data tables

  1. J

    VBA data table in separate sheet to record data every time the primary sheet is used to assign points to people

    Hello Every day, the children in a school hostel lose or gain points, based on their behaviour. I have a worksheet with command buttons that add or deduct points from each child's total, along with a date-stamp when it happens. The sheet can be used several times a day. Every time when it is...
  2. B

    Finding Data Tables

    Hi All, I've got a workbook that I've never (intentionally!) created a data table in, however it keeps trying to calculate' Data Table 1' (in the little calculating are at the bottom right). I've searched forums, and the only answers i've come across to finding data tables in workbooks are to...
  3. kelly mort

    VBA code to fill a table with data from another table in a unique way

    From the image below, I want to use the data from A4:A13 to fill A17:A46. I need a VBA approach can someone please help me out? Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    VBA code for CTE Recursive in SQL Data table

    Hi, I have Data table which has data as shown below In this I need to get the "Component" data which are structured under "Item" and after that each component will be considered as "Item" and recursive CTE comes here. Please help me to sort this out. Sample Input: Sample Output in...
  5. F

    Power BI refresh button for certain Data Tables

    I have Power BI file that has 12 data tables: 7 are only refreshed once a month but the other 5 need daily. Is there a way to create a button for just those 5 to refresh? I have been having to either refresh everything or each report individually. Due to the amount of data, doing everything...
  6. P

    Graph help (Data Table)

    Hello experts, I am having difficultly graphing the attached. The original file in excel is a a data table (What If Analysis). link to file is below. <tbody> Price per Chair 500 750 1000 1250 Cost per Chair $200 $15000 52500 90000 127500 $175 $2500 33750 65000 96250 $150...
  7. N

    Click on a pivot chart and get the table data ... Possible?

    Hi, Building a dashboard and displaying lots of charts. However sometimes the use might need to see all the details. The details not displayed on the charts. Is there a way to click on the chart or a column/line on the chat and get back to the full details? FYI - all these charts are tied...
  8. R

    Data table results being converted to values by Excel

    My problem is this: I have several data tables set up in my spreadsheet. For reasons I can not detect (it seems to be happening at random), individual rows within these tables are converting to fixed values. Obviously thereafter the tables do not work as intended. The 'surviving' cells in the...
  9. P

    Referencing the Column (or Row) Input Cell as Part of the Data Table Column (or Row)

    I have a data table where want a column header to refer to the "Column input cell" so that my sensitivity analysis always has the value of that cell as part of the table output. The problem is that whenever I make a column header reference to the input cell, the output is incorrect. Is there a...
  10. T

    Conditional formating/data tables

    I am unsure how to make this formula work for me. The example ia: I have a list of values in A1 that range from 1-25 that can be selected. In B1 i need a formula that will make B1 a certain value based off what number is in A1 Example: A1. B1 1. 1 2. 2...
  11. A

    Categories in Data Tables?

    Hi everyone, So for the sake of an example, say I want to calculate a prices per pound, but there are different colored containers that indicate different prices. Like a red container is $1/pound, a green container is $2/pound and a blue container is $3/pound. So my Data Table would look...
  12. J

    Data Tables (What-if-analysis) with Powerpivot

    Hi, I have an Excel model that uses historical data as one of its inputs. The historical data is voluminous, hence instead of importing into excel and using VLOOKUP (or something similar), i opted to putting the huge database into MS Access, and then import into Powerpivot and using RELATED to...
  13. D

    Override Excel sort with SQL order by statement

    Hello again. I'm currently working on reorganizing a datatable in a fairly complex Excel application. The problem that I'm running into is this: I have an ORDER BY clause in my SQL expression (Microsoft Query via an ODBC connection). SELECT A, B, C, D FROM some tables WHERE some criteria...
  14. J

    Probelms with Corrupted Workboo

    I'm having a problem with a workbook that keeps getting corrupted. Even if I rebuild the file by hand in a new workbook, the problem persists which makes me think it's something wrong with my methodology. I'm running Excel 2013 32bit on Windows 7 64bit. I have a suite of workbooks for tracking...
  15. S

    Data Table Vlookup column Reference

    Good Morning When using an Excel Data Table and Vlookup is it possible to reference the column position in the Table by the column name instead of the column number. I did a literature search at it appears I must still use the column number. Thanks Steve
  16. O

    Is there an excel add-in for table functions?

    Since weeks I am looking for an add in for table valued function but I couldn't find any... Could you recommend me some add ins that can help me to make operation with excel tables?
  17. Z

    Storing and Organizing Data

    I'm setting up a type of form in excel where I have some validated drop down lists and I'm trying to use a macro that will, upon a button click, take the data from the drop down lists that are entered into the boxes, and organize them into a chart on a different sheet of the document. This would...
  18. B

    VBA- Global Databases?

    Hi, I am trying to make a global macro that involves inputting VLOOKUP formulas into cells. The problem is that the data being looked up has to be pasted into a workbook that already has the data tables that need to be referenced. My question is if/how I can make global data ranges that a global...
  19. G

    using a cell reference for data table input

    i feel like i have done this a hundred times, but for whatever reason its not working for me... i have a data table that looks like this: <tbody> RATE Monthly 289.68 1.00% 262.81 2.00% 276.04 3.00% 289.68 4.00% 303.74 5.00% 318.20 6.00% 333.06 </tbody> all the RATE numbers...
  20. A

    Can I identify a specific permutation of responses to a survey and display it?

    I very much appreciate any and all help in accomplishing this objective as follows: I have an online survey which has 9 list box questions. The only options for each question is "A" or "B". When the form is submitted I will have one row with some "9 column permutation" of "A's" and "B's". Each...

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