1. M

    Formatting Finance Tables in Excel for Mac - need advice!

    Hi Everyone, I hope I can find an answer in this forum :) I'm working on formatting 20 finance tables in Excel for Mac and want to create a system for future use. The goal is to make it easy for our finance team to format tables consistently. So I've formatted a table with various styles...
  2. M

    Redesign excel format

    I have the following spreadsheet with about 2000 rows, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNO1Ref No(s)TitleEff DateATAComments2TEST 1B737 ADVERTISING PLACARD INSTALLATION25Referenced By: TEST3ParagraphMethod Of ComplianceRLifeLast ComplE/D O/RideLimit/ IntervalF/ LNext DueRemain4Initial Issue...
  3. T

    disable design view in Access

    I am trying to disable the design view so user cannot make any changes. Greatly appreciate if you can help or what other option I can do to protect my database from being modified. Thank you!
  4. gheyman

    Access: Design view problem - only showing SQL

    I am trying to see my query in Design View, but its only coming up in SQL (I am clicking Design View not SQL View). I'm not that good at SQL so I need to see it in Design view. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  5. L

    replacing = with '= works but not '= with =

    Hi I have several formulas in different cells. I wanted to show the formula not the value so I thought of adding ' to = I went to Home-->Find and replace--> = with '= It did work Then I wanted to do the reverse and replacing '= with = but I got error message saying could not find '= Is that...
  6. L

    design mode

    Hi I want to understand Developer-->Design mode and what is used for. I read this post and Parry said: ""If you select the Control Toolbox to draw a control etc, you will notice that design mode automatically comes on.""...
  7. M

    ordering a table

    This seems quite simple to me but i'm a bit rusty and i just cant figure it out. I have a table full of orders (which gets added to) with order number/garment type/design type/fabric colour/printing colour/size eg: 10000001/tshirt/frog/green/black/XL i want to order them, starting with the...
  8. soadfan

    [Q]How to save table design/template and use it across multiple files?

    Hello there, i'd like to use the custom design i made for my table in all excel files? Illustrative screenshot from PERSONAL.XLSB:
  9. S

    How to design this spreadsheet?

    I need to design a spreadsheet, almost a monthly planner to yearly to show Key meetings per month by month /date Attendees (same 4 people) Pre work Post work What’s the best way to design this? I’ve thought of various designs but they don’t include all info I need. Any help on...
  10. D

    File A has if statements that reference a tab in File B. Eventually DESIGN tab from file A gets dragged into File B. Can this be done without creati

    Apologies for my less descriptive title. There is more nuance to the situation, but I couldn't fit it in a short title. Background: The situation I am dealing with is this. We have a master takeoffs spreadsheet that we've created with about 8 different tabs in it. For the longest time there...
  11. S

    Real-time currency conversion spreadsheet design help

    I am in the design phase and looking to get some ideas on the best way to design my spreadsheet. We have a small private org that makes purchases and hold fundraisers. Some items we buy in Japanese yen and some we buy in US Dollars. We also receive Japanese Yen and US dollars. What is the best...
  12. T

    Userform: Corrupted appearance on a different computer

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I tried to look for related posts first but to no avail. I created a userform with tons of (working) controls, uploaded to cloud and downloaded it on other conputers. The file's main usage will be on the userform. The issue is, on most computers, the userform...
  13. W

    Deleting rows from date after key words in column

    Hi all, I was wondering if this would be possible to do, and if so how to apply the correct steps in the power query to achieve it? The Query pulls a certain sheet from a workbook, lets call it sheet1, loads the contents of that worksheet, and then in column 5, IF there is the words "Lathe...
  14. M

    User can't edit combobox

    Hello All, I've just released a very large project for my office and my first tester is the only person I can find in 6 different people that can't type or even select the only combobox in the workbook. The office is mixed running 2013 and 2016, I've found people can use this box regardless...
  15. Z

    Vbe design mode

    Is there a way in design mode to have the properties dialog box caption set up for taking its value you from a sheet cell. Making the caption varible in design as well.
  16. R

    Function for detecting is a parameter is in range

    <tbody> HEIGHT 2000 WIDTH 2100 TOTAL SIZE 4100 DESIGN 1 Out of Range </tbody> Hi I would like a function that will detect if a value is outside the design parameters. Example: DESIGN 1 is only compatible if the total size is between 1000 & 4000 inclusive. How can I write a...
  17. D

    Header & Footer Tools (Design) not showing

    - On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Header & Footer. - Under Header, click either the left, center, or right header selection box. - On the Design tab of the Header & Footer Tools, in the Header & Footer elements group, click Picture and then find the picture that you want to insert...
  18. S

    Switchboard Options invisible in Design view

    Hi Guys! Please help me with my problem about Switchboard. I created my Switchboard with the usual process of creating a simple Switchboard. I used the Default Main Switchboard and i think there is no problem with that if I use that or by creating a new one. Then I input the items on the...
  19. R

    Cannot delete a command button from a worksheet - Even in Design Mode

    I have place a command button on a worksheet to run a macro, but when I click the button it says that it cannot find the macro. I wanted to delete everything and start again, but when I enter Design Mode on the Control Toolbar I cannot select the button, move it, or anything. Any advice would...
  20. JenniferMurphy

    Major design flaw in Union "operator"

    I just discovered what I consider a major flaw in the design of the Union (comma) operator. As illustrated in the workbook here: The Sum function, when applied to a union of overlapping ranges, will sum the values in the...

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