excel help

  1. A

    Formula to take cells in A2:A100 and paste them in Column B leaving blank row in between (A2 in B2, A3 in B4, A4 in B6, etc)

    Excel experts!! I need you help... I have a long list of names that I want to copy over to another sheet, however, I want the names to be in every other row on the other sheet. Is there a way to do this with a formula, as the list will continue to grow and I want the other sheet to...
  2. K

    When I Click cell C8, I should see the command button shown in E8 not otherwise via vba coding

    When I Click cell C8, I should see the command button shown in E8 not otherwise via vba coding. i was follow this code but not working pleased help me : Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Me.Range("C8")) Is Nothing Then...
  3. Islam Gaber

    I need a formula to automatically distribute an amount across multiple cells where the max value of each cell and the order of distribution can be de

    Im trying to upload a container with boxes , so I need to tell the sheet how many boxes do I have and all the rows will be like (the first row 6,6,6,6,6,3) and I need to know in which row the product will end. Thank you.
  4. A

    Adding data label and editing x-axis label

    Hi, I'm creating a tidal graph using a line graph and have two quick questions on data/axis labels... Question 1- How to add the time to the data labels, so it displays the height (column B) & time (column C) for each point stacked on a new line? It's currently automatically displaying only the...
  5. Chris_010101


    Hello I am trying to track my energy usage and have a spreadsheet with two sheets ABCDEFG1No.Period FromPeriod toElectricGasVATTotal2101-Mar-2229-Mar-22 ABCDEFGHIJ1No.Period fromPeriod toFuel / StandingTypePrevious ReadingLatest ReadingUnits UsedKWH Rate or Standing Charge Daily Rate...
  6. D

    Excel keeps selecting cells even when I take my hand off the mouse.

    So recently I've been having trouble with Excel. I try to selecting a range of cells in a worksheet but even when I stop selecting (ie., un-click the button on my mouse and remove my hand from the mouse entirely) the Excel selection continues, as if I'm still actually selecting cells. This is a...
  7. X

    Vbe to search for selected cell value in another table

    The situation is as follows: I have a "main table" which is *full* of data. Im talkin abut 1500 entries. Then i have another table, which is for filtering. I have already figured out how to filter the table for what im looking at. But what i now need is a way to search for a selected value...
  8. N

    Dynamic range without 0 in VBA

    Hi everyone I need help with VBA. Thanks for your help in advance. I have summarized the topic below. I have a data of 37 lines. I want to take this data into a table on another page, but I want the value 0 not to appear in the table when retrieving the data. The values in the data are...
  9. R

    Salary increment monthly distribution

    We are to build 5 year financial model and considering to put 3% salary increment every year based on hire date Excel File <- data FOR EXAMPLE Dept Annual Salary Year of service hire date Annual Bonus Taxes Benefits Total Burden oct-20 Nov-20 Support 60000 10.3 11/22/2010 00 7860 1423...
  10. B

    Entering values in adjacent columns in VBA

    I wanted to run a macro in which it returns the values in adjacent columns from a website for ex: selecting a range("A1:D100") in A1 it returns course of person in B1 it return status of that course and again C1 it returns course of different person D1 it returns status of that person.
  11. M

    Need help writing excel formula please

    Hello, I'm stuck writing a excel formula and need assistance and hopeful someone can help please! I'm trying to write a formula that I can drag down column "P", that will analyze that row from (B:O) for the cell that has the first "1" in it, from left to right order, and return the header...
  12. S

    Format mobile numbers in excel

    Making WhatsApp data. Wanted excel file into neat & clean format. Final Format in excel be look like this: usa & canada: +1 123 456 7890 europe:+49 xx xxxx xxxx Middle East:+971 xxxx xxxx asia:+98 xxx xxx xxxx Please remove brackets, dash or any unwanted character if it contains. You can...
  13. B

    Price sheets

    I have pricing I send out on monthly basis to distributors. First column is the base price which could be $22.98, $19.01, etc. next column is the base price +$1.50, last column is base price -$1.50. How do I get the last digit in pricing to always be a 6, I.E. base price = $22.48 + first...
  14. Q

    IRR Help

    I am getting different returns when calculating for IRR. The far right is the "desired" ending return that should be populating in the IRR column as well (I pasted these numbers in the desired column and am using the formula below for the IRR column). I was able to get the first year to match...
  15. E

    Parsing Data / Advanced Text to Columns for Non Uniform Data

    I was hoping someone would be able to assist me with a question I have regarding a text-to-columns type scenario. I have copied names, number, address and titles from a website but when i past it into excel it all goes into column A. Normally, if the data was uniform and consistent, you could...
  16. K

    List of URL Images to export and rename

    Hi I have an excel sheet showing the SKU and image URL i need a way to export these to a folder on my desktop (New Folder) i understand there is a way of doing this with a macro and the ones i have found i can't seem to get to work. The excel sheet is Column A | Column B SKU | ImageURL...
  17. R

    Combine IF and WORKDAY functions in Gantt

    Hi I need help to plugin the Workday & Holiday formula to my existing formula to calculate the number of days. =IF(D9="","",IF(F9="",E9-D9+1,(E9-D9+1)-G9)) In above formula: D9 is the start date E9 is the End Date F9 is manual column to calculate the % of work completed and G9 has the...
  18. N

    formula to extract the number from each cell

    Hi, Can anyone help please. I have a table where I need to extract just the numbers from a cell. The problem is that not all cells contain a number so the cells that do not contain numbers need to be ignored. I have added an extract from my workbook below. <tbody> Walton Vale 1977 UK HQ...
  19. J

    How do I delete text ONLY from a Cell containing both numbers and letters?

    I have a spreadsheet and it uses when the data imports it displays Ex- ".87 (ft)". having the text and parenthesis in the cell give me an error on the output of the program. There are thousands of these measurements, so I am looking for a quick way to accomplish this.
  20. M

    help I can not get this to work

    =SUMIFS('Facebook data'!D:D,A:A,">="&Sheet1!A2,'Facebook data'!A:A,"<="&Sheet1!B2) what am I doing wrong please help

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