data transfer

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    Vba to transfer specific data from one work book to another

    I am struggling with a small pit of code. I am placing a button on a worksheet, that when used it will transfer specific data from the workbook it is in to a secondary workbook if a condition is met. I have done this before with no difficulty and I have compared my code to workbooks that work...
  2. D

    Transfer of data divided into chunks from one file to multiple files.

    Hello everyone, I have multiple destination workbooks each one with a list of 100 symbols (one symbol per cell) in column A starting from cell A25. I have also file "Source.csv" with a list of 2000+ symbols in column B starting from B2. To copy and paste all 2000+ symbols in the column of a...
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    Formula help with transferring data

    I have a worksheet with two tabs. The first tab I have 6 columns withe general number data in them for hours of work to perform the task at the 6 different levels which are the 6 columns. This is the basic set up for my template. Now I used this template fore each job and depending on which...
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    Updating Multiple Tables and Adding New Tables using a Reference Sheet from Master Workbook

    Workbook A (WB_A)is used by multiple people saved to their local computer. Saved in the same folder is another workbook (WB_B) that is used as a reference. WB_A pulls information from WB_B and populates multiple tables with rows. I need to be able to add new Tables to WB_B so that WB_A can pull...
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    Data transfer

    Option Explicit Sub addata() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Dim Quot_No As String Dim Attn_Name As String Dim Co_Name As String Dim Quot_Date As String Dim Total_Price As String Dim Auth_Name As String Dim Des_CellB20 As String Dim Des_CellH20 As String Dim Des_CellI20 As String Dim Des_CellB21 As...
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    VBA to Combine all non-empty rows from one column into another column

    Hi All, I am new to this Forum, so nice to meet you all and looking forward to participating in this community :) I need some help/tips/examples for writing a macro that takes all non-empty entries in one column and pastes them into another column (starting from a specified row)... Should it...
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    Archive data from one worksheet to another based on the value of a cell using a macro linked button.

    I have a database for recruitment within my company. There are four outcomes based on a person's application, attested, deferred, not interested and rejected. Candidate information is written from cells a5 to s5, the last column, t5 is "archive status", once a candidate has reached one of the...
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    IBM Data transfer Plugin not working with 365 ProPlus

    My company use an IBM data transfer Excel Add-in to import and export data from our legacy systems(AS400) which has lost functionality with the newer version of office. Some users are reporting an issue where the Add-in will work once after adding and enabling the addin, but will do nothing...
  9. E

    Transferring data from one sheet to another while changing to numerical form

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet that can automatically transfer the data I input into a second sheet in numerical form. Is this possible? Or do I have to enter the data manually into each separate sheet? -Excelnewtothegame
  10. L

    Excel macro - data transfer. is this possible?

    So i am wondering if there is a macro that willallow me to type in on one sheet a list as follows (example) <!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--> <tbody> component x 02Jul13 p component y 02Jul13 q component z 04Jul13 r component x 02Jul13 s </tbody> etc <!--[endif]--> and then...
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    Transfer entered data from Sheet1 to Sheet2

    Hi, Sheet1 is being used as the interface tool for something I'm building. It will contain entry fields a user may enter. I need a VBA macro that will copy data from Sheet1 (specific cell) and paste it into Sheet2 (specific cell). It must also be able to clear the data from Sheet1 and allow the...
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    Name of the workbook when moving data back and forth

    I am having some trouble writing a code for a macro that moves data between documents. The document that I transfer data from is an excel extract from a survey, so everytime I have to run the macro, it is with a new document with a new name. I can get so far as to move the first cell...
  13. J

    Transfer Data from Excel to iSeries

    Hi All, I want to export data from Excel 2007 worksheet to i Series. Can I build an ODBC connection? Is there an option for creating a macro which will FTP data to iSeries server? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  14. D

    Data Transfer between workbooks based on cell

    Hello, I need some VBA help to accomplish the following - I have 3 files. workbook 1: has the vba residing in it workbook 2: has the data workbook 3: where I would like to put the data (one of each account below) (workbook 2) data document has a bunch of accounts and corresponding info in...
  15. M

    Command Button (ActiveX Control) and VBAs

    I have two sheets in my workbook, Sheet 1 & Sheet 2. Sheet one includes several rows of data, spreading out between columns A-G. The G Column is a command button. I want the Command Button to move the data from that row in Sheet 1, to the next available row in Sheet 2. I imagine that a VBA code...
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    Automatic Data Transfer Sheet 1 to Sheet 2

    Hey Everyone, I have several rows of data. The last cell for each row (Column E) includes a checkbox. Once checked, the cell is marked complete. Is there a way to have that row transfer to Sheet 2 of the same workbook once the cell is marked complete? Thank you for any help.
  17. J

    Import Excel Data to Access Programatically

    Hi, I'm trying to get Excel 2007 to send some data to an existing table in Access, the amount of data can vary in size so needs to be dynamic. Sub DAOFromExcelToAccess() ' exports data from the active worksheet to a table in an Access database ' this procedure must be edited before use Dim r...
  18. K

    I need a data transfer macro

    I am trying to make a simple spreadsheet for some people I work with to use each day. I have set up a Data Entry sheet where an individual can input the necessary data. On the next sheet (tab) I have a simple table where that input data is used to do some calculations, etc and gives the...
  19. M

    User Form Transfer of data

    I have built a large Userform to be an Operator Data Log in my plant. I am transferring data from the form to the Excel table by finding a the next empty row and putting the data into the cells in that row. But the problem is that in order for this to fall into the table correctly (that I know...

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