1. Z

    Changing Databases with a dropdown

    If i have 10 different MS Access databases linked to a workbook. Can you make a drop down just to select which database to work off of ? My thought is to have the databases be selectable in a dropdown and for all the information for that database populate a predetermined sheet. then all...
  2. D

    data connection from several databases same model same SQL

    hi I want to get data from SQL, the problem is that in this SQL there are several databases each for different company the tables and model in each database in the same SQL host is exactly the same I do not need one data base but several all together finally I wish to create dashboard and...
  3. T

    The dreaded "Unrecognized database format": what to do?

    We've been starting to have problems with some of the databases at work. For no reason that I've been able to discern, some of them have started to produce the "Unrecognized database format" error that is frequently mentioned online. So far, I've always been able to recover the database by...
  4. D

    Access 2007 Issue. 2 in 1

    Hello all, I have several databases that hold different segments of an items history. 2 of these databases have parts of the information. I run this in Access and I get a table with my specs. I need to export the Excel file of this and then attach the database to update the query. When I...
  5. B

    New To access

    Ok, im very new to Microsoft Access. My database knowledge comes from trail and error on SQL databases for Forums Like "PHP FUSION" I can pretty much do what ever i want using the sql command box. SO for my very first newbie question out of many to come im sure! Can you use sql santax in Access...
  6. P

    Connections to multiple Databases with excel vba

    Hello, I should make excel vba that queries 80 databases and writes the info in excel. Is this possible and how to connect to 80 databases? Here is example with the connction to one database: Sub ConnectTOOracle() Dim cn As New ADODB.Connection Dim RS As New ADODB.Recordset Dim Cmd As New...
  7. W

    Stuck with Relational Database

    I wonder if someone can help please? I'm trying to create a Relational database to record sightings I have made of railway locomotives on different dates and at different places. I've worked my way thro' some Youtube videos and also looked into how some other relational databases are related...
  8. K

    macro to open files refresh all save close

    i am trying to use 3 stable databases store in a folder and use them to several workbooks first questions is how to link formulas to external database? i found some wizards for queries but i didn't understood them i write formulas like that...
  9. H

    Connecting Access database from SQL Server Management Studio

    Hi All, I have most my local Access databases stored on the desktop, however I prefer to work with SQL Server Management Studio. Is there any way of connecting to local Access databases without admin rights? Best regards Sober
  10. B

    Converting Access Databases & Queries to SQL Server

    Hey all, I recently began converting all of our firm's Access databases and Queries to SQL Server due to size/efficiency/etc, and I was hoping someone could recommend a better way for me to complete this process. For each of our clients, we receive monthly or quarterly data files (usually in a...
  11. L

    Database Management Excel

    Hello everyone! I am new to the forums and hope to learn a lot. Thanks in advance for taking your time to read the question and providing me with assistance. I am also currently researching the issue myself. I am currently working with a MySQL database and would like to somehow edit it and...
  12. F

    Setting up a database...sort of...

    I have a series of products that will be tested. There are 3 questions regarding taste and texture attributes of those products that are asked when they are tested. There have been 1500 products tested in the past year but every time a product is tested, someone manually comes up with the 3...
  13. ClimoC

    Advice? Excel "Database" vs ADO connection?

    Hello, so kind of two questions: I have a 'data' sheet (table) hidden, and to optimise speed at run-time I load the thing in an array... Global RecDict As Object, Database() As Variant, Sub Startup() Dim RecStore As Range Database() = Sheets("Data").Range("A2:Z" &...
  14. L

    Excel 2007 as Citation Manager with Databases

    I have an enormous citation table in Excel 2007 of 1000+ textual citations from various sources from years of research. I want to be able to retrieve the full reference for each citation from databases (in access, bibtex and some online libraries), and be able to query the citation table...
  15. ClimoC

    unique identifiers needed urgently!!! please help!

    Hey everyone - This one's rattling my brain knackered - so I thought I'd repost this in clearer english to try and bring about an answer... What I need is for column X in Sheet2! to have a number plopped in it everytime this macro is run. The hard part has been done - it already identifies the...

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