form controls

  1. M

    Form Controls When Using Co-authoring

    Does anyone know exactly how form controls (e.g. checkboxes) work when co-authoring. I don't link them to a cell and use an assigned macro to get the checkbox status directly from the object (cbValue = Worksheets("APRA CPG 234 Tracking").Shapes("CheckBoxName").ControlFormat.Value). So the...
  2. M

    Making cells have the same behaviour as control textbox based on dropdown list

    Hello Masters, I hope you can help me with this one. Im updating an old Excel sheet with some macros (.xls) to a newer format (.xlsm). I have very little experience with Visual Basic and Macros. The problem is that i want to create an updated sheet that works both in Mac OS and Windows , but...
  3. tlc53

    Form Controls - Out of Control

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet which visually isn't large. One particular sheet for example ranges from A1:U159 and plenty of those cells are blank/unused. There are 4 sheets in total, 2 sheets have a bit going on and the other 2 basically just have a bit of text. However, this spreadsheet takes...
  4. A

    Code to Create an Active and Adapting List

    Hello, I have written a code in vba that asks for an input between -9 and 9. When a user inputs a number and pushes a macro enabled button, data that is greater than or equal to the inputted number is displayed. My problem is the output is taking up too much of my worksheet and I would like to...
  5. F

    Copy or Delete Range using VBA

    I have a range in cells A3:O19 named 'Report'. I am hoping to add two form control buttons, one to add a blank copy of that range starting in the first cell below the range above it, and one button to delete the last range on the page. Below is an image of roughly what I am looking for. If I...
  6. C

    Use a variable to identify to control on a user form in VBA

    I have a user form,SortForm that has 30 radio Buttons on it. The purpose of the form is to allow the user to pick one of the buttons to use as a key to sort the spreadsheet. It is sorting on courses and these change for each registration period. What I am attempting to do is change the...
  7. K

    Form control drop down box & protection

    We are currently using Excel 2007, The spreadsheet has a lot of different calculators involved and would like to protect the sheet and have only certain cells accessible. I created a form control drop down box that lists about 30 different vendors, the users would click on the drop down to...
  8. C

    Form not displaying controls

    I have a front-end application that contains various different objects (forms, queries, tables, etc) opened via a switchboard. After users log in, all can view most objects w/out issue indicating there are no problems w/ permissions or linkages to the back-end file. However, some users are...
  9. J

    Formatting of ActiveX Combo Box

    Is it possible to "conditionally format" an ActiveX combo box like you can a cell? What I am wanting to do is require a selection to be made from the combo box. I would like for the box to be red until a selection is made. Also, which is better to use? ActiveX or Form controls? I am very green...
  10. S

    cycling through listboxes

    `enter code here`Ok, so basically what this code is supposed to do is; -start a loop** -look up values and store them as variables -put all variables into the 1st listbox -loop back and -get new variables and... -...put in the 2nd listbox -loop 4...
  11. L

    Checking a box(?) to update formula range.

    I'm interested in modifying the below equation: =VLOOKUP($A$1,'High Level Costs, Capital'!$A$21:$I$35,MATCH($D3,'High Level Costs, Capital'!$A$21:$I$21,0),FALSE)*F3 I would like to have a check box or some variation (I'm open to recommendations). Example below: <tbody> Source 1 X Source 2...
  12. M

    Sorting form controls

    TLDR: Button objects, despite having the "move and size with cells" option selected, won't sort with cells in Excel 2010. Details: I made an awesome personnel tracker, complete with little "remove" buttons next to each employee that will archive the employee's data when clicked. After removal...
  13. A

    Form Control is Not updating range

    I have a user form that accepts user input and is supposed to put it on a worksheet. The form control has 2 textboxes, and IngredientName and Percentage. The user enters info into these boxes and clicks "Add Ingredient". This is supposed to place IngredientName in Cell G10, and Percentage in...
  14. M

    Problem disabling Form Control Button during macro

    Hi, I'm trying to disable a Form Control button if a certain Form Control Option Button is checked. The only problem is that the button won't disable, hence, allowing me to continue running the macro. My code is as follows: Dim optBtn66 As Excel.OptionButton Set optBtn66 =...
  15. S

    Worksheet Form Controls Stop Working After VBA Export to PDF

    As the title states, I have some VBA code setup to export sheets to a PDF report. There are check boxes on the worksheet to show and hide certain columns. After I run the code and successfully export to PDF, the form controls no longer work - I clicked them an nothing happens. Even if I save and...
  16. A

    Form catalog X activex catalog

    Hi all I have been using activex catalog buttons in one of my excel tools, but suddenly it stop working for several users (including me) - weird is that it is still working for others. I have compared versions of Activex, Excel etc... but everything seems to be ok. Because of that we decided...
  17. V

    Can you assign multiple click events to a button?

    Hello Excel Community, I have a control sheet that runs a variety of macros in my workbook, but I'd like to reduce some of the formatting control buttons if possible. Basically, I have some procedures that only hide or un-hide rows/columns for presentation purposes, but I'd like my users to be...
  18. D

    Combo Box and automatic treatment

    Hi, I would like to create a VBA script that allows me to organize and compute (and plot graph) different things depending on the sheet I select. To be more precise: I got (a lot of) different excel files (different months) with different sheets (different weeks in the months) with the same...
  19. S

    Radio Buttons linking to different cells

    Hi all Hoping someone out there can help with something that is probably very simple... but is driving me insane! I've created a survey with 5 "multiple choice" options for each question. I want to use a radio button to selcet one answer for each question. I have linked the five buttons to a...
  20. P

    Excel Form Controls

    When I put form controls onto a spread sheet is there anywhere I can easily see and access its properties? Format Control is lacking many values and I do not see them in the vba project toolbar. I am trying to get checkbox locations and checkbox numbers if possible. If there isn't an easy place...

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