1. reneev

    Difference Between Dates in Months with a Maximuim number

    So I have to calculate the number of months between two dates. I have that formula (=DATEDIF(F3,$D$1,"m")+1). However, I need to put a caveat in there that says if the number is more than 11, keep it at 11. This number is being used to average a sum and the number of months to average is...
  2. H

    Dupliate with value changes

    Hey Guys, This one has been allusive I am hoping one of the geniuses here can help. I have an order calculator I developed for my business, I place all my orders Monday for the week, I am having an issue where if I should change my forecasted ales during the week the value of the amount...
  3. J

    Enhanced sumifs formula???

    Please see the two tables below. So I have one sheet called DATA SHEET and another called INPUT SHEET. Now, I want to calculate the difference between INVOICED and ACCRUED for each month for each product for their specific advertising type. And would like to have the difference shown up in INPUT...
  4. T

    Difference in Two Columns

    I have two columns, A and B. A is a list of 100 items. B is a smaller list with some of the same items. I want to be able to output one list that returns the A list, minus what was in B list. Example: Column a: Cat Dog Bird Lion Bear Column B: Cat Bear So now to minus what Column B...
  5. X

    DateDif -- nearest half date (x.5)

    Hi -- I hope this is is a simple ask what's the best way to calculate the difference b/w two dates (in # of months) with the result rounded to the nearest hals month. So the difference between 4/15/2017 and 6/30/2017 would be 1.5 (instead of 2) Thanks!
  6. V

    Pivot Table - Paid in/out Difference from Data

    Hi All, All my bank transactions are downloaded and put on 1 worksheet set out like so: <tbody> A B C D E F G Date Transaction type Description Income/Expense Type Paid out Paid in Balance 23-Feb-17 Visa purchase Example Data Example Data £26.99 344.2 27-Feb-17 Visa purchase Example...
  7. A

    Custom Formula Question

    Hey peeps, I just have a quick question and I know this is going to sound ridiculously simple and I apologize if it is - I'm a bit new to Excel formulas. My question is this: I'm trying to create a formula that takes into account a certain price, adds fees (percentages + fixed fees + taxes) to...
  8. H

    Help with an Automatic Calculation Formula

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet that I use as an ongoing day-to-day task list. Every time I get a new task, I input the date received into Column A, the type of task (I have around five possible tasks that I can receive) into column C, a summary of the task into Column E, My current status in...
  9. K

    Calculate total hours between two dates and times

    Hi all.. I hope you can help me with this.. I have attached a test worksheet I did. But it seems that I got something wrong.. Or like I did it in a stupid way. I was hoping that you could help me calculate the total hours spent away from my home, so I can put it in my sheet and turn in to my...
  10. B

    What's the difference between Do While and Do Until?

    Do Until thisBoolean = True... Will keep going "while" thisBoolean is False Do While thisBoolean = False... Will keep going "until" thisBoolean is True. They're like inverses of each other. Don't forget you can also use the NOT operator.
  11. J

    Finding min difference between any of the values in a list values

    I have about 100 values in column some of which are the same and want to retrieve the smallest difference between any of the values in the list. For the example of the list of numbers below I would like to retrieve the answer = 0.04 <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 15.03 15.11 15.22...
  12. C

    Excel Compare two data column and find changed data

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to compare two column of data and identify any data that are not in both of the columns. (i.e. trying to find the newly added/deleted account from an updated list of accounts) Right now I'm running vlookup on both of the columns to see if something can't be found. But...
  13. C

    Calculate difference with upper limit

    Hi everybody. Hoping someone could give me some help with the below query. I need to find out how many hours workers are doing above their contract. These fall into two pay rates. Any hours done up to 37.5 is paid at one rate (Extra Time), and any hours over 37.5 (Over Time) is paid at another...
  14. P

    Difference Ignoring Negative Numbers

    Hello, I am trying to find a formula that will find the difference between two columns but ignore negative numbers in any of the columns. Column A ("Gross Reserve") is a reserve for an insurance claim (the amount we expect to pay) and Column B ("Amount Paid") is the amount we have actually...
  15. E

    Difference/Spread Between Two Line Graphs when Data does not Align.

    Hello! I have a set of data similar to the following plotted as two line graphs, one for Bills, one for Coups. As any point between the two lines, I would like to find the difference. The problem is, the data points do not line up, so I can't simply take Coups minus Bills. Is there a way to...
  16. G

    Can't find difference between two cells

    I am having trouble finding out why there is a difference between two cells that appear to contain the same thing. Each cell contains "Mickey Mantle". I checked by using LEN but it says both cells contain 13 characters. I tried using EXACT, and EXACT returns a FALSE result. Then I used the...
  17. R

    Time difference using vba

    I need help on how to subtract two military time in vba. Here's how i grab the start time Sub Start_Timer_Button() 'Call Clear Worksheets("Control Panel").Cells.Locked = False Range("L16").Value = Time Worksheets("Control Panel").Range("L16").Locked = True Worksheets("Control...
  18. M

    Subtract sub columns in Pivot table

    I am trying to compare old system data to new system data so I made a pivot table. I am trying to subtract each 2 column subset, meaning I have the row as each department number, then I have 26 periods as columns. Each of those periods has two columns "new" "old", this is what I want to...
  19. M

    Subtracting columns in Pivot table

    Can anyone tell me how to subtract each set of columns in a pivot table

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