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    Formula for end-of-year holiday week

    Dear Excel wizards, I am trying to find an Excel non-VBA formula to automatically calculate the end-of-year holiday week based on the available yearly data. These are the holiday data (including the 25th of December and the 1st and 2nd of January the next year): Monday 26 - Friday 30...
  2. D

    COUNTIF w/ greater than & name match

    I am needing to COUNTIF column B on "Data" sheet is greater than column C on "Data" sheet, if the name in column A of "Totals" sheet matches the name from column A on "Data" sheet. The Data sheet has multiple rows with the same name that need to have the values in B and C checked. Data Sheet...
  3. K

    How Get Question Reference

    (1) How to get reference Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 (2) We Need four Option Reference According Match Question on Sheet 1 *Kindly make this formula for "sheet2" Condition 1 :- i will change Serial Number After Change Question in "sheet 2" (match Serial no. and question to "sheet1") Condition...
  4. M

    How to sum up with different input?

    How do you sum up different cells with different input? what i'm trying to to do is to have a formula that will sum up the gas product i used. In my excel i have 3 diffrent gas product but i used different gas product at the same time or sometimes the same gas product. Is there a formula that...
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    how create a formula that is autocalculate?

  6. M

    How to write this a excel formula?

  7. K

    Excel formula to calculate number of months over due

    Hello, I'm trying to calculate the number of months past due from a given date. For example: If my date is given as 06/25/2020 I would like to see in the new column how many months this is overdue from 06/26/2020 to the previous month (Feb 2022). Thank you for your help in this matter.
  8. D

    Formula referencing another cell showing 0 when referenced cell is blank

    Hello i have the formula below and it is referencing another cell on another sheet, and when that cell does have info in it the formula does what it needs to. However, when that cell it is referencing in 'List' is empty the formula is placing a '0' which i would rather it be blank still and not...
  9. D

    Double IF with OR Formula leaving cell blank

    Hello I have this formula I am trying to get to work and it is leaving the cell place when I have an X in T5 and the word First Class is on b33 on the page this page I was wondering what I am doing wrong? I am trying to do is if First class is on cell b33 on page This Page then do the following...
  10. D

    Conditional format to grey/cross out cell(s) if a cell value in another page is a specific value

    Hello, i am trying to get this conditional format down to where on my sheet on cells D16 and E16 are greyed out and or also crossed out of the cell b33 = "Last" on sheet "Check Off". Thank you in advance!
  11. E

    Converge 2 data centers with VBA

    Hi! I've had great success in the past here with VBA macros so I thought I would try my luck again. I pasted some mini sheets as an example, hopefully I did it correctly... I need to converge 2 spreadsheet given the following scenario: Spreadsheet 1 entitled "total_siteA.xlsx" with a sheet...
  12. J

    VBA: Delete lines in cells starting with an alphabet

    I am looking for a simple VBA code to Delete lines in cells starting with an alphabet. In each cell in column c, there is a multiline text starting with numbers, special characters, and words. I also delete the space before them if any. Some cells are empty.
  13. J

    Need Zeros and Blanks as a Criteria in SUMIFS

    I'm stuck! I've been trying to figure this out for hours now. I have the following formula below: =SUMIFS('July - Present'!O:O, 'July - Present'!A:A,">="&DATE(2021,10,1), 'July - Present'!A:A,"<="&DATE(2021,10,31), 'July - Present'!Q:Q,"", 'July - Present'!R:R,"", 'July - Present'!S:S,"") The...
  14. K

    New to this

    I’m trying to link the square footage on the Taxes worksheet to the lot number (G8 on sheet1). That way, when I enter the lot number on G8 it automatically pulls the corresponding square footage into the calculation on the taxes sheet and puts the result in cell G41 on Sheet 1. Thanks!!!
  15. U


    Hi Gurus, Any thoughts on what would be the right sumif lookup formula for below scenario? Sheet 1 - I have a long list of Data. Simple example below: Name Change Sam 250 Mike 300 Sam -500 Mike -150 Sam -50 Mike -25 Sheet 2 - I'm having a hard time doing it in pivot so just...
  16. N

    Formula for a single list of Dates from two payment cycles and a list of fix dates

    Can we build a single formula to auto-populate the list of dates as shown in column 'G', based on the payment cycles set in (i) & (ii) and the list of dates provided in (iii), without repeating common dates between them? For now, I prepared separate list of dates using formulas to calculate...
  17. S

    Extract words before brackets based on number of characters within closed brackets

    Hi Friends, I looked some posts over here on how to extract words before closed backets and based on number of characters/letters within closed brackets. I am looking to do this with formula/vba/udf. Here is an example Designed and developed the application using Java Server Faces (JSF)...
  18. L

    SUMPRODUCT inside Dynamic Array with CHOOSE - impossible?

    Hi! So I want to make a Dynamic array with Choose, where one column will be the unique clients and in the second column I want the SUMPRODUCT of Quantity and Price for each product. As you can see the result is 0 for each row. This is just an example of my real problem with a report of 200K...
  19. R

    Excel Formula IF

    Hi Guys I have the following formula =IF(H2>=F2,"withinsla",IF(H2<F2,"slabreached")) The above formula works well I want to add the following in the formula if H2=Q2 ,"urgent" Thanks and Regards rakesh
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    Days Aging Formula (# of days overdue)

    I have a list of past due invoices. I have a PO Date (column f) and I am wanting to add a column for Aging Days (column H) that will tell me how many days have gone by from the PO date. In column I, I would like it to tell me if the invoice is past due or not past due. Any help would be...
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