to Specific File Path AFTER Data Refresh

    To the VBA experts: I need VBA code that will take the active worksheet (Sheet1), the only worksheet in the workbook, and copy and paste the values into a new workbook and save to a specified directory/folder, after I do a Data-Refresh All. It's essentially archiving a copy each time the data...
  2. D

    Data refresh connection is lost after protecting a worksheet

    Good day, I have an issue where I need to import data into a single column of an excel sheet. Column "B". I have formulas set up to extract to the right of the column. We have had instances of clerical staff typing into and ruining those formulas in the past. I protected only the columns with...
  3. D

    Data refresh on a protected sheet (w/o VBA)

    Hi! Plenty of threads on this one, but I'm still confused. Whenever I protect the worksheet, possibility to refresh a table is disabled (external data connection to IBM DB2). Shouldn't be a problem to overcome with VBA (add Unprotect & Protect the sheet to the code), but instead of pushing a...
  4. J

    Data Properties Tab Grayed Out on unprotected and non-shared workbook

    My main issue is that cells are not being refreshed after a macro is run (updating source data). A REF error is generated when Cells are being refreshed post-macro. One of the resolution leads is a correction via Data Properties and the External Data Ranges. Though the Properties tab is...
  5. O

    VBA Data Connection refresh opens up relevant workbook if in use - Please Help?

    Context: I have been creating a dashboard to show a summary of various other workbooks. To do this I have setup data connections, which at the beginning of my macro are all refreshed using, Refresh All. The issue: If one or more of the workbooks, for which the data on my spreadsheet is...
  6. A

    Data Table problem with formulas

    Hi Guys I have a random problem and i cant work it out. I have a table of data that is refreshed when i run the report that is generated from it. on the table I have formulas just vlookups and ifs in different columns to identify if i am to display the date from that row or count it in total...
  7. C

    Data refresh is terribly slow

    I have a multiple workbooks fed by a text file (.txt). I'm using Power Query to manipulate into the proper format (filter, merge etc.) so that my Power Pivot workbooks can use it. (Think consolidated company and then individual for divisions) The question I have is that when I have my data...
  8. G

    Wait till data refresh?

    Mr excel team and all users thank you for the support and abundant knowledge transfer. :) Any better ideas ? This is Workbook A (name keeps changing) I got a number 404 in P1. (total 404,504,604... 40 numbers) Once i change the number data is updated in all sheets. Then user click Ctlr+Q to...
  9. G

    Copy data from one cell / paste /wait and save.

    Hi friends I'm new to Macro World and i learned a lot from the MR.EXCEL, I need some suggestions on this scenario Cell A1=454 is connected to data if the number is changed all data gets refreshed,(30 sec). Column X have following numbers X1 = 454 X2 = 550 X3 = 660 X4 = 770 X5 = 890 so for...
  10. S

    Difficulty Refreshing / Editing Connections of Source Data

    Hi Situation: I have a working PowerPivot Workbook that imports data from Source.xlsx Source.xlsx is getting large and unwieldy. I'd like to change its file format to .xlsb (Save As > Source.xlsb) I have saved a new file called Source New.xlsb (identical to Source.xlsx just new file name and...
  11. B

    Infinite Pivot Table loop

    I've created a macro that will refresh pivot tables on a worksheet once a report filter is changed on the first pivto tbale on the page. The macro is split into two. The first routine makes sure that the pivot refresh macro is only triggered if a certain cell is changed. Private Sub...
  12. T

    Changing data refresh options to optimize file size

    I am studying for the Excel Expert Exam 2007 and there is one sub-section under the link data to an external source section that asks that one be able to change data refresh options to optimize file size. The only thing I've been able to find is a support article from Microsoft Optimizing...
  13. T

    Second Sub won't run following first

    I have a macro that should run 2 different subs, but the second won't "fire" after the first for some reason. The first is to refresh data, the second simply does some calculations after the refresh. Both work fine when run individually. Is there a need to close the data connection or something...
  14. M

    Powerpivot not refreshing all cells in query

    Hi All, Hopefully someone can help. Currently we are using powerpivot to power our dashboards. Data is dumped daily into an existing excel file & then imported into the powerpivot dashboard file. (we are currently in the process of setting up a SQL pull to remove the "middle man"). The...
  15. J

    Colummn of Text not following the Rows of Imported Data

    I have imported some data using MS-Query and an ODBC connection to an AS/400 and then add a column to the table that allows the entry of text, Example Column "A" is Cust# (From Database), Column "B" is Cust Name (From Data Base), Column "C" is a column I added to the tabe to allow the entry of a...
  16. G

    Fix Chart Size

    I have pages of numerical results and Excel charts, the data comes from a table with ODBC links. When I Refresh All data links and return to my results sheets some of the charts have lost their formatting and have extended out of my print area. This file will be available to a number of users...
  17. E

    Data range refresh failed on XML map..?

    I have a spreadsheet, built using Excel 2003, with an embedded query. I also have defined a section of data that uses an xml map named mtdreport. There is an associated xsd file. Now with Excel 2007, Data refresh (Refresh All) works fine, but there is a message that says "The following data...

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