file location

  1. C

    Changing File Format Causing Change in Location of Saved File

    Hello friends, I'm trying to save an Excel file with VBA code to the location C:\Users\Work\Desktop\Google Drive. I am able to successfully do this with ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs ("C:\Users\Work\Desktop\Google Drive\" & varEventName & " " & varDate & " " & varReportType & ".xlsx") However when...
  2. Muleskin57

    VB Save to Restricted File or Restricted Folder

    Hello Folks, I've developed a workbook to be used by employees with access to a certain folder. At the end of the month, a macro is run to reformat for a new month. I'd like to save the completed file to a new filename (which can then be protected), or save the old filename to another file...
  3. B

    Open File Location-Macro or Other

    Does anyone know of away to add a shortcut in the ribbon or quick access toolbar for Open File Location I know you can do this by clicking on the file address under info but Im trying to make it a little quicker. Thanks as always
  4. S

    Directory Path of selected file

    Using some VBA, I am able to select a file. I need to get the directory path of that selected file without the file name. The answer seems to be right in front of me but I am missing something. Here is the code I am using: Private Sub PickFile() Dim fd As FileDialog Dim sPath As String...
  5. G

    Using a variable to identify a path in Power Query

    I use Power Query at work that references a number of different workbooks. If I want to work at home, I email myself those workbooks. However, the location where those files are stored at home is different from where the files are located at work. How can I use a variable that will adjust the...
  6. S

    Macro to save file with its current name but in a different, specified location

    Hey guys - struggling here. I have a macro and I want to end it with saving the file in a specified location - not the current location where I am opening the file from. When I use this macro again, it will always need to be saved at that specified location. However, I want to save it as the...
  7. K

    Save as xlsx file with same name

    Hello, I am attempting at writing a macro for Excel VBA 2010 that saves a currently open .txt file to an .xlsx file with the same name. If possible, I'd like to save it to a different folder on my hard drive as well. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. C

    Use Excel 2007 to create a File Location and List

    Hi, I have the below macro that will look in a specific File location / directory and produce me a list of files within that area. If possible i would like to change the macro so that rather then me going into the VBA to change the location an input message box asks me which file location i...
  9. P

    Find File Location

    Greetings, I'm not sure if this is covered anywhere else or even if you can do it, but what I need is a function that can locate an excel file. What I am doing is developing a spreadsheet that will be reset every couple of weeks. I want to give the user an option to export the old file before...
  10. Topher

    Answer this tonight.

    Please Answer Tonight. So I have a lot of text. Rows and Rows and Rows I have 47,300 rows which I want to assign a particular font. The font which I would like to assign is named in another column. I have a list of 5,300 different fonts that I have installed on my computer. I actually...
  11. Johnny Thunder

    Updating a file location with Macro

    Hello Friends, I am trying to write a macro that will update a file location based on where the file is on the server by how the user has his drives mapped. For example; on my computer file "Cost Allocations" is on my :H Drive But on someone elses computer "cost Allocations" is on...
  12. Johnny Thunder

    NEED HELP!!!! Cell References a file location and a specific Tab.

    Hello Friends, I have been stuck on this for a few hours now! Cell A1= \\Wb\cp\apps\CPLMS\WBCP Financial Systems\PECOS\PECOS Cost Allocations\ACTUALS CK\2011\Cost Allocation Project\2011 OB PECOS DATA TEST.xls Which is a file location on my server what I am trying to do is write this...
  13. O

    Selecting File location for automatic save NOT WORKING

    Hi Guys, This WAS working, and IS working in some of my workbooks, but not in the version I actually want to use >:|. I can't work out what I've done wrong, as I am just copying and pasting the code over from the one where it works to the one where it doesn't. It prints as a PDF, it just...
  14. J

    Changed the location of an xla, now what?

    Hi, I have some UDFs that I stored in an xla. Several workbooks make use of this xla that I have loaded in Excel. Everything worked fine. Now one day I moved the xla to a new location. Now I experience the following phenomenom: Everytime I open Excel it tells me that the xla cannot be found...

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