1. R

    Rolling Calendar Attendance and Tardy Tracker

    I'm trying to help my manager create a spreadsheet to track various types of absences and leave. I've linked the spreadsheet here to see what I have set up, but need to figure out how to extract the right data. I am looking for a way to figure out absences based on a rolling calendar year, and...
  2. F

    Concatenate(?) + Vlookup

    I have cell (K7) to enter a value for hours I have cell (K11) to enter a value for minutes In cell K15, I want the outcome to be HH:MM in decimalised form - 7h:30m = 7.5h Sheet 2 is where I've linked the Vlookup to for the minute conversion, how can I join together the hour figure from K7 and...
  3. T

    Macro to change amount of next bill and carry it forward

    Hi Everyone, Ok so a bit of a strange one i'm doing a Billing cycle that shows how much is owed but i need to be able to adjust the amounts and could do with a macro to help. So I have three ranges we take to take into account. AC10:AC26 is my indicator for what we are goig to change. Z10:Z26...
  4. G

    Array Formula Question - Condition An Array by Itself

    Hello! I'm trying to solve the following issue using an array formula but I'm struggling. I'm fairly versed with arrays but can't figure this out. Thank you in advance for the help! Using the example below, I'd like to pull the max number associated with each individual text in the first...
  5. O

    Found last used column from Row 2, need value in row 1

    Hello all, I have been trying all afternoon to get something working and I can't figure out how to do this.... I am using the following to find the last used column in row 2 on my work sheet: LastColumn = Sheets("Summary").Cells(2...
  6. C

    Missing menu

    Ok Something happened to my excel over the weekend while I was not at home. If I just double click any excel file the menus are missing but if I open Excel first and choose the file all the menus are there. I cannot figure out how to add the pictures I took of the screen so I can show you...
  7. H

    Multiply then copy

    Hi - Is there a way to use a macro to multiply .Range("P" & .Rows.Count).End(xlUp) and ws1.Range("A10") then paste the value in ws1.Range("C10")? I guess I could use .Formula, but I was also reading about PasteSpecial and xlMultiply. I just haven't been able to figure out how exactly to use...
  8. D

    Upon selection of item in table row, need msg box to appear and have resulting number entered in table

    I have a table called npss_quote. The header row is A10:M10 with the data starting in row 11. Column B for each row in the table has a data validation list referring to a list of 7 items. Upon the selection of one of the items, Activities, I want a pop up msg box to appear. This allows you to...
  9. H

    Pivot table (% different from previous pivot table (negative % when supposed to be positive)

    Hi I'm having this issue whereby I'm trying to calculate the growth % between days in terms of revenue. But when I choose the option of pivot table (% different from previous day) I notice the formula is =(A2-A1) /A1. My issue is that when the A1 figure is positive the % growth shows is...
  10. S

    Help with (2) Forms linking

    I created a search form with a query in it. I want to be able to use the combo box (which I'm trying to fix currently) and then it will pull up search items. I need your help on trying to figure out how to click on the search item below for it to open the next form and search in that one?
  11. 8

    VBA Search for sheet in .xls but if not found then go to next

    Ok, So I've done my best to try and figure this out for myself but I havent gotten anywhere. Ive even searched around on here to find a thread with a similar problem that I have and havent quite found what I was looking for, ... though I did find better ways to do other things that I didnt know...
  12. B

    Excel formula to auto-select a figure on certain conditions

    The pay of an employee in applicable level in the Pay Matrix will be fixed by multiplying the existing basic pay by a factor of 2.57, rounded off to the nearest rupee and the figure so arrived at will be located in that level in the Pay Matrix and if such an identical figure corresponds to any...
  13. A

    How to count in a column

    Hello, I have a column that has different words. I need to find out how many of each word is in that column. For example, there might be 50 of the word banana, 7 of the word apple, 23 of the word orange, etc. What is an easy way to figure this or formula to use, I have over 150 cells to check. I...
  14. J

    Power Query column alignment

    Hello. First time here, I hope I'm posting this in the right area. Please note that while the linked document contains names and addresses, it from a public database and is therefore not a breach of any kind of data protection (United Kingdom's company database from the official government...
  15. O

    Excel is creating very large files

    I just went from 2010 to 2016 and have some programs that I created a few years back and they are all from 950kb to 1400kb and are all macro enabled worksheets. I just finished a new one in 2016 almost the same thing but with less sheets and macros but now find that is saving at 81,147kb and...
  16. G

    Need urgent help please - button to run macro

    Hi there need some urgent help please to finalise a spreadsheet. I have a load of data entry boxes and then a button assigned to a macro to do some goal seek type calculations over several tabs and it calculates a resulting figure in the same front sheet in say cell F10. What i want to do is...
  17. M

    How to find out if rows are consecutive in a given range

    I need to determine if the cells that a user selects are consecutive, in terms of the rows. I have been trying to write a function to determine this (and return either TRUE or FALSE), but I am having a very hard time figuring out how to do it. I know how to get what cells the user has...
  18. H


    I posted on here before regarding a sumifs formula and I appreciate the help that I received. Now I am finding out that it is not picking up all the data that I need and my boss wants to make this into a macro after I figure out how to make the formula work since this formula is so cumbersome. I...
  19. schielrn

    Form for Checklist

    I am struggling figuring this out and thought it should be something simple. What I want to do is create a subform in a main form that is a checklist that needs to be marked as pass, fail or n/a. I have a table that based on the product they select will show the appropriate checklist items...
  20. L

    Problems converting large vba project to add in

    I am coding a large vba project for work, and I am working on putting all of the source code in an add in, so that all 50-100 copies of the program that will be in circulation pull their code from the right place. The internet seems to agree that this is the best way to do it, however I can only...

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