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  1. R

    Excel VBA Plus Symbol Automatically Getting Added

    Hi Friends, I wrote a simple single-line coding to bring the C2 value to D2 in Excel VBA. ThisWorkbook.Sheets("MM_Input").Range("D2:D2") = "=C2" After I executed the above code I noticed a weird result in cell D2 like the one below, I do not understand why the plus symbol automatically gets...
  2. Y

    Sumif with data validations for Google Sheets

    I have tried all that I could find on this site. What I am trying to do is Sumif the colums: Column E,Owner, uses dropdown Coumn F is the the amount paid: =IF(E20="Ian","$.50","") Column G,Payment,I want to total all of Column F: I have: =sumproduct(sumif($E2:$E49,"-ian",$F2:$F49)) also have...
  3. F

    Formula or VBA to increase a cell value based off another cell.

    Hi I need some help and I hope I am explaining this correctly, I have attached a photo of my spreadsheet and I need to increase the value of column (M) so that each value has a minimum profit of 2.50 Column (M) is determined by column (I) so I need something that will adjust column (I) until...
  4. A

    Lookup names that are in another list but have them listed one row after another

    Hello, Hoping someone can assist me with this excel question. I would like to create List3 as it looks. If the color in List2 is in List1, then I want it to show up in List3. The part I am stuck on is getting List3 to pull green to the first row,, blue to the second row, and so on. Appreciate...
  5. S

    Figuring out user status

    Hi, I have a tab that has user and their status in 1 tab of raw data, and a final status in another tab. The raw data has multiple entries for the user AND status. How do I match all the entries, and figure out the (final) user status? The user status can be Active, Inactive, or Decertified...
  6. A

    Formula to take cells in A2:A100 and paste them in Column B leaving blank row in between (A2 in B2, A3 in B4, A4 in B6, etc)

    Excel experts!! I need you help... I have a long list of names that I want to copy over to another sheet, however, I want the names to be in every other row on the other sheet. Is there a way to do this with a formula, as the list will continue to grow and I want the other sheet to...
  7. M

    Excel formula / calculation issue

    I have below values in cells A1 and B1. A1: 118999.26 B1: 118231.21 values in A1 and B1 are pasted and each contains 2 decimals only. In the cell C1, when I apply formula "A1-B1", and increase decimals, it is giving me the answer as "768.050000000003" Where is the last 3 coming from in the...
  8. R

    Make a sequence between two numbers

    Does anyone know how to make a sequence of number as follows: Start between 1 & 15, increment either in 5 or 10 but always ending at 100? For example Start at 5 and increment in 10s: 5,15,25,35,45,55,65,75,85,95,100 For some sequences it's easy starting at 5 and incrementing in 5s as it can...
  9. J

    SUMIF formula help

    Hey, i need some help with the SUMIF formula. i got a sheet with product material numbers and i want to lookup the material numbers in a sales sheet. Example: The picture is from the sales sheet and lets say i want to look up "material nr 1" in the other sheet and criteria to be material nr 1...
  10. R

    Force Balance to Total

    Hi there, I was given the task to force balance the data in 'Q1_2024_Raw' to sum to the final total by GEO (i.e. all LATAM customers need to sum to 10, so in this case I need to force balance their data down from 20 to 10 and all NAAM customers need to sum to 100 so I need to force balance up...
  11. K

    Combine 2 formulas into one

    I have a formula that works but need to put a twist on it to look at another column / Sheet. {=IF(ROWS(E$5:E5)<=$B$8,INDEX(INDIRECT(E$4),SMALL(IF(Date_Received=$A$8,ROW(Date_Received)-ROW(AuditLog!$B$2)+1),ROWS(E$5:E5))),"")} This is working. I need to add this to it...
  12. P

    What would be best formula to use to extract data based on dates with a criteria?

    I have an excel where I need to pull in the total hours for a date range (always start on Monday) in my excel tab called 'Dashboard'. I'll be getting the data from the tab 'Budget' but I only want to pull in the number based on the QuickBooks Code I've identified on B1. So AH3 will equal to...
  13. D

    Restrict Number of Keywords per Key

    Hi, I have the following table and my goal is to have to restrict the number of keywords per key to 3. For every key containing more than 3 keywords, I want to delete every keyword after the third one...
  14. N

    Excel formulae to tabulate data from 1 table to another

    Hi there, does anyone know what formulae I can input on the right table to easily track these data from the left table and input them instantly on the right table based on the various names (especially if the list on the right side names are not in order on the right) I have included the link...
  15. L

    How to highlight 5 consecutive cells with a word of "Need attention"

    Hi all, I want to highlight cells when the row has 5 consecutive (or more) "Need attention". I only want to highlight cells with a word of "Need attention", and only if there are at least 5 consecutive word of "Need attention". The cell values are from a formula. Thank you in advance.
  16. S

    Help with a vlookup formula

    Hi everyone , I need help with a lookup. I have one spreadsheet that has the invoice number, and on a second spreadsheet they combined all the open invoice numbers in a single cell by PO, I need help with a vlookup that can search the column A for the single invoice number and return the PO...
  17. J

    Populate column with the parent part number using an Excel formula.

    I need some help please. I am looking for a excel formula that will determine the parent of a child based off a number/period outline on sheet 1 (yellow column sheet 1 "Item No.") and take the part number of the parent (orange column sheet 1 or yellow column sheet 2) and populate a column with...
  18. M

    Excel Formula query

    I would like quite a complex formula. I got close to what I wanted but couldn’t quite get it right. The sheet has a series of columns: - Date started - BF date - Column to state “Checked”/blank to show if cleared, making BF date redundant (but left in for auditing) e.g.: A1 - Date started, B1...
  19. C

    Formula Question

    I am sure this is simple but i have searched the internet to then end with no answer. I have 3 columns. A1 has the name of of the person B1 Has the sales made column 3 has the price per sale. What i am trying to do is this: In D1 i want it to do a if greater then .8 but less then 1.3 show...
  20. T

    Excel formula - How to find pending text

    Hi guys, Sorry that I don't know how to upload under excel format so that pls help to review this image. I'd like to get result in column C = "c" following below logic however don't know which excel formula is workable. Kindly help to solve issue. Thanks. Requirement: a/b/c Approved: a/b...

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