extracting data

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    Extracting data using a macro?

    Hi there, I've been tracking statistics in excel for video games I play for years. In this instance I've been manually tracking stats for league of legends games since 2012. I was looking to streamline the process (rather than having to type out all of the information I want each time I play a...
  2. M

    VBA extracting values in a string and assigning

    Hi All. I have some data in two columns that are there similar an example been <tbody> DA2*635320*11845*50*1 DA2*635455*11848*135*3 </tbody> Im writing an If statement where If the cell begins with DA2 it compares the two cells and returns the difference. The only way i can thing of...
  3. B

    Extracting alphanumeric data

    Excel Guru and Excel expertise I like to ask that I am having alphanumeric data so I want to extract alphabets in one row and numeric in another group example abf145tf=abftf 145 ghj75kl=ghjkl 75 Please hoping answers from excel gurus
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    Extracting data based on Date.

    Im trying to to extract data and push it to another sheet based on date. The code I have works but only does column A and B when C and D has information in it also. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you. Sub extractDataBasedOnDate() Dim lastrow As Long Dim erow As Long Dim i As Long...
  5. W

    After I sort data can I then extract each separate group to a new sheet?

    Hi all, There are 365 unique values amid the 10000s of rows but I have tried a pivot table then filtered and then double clicked the cell to extract that group to a new sheet which works but I don't want to do that 365 times - or could I automate it? I also extracted a unique list into a new...
  6. U

    Extracting information from data in a cell

    This is a tricky one and none of the help articles I;ve researched address the problem or provide a solution. I have a VERY long list of dates in a column. The dates are entered in Australian format e.g August 31 2017 is entered on the keyboard as 31/8/17 and is then formated to display as 31...
  7. D

    Extracting Data Using Array Aggregate & Multiple Sheets

    Hi, I'm using version 2013 and find that the Aggregate function makes the extraction somewhat easier. One small issue I've overcome by that I set up a separate table to reference the values from the source sheet to help my formula because I have 4 ranges to reference and they're not...
  8. L

    Extracting a different amount of rows from large amounts of data

    Hello! I could use some help extracting data from one sheet and moving it to another where it will be easier for me to analyze. The data is text information that is all in one column and looks something similar to this: Start Word Data Data Data End Word Nonsense Nonsense Nonsense Start Word...
  9. L

    Using matching data within a list

    I am working on an application that records jobs on a helpdesk as the job is added to, i.e. when the administrator updates it or closes it for example, it creates another line (which comes out into excel as an entry or row in the spreadsheet). Some jobs can have 7/8 lines some can have 3. At the...
  10. B

    VBA extracting data from workbooks but the workbook name will always change.

    Hi I have to extract data from a workbook daily to paste it into a master workbook. The problem I have is that the workbook I am extracting from will have a different name each day (the workbook will be saved with the date). Can I program VBA to extract it without having the exact file name?
  11. D

    Extracting records with count not to exceed

    I have an excel file that contains patient lists for 30 different doctors. I am trying to extract the first 150 records for each doctor and place in a new list for a mailing. How can this be accomplished?
  12. C

    Extracting numeric data from specific cells in excel

    Hi, I would like to values from specific cells in excel file>>>>>>. Please help me with script to do that. for example, I would like to copy values from cells A1, A6, A11 up to A1501....and cells B1, B6, B11 upto B1501. Please note that the reoccurence could be more than the 5 cells in this...
  13. E

    EXTRACTion problem???

    hi experts, i have a database in range D4:D1000. But im just posting sample range where i had a problem.i need to extract the mixed values from range D4 to D19 as S.no,Description,Q.ty and Part No. I used Text to Columns but it was not giving exact extraction what i needed.so, i made Formulae...
  14. J

    Extracting data onto summary page and sorting by expiry date

    Hello out there, I have two sheets. The first sheet is list of all tenants in a portfolio of a hundred properties (thousands of tenants). Each line has Name of Property (column A), tenant name (B), square footage of tenant (C), rent and expiry date (D). The second sheet is a summary page that...
  15. M

    Extracting and categorizing Data from 15 different workbooks

    Hi I’ve got quite a complex problem to solve and I’m not even sure if this can be resolved with VBA? Maybe some of you can look at it and give me some ideas. Unfortunately I’m not really familiar with programming I will however try to modify certain codes if necessary. <?xml:namespace prefix = o...
  16. W

    Pulling numbers from a multiple alphanumeric string in a single cell.

    I've been looking and looking, but I can't get any of the Google search formulas to work on my alphanumeric string. I just completed a survey and the first 2 questions were multiple choice from 40 options. Users were asked to pick 10 options for each of the questions. I'm now left with a...
  17. H

    Pivot Table nightmare

    HI, I am relatively new to the joy of Pivot Tables. I have created this one from data I have but now need to extract into 7 cells the Petty cash gross amount from till 1 on every day from the 30th May to the 5th June. Then till 2..., till 3... As you can see there are no Petty cash purchases on...
  18. L

    extracting data from a string

    Thanks for your help in advance. Here is the deal. I get data off the internet that comes in long strings. I need to extract data out and assign them to columns. if the string looks like this: Smith, Larry England -3,2 I need to get Smith as LAST NAME, Larry as FIRST NAME, England as COUNTRY...
  19. E

    Extracting Part Data From A Cell To Add In Another Cell

    Hi There I’m a newbie to Excel, self taught to date as I have started to find it a great program to work with. I have designed a schedule for use at work and it so far works out very simply hours required to do the tasks set. As you can see from the picture the hours columns are added up to...
  20. D

    Please help with a formula

    Im new on excel and want to put information from 5 different cells all into one cell but the information extracted from the 5 different cells should be separated by a "," in the cell that it gets inserted in. And if there is blank in one of the 5 cells then it should not just put in a ",". For...

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