external data

  1. L

    Break code if can't find the link of external data

    Hi, i have a lot of lines a code, there are ranges of some cells. Each one save a position of others books by reference. Sheets("test").Range("b3").Value = "='\\server1\DATA\dataset\cabinetes\L31\time\" & year1 & "\" & cmbMes.Value & "\LAST" & "\[L" & "31" & "_" & txtDia.Value &...
  2. A

    VBA Code for DDE link formula

    Hello I have been trying to retrieve data from a data feed server but code is taking almost 10 minutes to get the data. When macro is executed through a button, excel freezes for 10 mins. I want to speed up the process within 2 minutes. It generates almost 8000 records but takes 10 mins approx...
  3. T

    2 Workbooks, one VBA UserForm

    So, somehow I was able to get the list to show up like I wanted. then I wanted to do better, deleted the code aaaaaaaaaand it won't work. Now I can't even get the RowSource to work with the Name Manger dynamic range I set up. At one point I could get a click event to run but not return anything...
  4. L

    Run-Time error '1004' SQL Syntax Error

    Hello, i'm getting sql syntax error trying to return data from external data base. any assistance in figuring out what im doing wrong would be greatly appreciated! With ActiveSheet.ListObjects.Add(SourceType:=0, Source:= _ "ODBC;DSN=WEDRPGNR1;UID=CDL;PWD=sAB2021"...
  5. B

    Access to access, is query the best option?

    All, What's the best way to bring data from one access file (user-oriented) to another one (main database center)? I tried using Append Query, but it adds all rows and not only the ones that are new. Moreover, it seems to be a manual process rather than an automated one. Thanks!
  6. Y

    Generating REAL TIME (no 15 min delay) stock prices in Excel

    Hi there, I am looking for a wizard to help me out on this one. I've created a rather advanced Excel workbook that tracks stocks (analyses, gives alerts, atc). The only thing missing is real time stock prices. I have tried many many things to get real time stockprices in my spreadsheet (power...
  7. V

    Getting external data from Dynamic Path and Closed Files

    Hello, I'm trying to get external data from a number of different excel files across different Locations, WITHOUT needing to open the files. I want to aggregate all data from one year (on different Closed workbooks) into a single sheet (per store) on the Open Workbook . The Closed woorkbooks...
  8. C

    How to refresh data from external source

    I currently have a link on a spreadsheet that will open the source file for when data may need refreshing. How do I get the data to refresh by clicking this link without the source file opening up?
  9. J

    VBA code to Modify Formula using new External Workbook Hyperlink

    Hi, I have a Workbook that serves as an aggregation of data from several other external workbooks (same file directory). The workbooks being referenced are all uniform, so the specific sheet and cell reference is always the same in a column with the only thing changing being the workbook name...
  10. P

    How to download this data in one excel file but in multiple sheets ?

    I am trying to pull Historical data for derivatives into excel and keep running into a wall. https://www.nseindia.com/products/content/derivatives/equities/historical_fo.htm This is the link from where I wish to download the data into excel. I can pull the CSV file individually from the...
  11. O

    !! Data Model Lost Connection to Workbook !! Time Sensitive Request !!

    Normally I search a long time before posting but I have to get to a meeting and if I cannot get this answered now (4pm EST on a Friday afternoon), I cannot finish work planned for this weekend. I would DEEPLY appreciate any help! The research I've found looks like there is no solution from...
  12. T

    Excel Browsing a folder and Automating Data Entry using a default template

    I been reading up codes available on the net from various sources and have debug with self-taught programming to make it work but I'm having difficulty proceeding on. As you can see, it comes from a source. Browsing a folder & reading the files works fine with the code, I need to copy values...
  13. D

    External Data with additional columns

    Dear all, Recently I have come across a problem regarding the use of pulling external data from XML files to Excel 2010. I work for a very small hotel. The hotel database we are using is very poor by any standard, so we cannot but make up its deficiencies by pulling some of its data to Excel...
  14. S

    External Data From Other Sources (From Microsoft Enquiry) will not display data with different formats

    I have a mirrored table so I can show selected data from a larger table. Problem is, one of the columns contains serial numbers which are a combination of number only and number and text values (i.e. 1208667 and 1029FB6). When I refresh my mirrored table, only the number values appear, not the...
  15. M

    Refreshable Data Connection from Web to Excel TABLE

    The end goal is to have an Excel Table with a refreshable data connection to a web table. The reason to have an Excel Table is to use that Table as a reference point on other sheets, to perform calculations on other sheets, and to create summaries on other sheets. All of this is made much...
  16. R

    COUNTIFS in External Sheet, Over multiple sheets

    Hello. I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with this one, I'm looking to search an external workbook for any occurrences between 2 dates. The dates are obtained by looking up the dates from a business calendar which is in a separate sheet. That is retrieved by the HLOOKP function I've...
  17. C

    Error Opening Excel File with External Data from Access

    Hi everyone, I did a few searches on this but didn't find anything, so hopefully you can give me a hand. I have an Excel file that is pulling data in from Access queries and when I open the file, I don't see any issues. The links seem to work and if I change the data going into the query, I...
  18. T

    External Data from PDF with many tables.

    Hello, is there a simple way (or not) to get data results from a table within a PDF that has more than one table in it?
  19. J

    VBA code causes excel to crash when saved and/or (file has external links)

    Hey guys! Thank you for the immense help you have already given by being so active. I have an excel file with some VBA code (fairly new to the (for me) more advanced stuff). The code is working fine, and was working when I was creating it. Now when I make a change in the file, save, close...
  20. J

    Referencing Cell Values in Another Worksheet

    Hi, I have data spread across several worksheets. When I change the data in the Master spreadsheet I would like it to update data in the other worksheets. For example, when I update a sale in the Master spreadsheet from Pending to Sold, I would like to also update in the relative sheets. When...

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