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    Complicated IF statement returning false

    I am using this long IF statement to calculate the commission rate for sales people. The value if true portion works but the value if false returns FALSE in the cell instead of executing the false instruction which in this case is (IF(R11<1,(H11*($C$7/10000)),H11*R11). Maybe I cannot have...
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    How to copy the highlighted text from ColumnA to ColumnB, ColumnC

    Hello There, I want to copy the highlighted text from one column to other columns. There are two options. 1) Highlighted text is "BOLD" 2) Highlighted text is "COLORED" Ideal two separate solution each for "Bold" and "Color" If either of one is not possible then please give any one solution...
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    Excel Formula to Refer to three conditions

    Hi All I have excel file under Role column i have (Maker,Checker and Supervisory) and under Activity list i perform, Now in sheet 2 i have predefined time . So i need formula if anyone selects either Maker or checker or supervisor respective time should come from sheet 2. Could you please help...
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    Last Modified UDF Row Function

    I do not know if this is possible however, what I am looking for is to modify this UDF function to show the date that a cell was last modified. Currently, it is only showing the date that the UDF is inserted, not the actual date that the cell was modified. For Example: -If I am insert the...
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    Stock Rotation Formula Help Needed

    Hi! I am doing a stock rotation report for my Company which basically displays an Age Profile (How long since stock was created) of both Stock on the Ground and Stock Despatched in the past day. I would like to do a formula beside this table (Will attach image showing example) that returns the...
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    Help with pricing

    Hi everyone, Hoping I can get a bit of help on something I have a range of products that are supported and I want to ensure that I can make the cost of supporting these products as cost effective as possible. Different employees support a variety of different product, even multiples but for...
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    Adding a wildcard function to an excel array formula to return multiple values vertically of both Number and Text

    Hi all, First I want to apologize if my question lacks some formula knowledge, I'm new to this level of Excel and trying to figure this out. Second, I want to thank all for tolerating my ignorance. Here is my challange: I'm designing a stopgap solution for querying a large Excel spreadsheet...
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    A Proper Formula to Calculate depending several Criteria

    Crosspost: A Proper Formula to Calculate depending several Criteria and A Proper Formula to Calculate depending several Criteria Linked File: EG7 Dear All, I wrote a formula in cell AB4 (blue row) of the linked file by checking sources on internet. However I transferred the required data in...
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    Excel formula does not self adjust.

    Hi, I have following cells: Original Value Adjusted Value A A A B B In column B, "Adjusted Value", I have the following formula in each cell to eliminate any duplicates in column A: =IF(A2=A1,"",A2) =IF(A3=A2,"",A3) =IF(A4=A3,"",A4) The problem occurs when I delete row 3 (the...
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    Hi all, Wondering if anyone could help with this? I'm looking for formula that gives me the answer to this question: If target achieved is 106%, commission paid is 50% with a liner progression to 100% with max target achieved of 125%. Actual achievement is 110%, what is the commission %? 106%...
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    how to repeat column B names. Is there any another way rather than dragging the cells?

    Please help me that how can we repeat column B names (vamsi and suresh) until cell value = EOH12 (column A). A column I B column E0H11 vamsi E0H24 suresh E0H01 (Repeat here) E0H54 (Repeat here) EOH12 (Repeat...
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    Format Date from a Excel Text Cell

    how would an excel formula be written to take a text string 8/27/19 3:14:51 PM CDT or 12/27/19 12:14:51 PM CDT and convert it into a Date Value that can have a format applied? Thanks
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    Multiple IF with Single Look Up and AND function

    hi Friends, i am trying creating a formula where IF and AND functions matched then vlook up however not getting the desired results . I want IF Cell A4="First",And (B4="Track 1", then look up value populate the scores unfortunately when i am running the formula it says A4= First and B4 =...
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    Counting a specfic substring in a cell without counting another string that contains the same substring in that cell

    Hi, I'm trying to do a count of specific substring in a range of cells. I've been able to count for substrings in a cell using the following formula: =COUNTIF(A1:A3,"*fox*") However, I'm running into trouble when the substring I'm counting for exists in the same cell in another string...
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    Assigning VBA code to slicer?

    Sorry if the title is incorrect. IDK the correct term for it. My problem is I have two sheets "CREW 1" and "CREW 2". CREW 2 is the duplicate sheet of CREW 1. After I make a duplicate sheet (CREW 2) the slicer and columns doesn't work anymore. I want it to work same as CREW 1. Is is possible...
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    Excel formula to get the result by few rules in 1 cell.

    To seek help on excel formula to auto detect below 3 rules in 1 cell. Please advise. Rules: If decimal in cell more than 0.20 = 0.50; If decimal in cell more than 0.70 = 1; If decimal in cell less than 0.20 = 0. Amount (USD) Wanted Result (USD) 1,074.67 1,074.50 238.84 239.00...
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    How to output a dynamic range where the height of the range varies

    Hi, I have a search tool that returns a dynamic range. I'm trying to get it so that the outputted dynamic range is staggered. I get this: <colgroup><col style="mso-width-source:userset;mso-width-alt:5266;width:108pt" width="144"> <col...
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    Excel Formula / Code

    We have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDE 1 2 3 4 5S.No.YearBatch (Number of Students) 6Entry11993300 721932320 831978800 941924400 1051912200 1161993300 1271968800 1381994400 1491924400 15101983300 16111935500 17121956600 Sheet: Sheet1 We want a...
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    help with if statement

    Hi all, I am having trouble with a nested if statement. I have several columns of data I need help with a formula that will look at the first column of data in column B if nothing found then go to Column C if nothing go to D if nothing go to E. If all the columns are blank then pull value from...
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    help to build a formula

    Hello dear members of the forum. I'm trying to design a formula that allow me to simplify some calculations. I have 35 columns of data. In cell B90 I should execute this formula: <tbody> =sum(C44:C78)/sum(B44:B78) In cell C90 the following: <tbody> =sum(D44:D77)/sum(C44:C77) </tbody>...

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