1. N

    Mock Draft Accuracy Functions

    I need help figuring out what function to use in order to assess the accuracy of a mock draft based on a point system I found online. I created 2 sheets: Sheet 1= which contains the actual results of the upcoming NFL Draft (which I will update as picks are made) and Sheet 2= the predicted...
  2. B

    Vlookup with multiple occurances, return a "Y" if the value appears at least once

    Hi all - thanks in advance. I think this is fairly straightforward with an array formula but can't get it to function. If I have a column that has multiple occurences of a word, and the second column contains either a "n" or a "y", if any of the the occurences contain a "Y" I want the formuala...
  3. S

    football table!Aq3WqOz73fYygYUinBF1m9sbdkyMaw?e=c78rMA I have created the above file, but I am trying to modify it, so I can record goal scorers, for each game. I want to see how to make it better, any ideas please. Regards Stephen
  4. W

    Building a fantasy football board

    I am building a fantasy football board. The board is finished and working, but the next step into it would be having the players fall off the list on the individual positions sheets once selected. i am having trouble with it and any help would be appreciated.
  5. L

    IFERROR & VALUE Help (need to convert numbers from text to value, but when there is a space instead of 7 there is a 07 it doesnt work.)

    Hey Folks, Newbie to the community here, trying to update weekly football scores that i copy and paste from a website. ( The football scores come in this format W/L (win or loss) and the score with a hyphen in the middle. "L 31-33" would be a loss as the team scored 31 points and...
  6. M

    Matching cells

    Hi again All!I have a worksheet - column A is a list of actual football scores in the format such as >1 1<.Column B is a list of score predictions, in the same format.Column C is looking for identical matches - i.e. where the score is an exact match and I use the following...
  7. E

    Find first instance of value in a range.

    Hello all, I hope you are well. It's been a while since I was here, and Google has been my friend but I'm really struggling with this one. I clearly can't see the wood for the trees because this seems so simple. I have a spreadsheet. In Column A I have my marker column 1 to 5000. In columns B...
  8. S

    Football Statistic Match Ratings (Average for Past 3 Games)

    I'm building out a database of Football statistics for the Football Teams I support, however an issue I have is that it is all automated, except for the average rating for the past three matches (Recent Form). At the moment I have to manually select the cells that would contribute to this...
  9. M

    VBA replace letter and number

    I'm trying to remove an occurence of a letter and number from a string, the number may or may not appear in the string, It'll be in the format T1,T2 etc in a string like so Football T9 something else I'd just want the string changed to Football something else It'd be used in a UDF if that...
  10. E

    Three Criteria for an If Statement

    Hi All, In column A I want to check for "Liverpool Football" and in Column B I want to check for the words "Football" or "Sport", if this criteria is met I want "yes" returned otherwise "no", how can this be done? Thanks
  11. E

    Returning Cells Based on Values

    I have two tabs namely "Working" and "Source" but I need to do the following: 1. In the "Working" tab I have a list of unique IDs in column A, I want to match these with Column A of the Source tab which also contains IDs. 2. Once the corresponding ID has been found in the "Source" tab I want...
  12. F

    Quarter final result convert to semi final

    Hi, i'm doing a football spreadsheet, I need a formula that will recognise P in column A3 to put Manchester into the next round and appear in Column A5 Whilst if No "P" appears it will pick the highest score from either A4 or A5 to put through to the next round <tbody> Manchester 2 P...
  13. F

    Random Draw

    I want to create a champions League style group draw if possible through spreadsheet As i'm a beginner to excel I don't have a clue how to do this and I am willing to learn if possible I have 16 teams in columns A1 to A16 I have a seeded section ranging from 1 to 4 with the aim of creating 4...
  14. F

    Win or Penalties change

    Hi, i'm doing a football spreadsheet, I need a formula that will recognise P in column A3 to put Manchester into the next round and appear in Column A5 Whilst if No "P" appears it will pick the highest score from either A4 or A5 to put through to the next round <tbody> Manchester 2 P...
  15. F

    Football Knockout Help

    Hi, I'm struggling with a spreadsheet i'm doing at the minute. I've got a football tournament with 4 groups of 4 at the minute I've done this so the top team goes through to the knockout stage from each group, located in G14, G34, G54 and G74 I've also done the 2nd team in each group to go...
  16. I

    Looking advice on combination entry football win draw formula

    Hi all, Hopefully this makes sense, i currently bet on football using a combination of win or draw. So if i bet 5 teams to win and draw there are 32 combination bets for example my first 5 may be draw draw draw draw draw then win draw draw draw draw and so on is there any formula i could put...
  17. F

    Formula Issue

    Hello People, I'm stuck and need a little help if possible. The table below shows a list of Results (Not actual grid references, but I can hopefully edit if problem is sorted) which are on Sheet 2 of my spreadsheet. <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 Home Score - Score Away...
  18. F

    Pivot table and data issues!!! HELP PLease

    Anyone!!! I have been attempting to create some spreadsheets for fantasy football, to help better determine which players to draft. Anyways I have worked with excel many times before. However, the raw data I have that basically has all players from 2008 -14 listed in the spreadsheet. I have a...
  19. R

    Football Ladder predictions

    I have started a football ladder prediction competition. In it, the tippers have to predict the correct order that the 18 teams will finish in. It works on a points system where a tipper gets one point for every place they are off the correct position. e.g. If a Tipper predicts Sydney to...
  20. T

    Using Solver Add-in for a Linear Program: For Fun Fantasy Football!

    I thought it would be fun to make a linear program for fantasy football. Background information: You pick 9 players; 2 quarterbacks, 2 running backs, 3 wide receivers, 1 tight end, and 1 flex (running back, wide receiver, or tight end). Each player has an associated cost. You're capped...

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