1. A

    VBA to format tange of cells based off value in another cell

    I’m looking to format a range of cells based on a value in othercells. On the “Menu” sheet I have the following table <tbody> Menu Sheet Cell Measure Number Format A119 T1.1 $ A120 T1.2 % A121...
  2. N

    Formatting a Calendar Entry using Forms VBA

    Hi. :) The date the Monthview brings back onto my sheet is not recognised as a date. So when I try to look up the date to name the tab it isn't recognised. I have tried the following Selection.NumberFormat = "DD/MM/YYYY" And Application.SendKeys "{F2}", True Application.SendKeys...
  3. S

    Format and convert hours to Minutes

    Hello I have a column A1 (Time) which has the following data and since it does not have similar formatting I am finding it difficult to convert it into minutes. Any help would be appreciated. <tbody> Time Minutes 1d 3h 42m 1662 18h 38m 1118 34m 34 7h 5m 425 </tbody> Regards...
  4. G

    Conditional Format with Search and Days

    Hello, I'm attempting to add conditional formatting to a sheet. The Conditional Format is based on: 1) Column A contains the word "Sales" AND Column C is < 30 2) Column A does not contain the word "Sales" AND Column C is < 90 I attempted to build out the formula, but it does not work as...
  5. V

    How to automatically change the visual value after changing number format?

    I wrote a macro to change format of cell by adding pre-fix "19V". The format change under the hood but the value I see only change after I go to the cell and press Enter. How to automatically change the visual value as well? Selection.NumberFormat = """19V""@" Eg: 12345 => 19V12345 (visual...
  6. avisoft20

    Conditional Format

    Dear All Expert, I am working on a data i need conditional format formula. Example: <tbody> Date Material Code 01/10/2019 2002025 01/10/2019 2002025 01/10/2019 2002115 </tbody> Condition:if material code is same on same date it will be highlighted. Thanx & Regards. Avisoft
  7. M

    Pivot Table Time Values Display As 00:00:00

    I'm working on a Frequency Distribution for time values. I have separate incidents with a start date and resolved date. I used an excel formula to retrieve the time difference between the two. I'm trying to make a pivot table with Time Elapsed but it shows up as 00:00:00. Any ideas of what's...
  8. S

    Set a shortcut key for "Copy Format"

    Hi, Is there a way to set a shortcut key for "Copy Format" ? Or use VBA to imitate the usual mouse-click / mouse-double-click function of "Copy Format" Thanks a lot!
  9. V

    Text & General Format to Data Format all the data - code/VBA required

    Hi all, we have the following data and want to convert in "date", we have tried Code 1 =TEXT(A1,"mm\/dd\/yyyy")+0 Code 2 =TEXT(G12,"mm/dd/yyyy") but problem not solved, pls check the result after using the above code and provide the code/vba, also when we copy the data...
  10. K

    time value format

    hi all, i would like to ask how can i amend my issue. A1 is used to enter a time to color B1:B100 by conditional formatting which is greater than A1 i've manual changed the format both are "hh:mm", while i always get stuck in column B with format "date time" like "8/10/2019 20:15", thus i cant...
  11. S

    Rounding while still seeing ".0"

    Good Morning, I'm trying to use a simple rounding formula but I don't want to lose the ".0" when a number, say 14.96, is rounded up to 15. I cannot format the cell itself. Ideas on how to do this. It's probably super simple but I've been brain farting all afternoon/evening....
  12. L

    text to time

    Hi I highlight cells A1:A3 and changed the format to Text. Then I entered time <tbody> 1:00 2:00 3:00 </tbody> They are all aligned to the left. So far so good. Then I highlighted them again and changed the format to Time. Nothing changed!!. What I needed to do is to double click on...
  13. N

    Retrieve Date and Time format from appended queries

    Hello, I am new with PowerBI and not sure if this is even possible. I have a main table/data model which I appended multiple months of data (different tables per month, which I append tables per month). A column on the data model had originally a Date and Time format which I changed the format...
  14. T

    IF/OR Usage to format cells based on given value in any set of columns

    Hi, I want to format the A column depending on the data in I J and K column so i could make 3 different Formatting rules =$I1="True" But what if i want to do I J and K in the same formatting rule? Sorry if its a bit unclear
  15. K

    vlookup time format

    Hi all, i have a question on time format when vlookup. how can i easier to identify (conditional formatting with color or vlookup to return with my request only?) the table below if i want greater than 18:30(subject to change in A1) <tbody> 18:45 21:30 17:15 16:30 21:00 19:45...
  16. L

    convert time to fractions 1/24/ 2/24 etc

    Hi I want to convert time to general (number). I want the numbers to be appeared like this 1/24, 2/24, 3/24,...., 24/24 I changed times to fractions format but I did not get what I want. In some cases like 10:00 pm, the fraction format changed it to 1 instead of 22/24. Thank you very much...
  17. N

    Conditional formatting

    HI, Newbie here, have formatted a table to grey out rows based on a condition on a column, but it has overridden my rag colouring, can anyone help? I have the if = to AR then format then this is for the lines - =$R10="Yes"
  18. T

    Text into date format

    Please help me out converting numbers into date format in column O Text THS100219 THS092719 THS091819 THS080719 into 10/02/19 09/27/19 09/18/19 I tried format cell into date. it does not work. Thanks
  19. V

    VBA macro to save different sheets as seperate excel file changes my cell format?

    Hello, I'm currently generating sheets based off 3 templates For the most part (not all but almost the exact same range for all templates) J21 to J50 is set as accounting When I generate my sheets, all the ones created still have J21 to J50 format set to accounting Then I use this script to...
  20. Z

    cell value format

    Hello, i'm using the below table to track monthly sales, i inserted a slicer with the data in order to auto filter based on my selection, in the lookup column (index formula & slicer used) i cant or don't know how to get (Quantity-Amount or %) with its cell format, example: if i want to select...

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