1. T

    Evaluate math formula from Equation editor into cell

    Hello MrExcel community, this is my first post, so if there is anything about this post that isn't posted correctly feel free to tell. OK so going into the main thing, In my Excel sheets I use plenty of long and complex mathematical equations, that when trying to replicate form paper into...
  2. A

    Filter dataset with multiple parameters

    Hello there, this request is far beyond my capabilities of excel and I'm hoping that it can be done. I have a dataset as an example below: <tbody> A B C D E 1 <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>Email address <style...
  3. L

    VBA code already there in brand new file

    Hi I closed all excel files. I opened a new one by clicking on excel icon. I go to VBA editor and I see some codes there? Why and from where they came? Thank you very much.
  4. C

    Power Query - editing tables

    I used Power Query to import file from folder. I then “close and load data” and a table appears. My question is this... Can I make changes to this table (deleting rows, etc) without having to go through Power Query editor? So far, whenever I alter the table in anyway, it will revert back to...
  5. G

    Checked out Excel-file doesn't show in VBA Editor

    Hi all, I have have a code that will copy information from one workbook to the other. I have the Source workbook open, and it will show in VBA editor. When I check out a file (from a program at work) it will be saved in a local checkout folder on my computer and the file opens in Excel...
  6. G

    Assign Procedure/s to VB editor toolbar commands

    Hello, Is that possible to assign macro procedure to a toolbar control (within the VB editor not on Worksheet)? https://i.imgur.com/pjbyXJe.jpg Thanks, Giorgi
  7. M

    Customised Ribbon using Custom UI editor for Microsoft Office

    Hi. I have created a new ribbon using the editor and have created about 60 new tabs. Well as you imagine having all these tabs are a bit of nightmare scrolling along to find the tab i want. Does anyone know if there is a way of using a macro to search for a particular tab, maybe a combobox...
  8. I

    DIY VBA Excel Ribbon Editor

    Hello! In short: I would like to create Excel Ribbon Editor for Windows using VBA. Doeas it make sense? :) I found two types of excel ribbon editors: Editors such as Office RibbonX Editor (famous Ron de Bruin site). This editor just help user to change add own xml ribbon file to excel file...
  9. D

    Closed Files Remaining in VBA Editor

    I have Office 365 on Windows 8.1. There are no Add-Ins. When I close a certain workbook it still appears in the VBA Editor. Reopening the workbook sometimes produces another instance of the workbook in the VBA editor which also continues to appear in the VBA Editor after closing the workbook...
  10. V

    Power Query editor refresh running slowly, Microsoft Mashup Container running even when idle

    All, I have cleaned up a group queries that transform some data for monthly FP&A analysis we do. Without tedious detail we essentially take two exports and combine them into one, and then pull from each previous query (M-Code starts with a source like #"Join Pricing Data") to pull from that...
  11. M

    Using '&' symbol in RibbonX

    I'm creating a custom tab in my Excel workbook, using the Office RibbonX Editor. For the buttons that will be on my tab, I am using supertip to show a description of what the button does, if the user hovers over the button. In the text I want to appear, a character that I want in the string is...
  12. S

    Clipboard History issue in VB Editor

    If I use Clipboard History in the VB Editor, the text content of the clipboard is hidden unless the Copy was done in Notepad or equivalent. Copies done in VBE paste OK, but you're pasting blind, which is useless My problem is that I work in VBE most of the time, and I've never been able to...
  13. E

    VBA Editor not autocompleting

    Why is my VBA Excel editor not autocompleting while I type the code? For example: if I type "Selection". I'll usually expect to see the list of things I can do with it. Maybe I disabled any setting? Thanks
  14. L

    Excel power query

    HI all, I've generated a query from a folder containing dozens of workbooks. I'm using table 1 from each workbook, in the query editor I have all my data including the source workbook, but I want to add the filepath to each row. How to I add an extra column with the filepath inside the...
  15. mikecox39

    Alt-F11 does nothing, security set to allow all.

    Alt-F11 toggles the text in the green title bar gray and a tiny shadow appears around the window. Alt-F8. Displays my macros but Edit option only closes the window and the text in the green title bar blinks gray. In the Trust Center/Macro settings I have Enable all.... set. I also have the...
  16. B

    Can i use a ribbon editor within excel with out having to get other users to download the editor program

    I am recently self taught on using a ribbon editor to set up some ribbon on my excel program that other people use on different computers (not linked in any way) and all is working well, however i was wondering if it is possible to have the codes in my ribbon editor somehow included in my excel...
  17. L

    Use Query To Get Specific Rows

    I need to extract specific rows from all the spreadsheets in a directory. I can use the Query editor to load all of the workbooks but the there isn't a quick choice to select certain rows. For example, I would like to keep rows 4, 53, 57, 71 and 57 from all of the loaded workbooks. I suspect I...

    VBA MsgBox if cell contains specific text

    Guys. What am I doing wrong, please? I need a VBA message box to pop up if and when a specific cell has specific text in it as follows: Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()If Worksheets("Home Quote").Range("D33").Value = "Selection Error" Then MsgBox "Please make another selection" End If End...
  19. JenniferMurphy

    Can I always have the Advanced Editor on?

    Is there a way that I can have the Advanced Editor active when I reply to a thread? When I start a thread, like now, I have the Advanced Editor. But when I reply, I get some other editor and I have to click on the Go Advanced button to get it. In my Settings under Miscellaneous Options, I have...
  20. JenniferMurphy

    VBA Editor doesn't warn about unsaved changes on exit

    I thought I had made some changes to a UDF, but when I opened up the VBA editor today, the changes were gone. So I ran a little test. I made a simple change to some code, then closed the editor and then Excel. I did not get any warn about unsaved changes or any offer to save them. When I...

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