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    How to resort data automatically

    I have 3 sheets of data. Sheet A: Has a drop down list with statistics (checks, sales, items) which drives the data on sheet C (see below). There is also a graph on this sheet that is based on the data on sheet C (see below). Sheet B: Has all of the raw data that the workbook is based on...
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    Removing zeroes in number format

    Our customer numbers begin with A followed by four zeroes and a string of numbers. Example: A00002121256438 A00002178164211 A00002191112936 A00002152291978 How can I create a formula to remove the 4 zeroes following the letter A so that the...
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    Vlook to get the latest date

    Hi mates. I'm working on a file where data is entered date wise and I need to keep a track of the latest date entered besides the last order received. When I'm using Vlook up, it shows the date which is on the top of beside that wendor's name but not the latest. As the latest date is mentioned...
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    Converting Data listed horizontally to vertical listing

    Hello, I have PDFs that I converted to excel. The PDFs contain a Subcontractor, General Contractor, and then every invoice#, invoice date, and invoice amount that that subcontractor has paid. When I convert it to excel the data all gets listed in one row. I would like it to be listed vertically...
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    One time transaction IRR Calculation

    I am trying to calculate IRR on a one time transaction as follows initial investment $6.1 Million Return captured 120 days later $17.5 Million our investment partner has an IRR threshold at which point we receive an equity claw back and higher percentage of the proceeds. I am having...
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    Seeking help in personalising the process of rounding off an amount in excel

    I would like to have a formula to round off an amount in a personalised way. To illustrate, if an amount comes to 830.70, then the amount will be rounded off to 830.00, but if the amount is 831.40 then it will be rounded off to 840.00. Which excel formula shall I apply to get desired result?
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    format in excel

    Hi Everyone, I have a sizing spread sheet that looks like this... style fabric S M L Jeff cotton 1 1 1 and I would like to rota it to look this this... style fabric Size qty Jeff cotton S 1 Jeff cotton M 1 Jeff cotton L 1 is there a...
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    Need macro to search column A Sheet 1 for a similar match (about 6 common characters in the same order in the cell) in Sheet 2 then cut column B,C,D,E

    I have a bit of a complex problem that i have been having trouble fixing. We currently perform alot of data entry and i would like this macro to avoid doing it manually. We recieve a list from our client and in column A is a list of their clients. I need the macro to verify as close a match as...
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    Getting data from a cell after filtering. HELP! PLEASE

    Hello everybody, if someone can assist me with this question i will greatly appreciate it! I am currently working on an excel spreadsheet and i am having trouble getting data from a cell after i filter the information. My data range runs from A4:G561 and when i filter i want to get the data...
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    Remuneration spreadsheet using ranges

    Hi guys, I'm creating a spreadsheet for remuneration and there are three ranges: 0 - 20,000 20, 001 - 40, 000 40, 001 - They each have a percentage attached to them: 0 - 20,000 = 40% 20, 001 - 40, 000 = 45% 40, 001 - = 50% What formula would I input so that when I get a number i.e. 25,000...
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    Conditional Formatting Dates

    I am looking to do a conditional formatting formula as follows: In one cell someone can write a date based on that date it will auto populate 4 other boxes. If a person types in a date 01/01/16 through 01/31/2016 into a cell the other four cells boxes will become: <tbody> 01/25/16 </tbody>...
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    Copy row from sheet1 to sheet 2 based on a matching number

    Hello I need a formula which will copy a row of data from sheet1 to sheet2 if a number in column A on sheet2 matches a number on sheet1. Basically, sheet1 of the excel sheet is used as a master list an sheet2 is a short list so i need to filter data through to the short list when needed...
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    Is There An Add-In For That?

    I'm working on a data entry project for work - credit card statements have been imported into Excel with 3 columns of information: Transaction Date(column A), Amount(column B), and the Merchant(column C). The spreadsheet contains 6 columns total; column E is automatically filled, depending on...
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    How to hyperlink across multiple tabs(worksheets)

    Hi, I have one excel it has 2 tabs first tab has all data in column A(all are unique rows). ex: column A A B C D in second tab column c has few rows(these rows are just part of first tab data) Ex: Column C C D my requirement is , if I select row D(hyperlink) in second tab, I want to go to...
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    How to drill across multiple tabs(worksheets)

    Hi, I have one excel it has 2 tabs first tab has all data in column A(all are unique rows). ex: column A A B C D in second tab column c has few rows(these rows are just part of first tab data) Ex: Column C C D my requirement is , if I select row D in second tab, I want to go to first tab...
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    if Sumproducts

    Hi, I have a data sheet with the following columns. Skill Name; Assigned Chats;Transferred Chats; Conference Chats; Total Chats; Average Worked Time; Averaged Wrap Time; Average Handle Time My hope is to sum the product of cells in Column E (Total Chats) * Column F (Average Worked time) when...
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    Never saw this before - What is it?

    Hi Everyone, I recently downloaded some data from Medi Tech and received the following date information. I have never seen the icon in front of the date. What is it? I cannot click on it or drill down into the date but it does not allow me to use the date as a date. it...
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    Conditional Formatting Question

    I am new to this website so I apologize if this has already been answered. The spread sheet I am working on contains more information then these cells but they are the reference cells for the conditional formatting I am trying to accomplish. So I need to do a type of conditional formatting as...
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    VBA Macro to Select range and copy paste to another sheet continuously

    Hi, I have a large data set over 200,000 rows but I would like to select a range i.e. A1-J2000 copy to another sheet then A1001-J2000 copy to another sheet? I was doing this manually but it will take forever does anyone have a simple code for my macro do this automatically without inputing...
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    Need help with setting a Parameter in a query!

    I have a table query and I have a column called Class codes which contain SK8G, SNOW, VAS1A, VAS3A, VAS3B, and CFL1. I want the query to have a parameter to only pull records with "CFL1". I added my column to the criteria in the query and it was set to equal "CFL1". Then I try to return the data...

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