drop down box

  1. L

    Create Drop Down Menu in PDF

    Dear all, first point: sorry for the grammar, english isn't my native language. Now my problem: I do have a Excel sheet from which a pdf is created with a macro. There's also a field for signature being added to the pdf. I would like to create 2 drop down menus in the pdf, so u can tell, which...
  2. G

    VBA Help - Hide rows based on a drop down list selection

    Hi All, I'm a total novice when it comes to VBA and i have been watching a number of tutorials but cant quite get the scripted i need to make my spreadsheet work. I have a dropped down in cell D16 with various text (all, essential, desirable, mandatory, general) I have a corresponding table...
  3. J

    Replace Drop Down List Arrow with Image/Shape

    Is there a way to change the box/arrow attached to a drop down list, to an image/shape? Basically, instead of clicking on the arrow & box to activate a drop down list, there's a small image or shape that can be clicked. Same functionality as the regular drop down list, just change how it's...
  4. T

    Search drop-down lists in a column and change their value using an userform -vba

    Hi! I have an user form like this one. These cells have the same drop-down list as the user form combobox. I need to search only the cells with a drop-down list and change their value with the one I set in the user form. I am trying different things but without luck. I would be really...
  5. C

    Multiple Selections in Dropdown?

    Excel newbie here. I've seen a few threads on this but can't quite get it to work on my end. I originally used the code here: How to Make Multiple Selections in an Excel Drop-Down list and tried it on a test column. The only thing i changed was A2 in line 6 to Q2 to match my column. It worked...
  6. D

    My combobox continues even after I switch to the spreadsheet cell and tab

    I am currently working on a spreadsheet for tracking jobs where I work. I added a combobox to this sheet to make it easier to locate by job number. The job numbers are located in Column A on the sheet. The combobox worked fine until I discovered that when I was no longer working with the...
  7. O

    Apply VBA Excel Codes to multiple columns for multi-selection drop down menus

    I have successfully used a code to create the multi-selection drop down menus across an entire column but I was wondering there was a way to apply it to multiple columns on the same sheet. I currently have it for E(5) but want to apply it to F(6). I don't have a row limit as we plan the data...
  8. C

    Formula Based on Result of Drop Down Box

    Morning All, I am after a little help with a formula this morning to determine a specific date. On my Spreadsheet In cell E2 there is a dropdown box which contains a number of financial years in the format yyyy/yyyy. The actual data is held on another spreadsheet. What I would like to do is...
  9. S

    Time Stamp with initials from dropdown box value

    Currently I have an Excel file which enters a time stamp depending on if a value is entered in Column A. So it looks like this <tbody> Column A Column B Column C Data<where value="" is="" entered<<="" td=""></where> Blank<blank for="" now=""></blank> A Date Stamp auto fills when something...
  10. F

    How to autofill multiple drop-down lists?

    Hi all, I have a long list (several hundred rows) and I am trying to create drop-down lists that each contain about 5-6 options of my list. I'm sure this can be done with VBA but is this possible to do with basic Excel functions? For instance, drop-down list contains cells A2:A5, drop-down...
  11. C

    hide and unhide rows based the selections in my dropdown list. Please help

    I am hoping someone can help me. I am creating a form in excel using the active x combo drop down option. I am trying to hide rows based on the option they pick. I added the active combo box in cell B3 with options A, B, and C. Based on what they pick I need the following to happen... If...
  12. M

    Variable Drop Down List

    Hello, I am looking to create a variable drop down list that shows the products sold based off of a customer that is selected. For example, if I select customer A, I want the drop down list to show products A, B, C and D that are sold to that customer. However, when I select customer B I only...
  13. A

    Drop down list and data copying to another sheet based on selection.

    Hi every one, I need something that is quite complex and so I'm trying to explain it the best I can, apologies for any ambiguity. So, I'm setting up a tracker for the work done on clients by employees and similarly the work that the employees have done, I need to be able to see both at a...
  14. M

    Format Colour in Drop Down menu?

    Hello there, I'm wondering if Excel's drop down menu allows you to format the color of the options provided in the drop down box. I am essentially trying to make three symbols appear in the drop down: a bold red up arrow, a bold green down arrow, and a bold orange em dash. I have these...
  15. N

    Multiple Selection on a dependent / cascading drop down list

    Hello all, I am trying to put together a sign-off sheet of responsibilities within my organization. To do so, I've created two cascading drop-down lists via Data Validation: Independent Drop-Down: Department within the organization Dependent Drop-Down: Position in the corresponding department...
  16. S

    Drop down list question

    I have 2 drop down lists in A1 and B1, both with a “Yes” or “No” selection. How can I make A1 change to “Yes” automatically if B1 is set to “Yes”? I can’t use macros, only formulas, etc.
  17. C

    Change cell value based on drop down menu

    Hello Everyone, So I created a drop down menu with the days of the week on it. Now I want to be able to alter a cells data to read a time per each day. =IF(K21="Friday","4:00pm") This formula works and hypothetically I should just be able to repeat this a bunch of times but for some reason...
  18. V

    Populate form control Drop Down Box with unique value

    hi, I am trying to populate a drop down box with a column of dates and only want to populate unique values. I have tried the following code but it doesn't work. Can anyone please assist? Sub FilterUniqueData() Dim Lrow As Long, test As New Collection Dim Value As Variant, temp() As...
  19. P

    Replace value picked in dropdown box, from a table data

    Hello! So I am facing a problem with an excel problematic for my work I can't figure out on my own, even after researching a lot online (or when I try them they don't work). I have attacher the file if it helps: https://we.tl/7hopolpjUV. So I would like to replace à value in a cell by a...
  20. S

    VBA drop down / radio button / function to select ....

    So, I am looking for a something simple. I need to call a macro that displays a window with some options that I will pre-define, for me to select. The selection needs to be stored in a variable which I can then use later in the macro for other purposes. The issue I am having is that I can't...

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