1. N

    Conditional formatting

    HI, Newbie here, have formatted a table to grey out rows based on a condition on a column, but it has overridden my rag colouring, can anyone help? I have the if = to AR then format then this is for the lines - =$R10="Yes"
  2. T

    Text into date format

    Please help me out converting numbers into date format in column O Text THS100219 THS092719 THS091819 THS080719 into 10/02/19 09/27/19 09/18/19 I tried format cell into date. it does not work. Thanks
  3. V

    VBA macro to save different sheets as seperate excel file changes my cell format?

    Hello, I'm currently generating sheets based off 3 templates For the most part (not all but almost the exact same range for all templates) J21 to J50 is set as accounting When I generate my sheets, all the ones created still have J21 to J50 format set to accounting Then I use this script to...
  4. Z

    cell value format

    Hello, i'm using the below table to track monthly sales, i inserted a slicer with the data in order to auto filter based on my selection, in the lookup column (index formula & slicer used) i cant or don't know how to get (Quantity-Amount or %) with its cell format, example: if i want to select...
  5. O

    conditional format

    Hi my conditional format is not working and i can't figure out why. i think i have looked at this too much lol. my conditional format formula is: =OR($B18>””,$B18>0) the cell range it is applied to is: =$B$16,$D$16,$F$16,$H$16,$J$16 B18 only ever has a date entered into it if that helps, i was...
  6. A

    Cells changing colour

    Hi I am after a formula that works please If I have A and B. When a date is entered into A1 I want B1 to turn red. When a date is then entered into B1 I want both to turn green. Thanks
  7. D

    Time format question

    The time is returned in the military and it should be in the 12 am-pm clock. Cell G 12 9/27/19 (date format) Cell H 12 5:08 PM (Time format) Cell I 12 Formula TEXT(G12,"mm/dd/yyyy")&" "&TEXT(H12,"hh:mm") Cell I 12 Formula Results 09/27/2019 17:08 I would...
  8. D

    Hours zero display

    I am trying to have a hour displayed as 15 hrs not 015 hrs. Cell I 10 in Text format 10-11-2019 3:48 PM Cell L 10 in Text format 10-12-2019 7:38 AM Formula in M 10 INT(L10-I10)&TEXT(L10-I10,"h"" hrs ""m"" mins """) it returns the answer of 015 hrs 50 mins. I am...
  9. M

    Colour format based on cell value question

    Hi I've been trying for a couple of hours to conditional colour format cells based on cell value but can't get it right. I have the formulas but I only seem to be able to enter 1 formula but I need to enter 3? My rules are: If B7=>99 but less than 99.9 then shade amber If B7<99 then shade red...
  10. D

    Can I update a cell from date to general format and retain the date instead of being converted to a number?

    I want to update a column format to general instead of a date. Can I retain the date instead of the date being converted into a number?
  11. B

    time format

    I'm trying to format cells in hours:minutes. I am putting in 112 to show 112 hours and 0 minutes. I change the format to custom "hh:mm" but when I do that then it shows up as 0:00 and shows; 4/21/1900 12:00:00 AM up above how do I have it show just 112:00?
  12. H

    Format Cells

    Hello Friends, I want to format the cell that allows me to enter both positive & negative number with 1 decimal place. Like +1.0 or -1.0 regards, Humayun
  13. Dan Wilson

    Working with minutes and seconds

    Good day. I am running Excel 2013 on Windows 10 Home. I have a workbook with several worksheets tracking music. My goal is to take a concert (multiple songs) and track each piece of music. I have columns set up to track the starting time and ending time of a particular song within the entire...
  14. Z

    cell format

    hello, i would like to know if i can preserve excel cell format when using any lookup formula, i have a chart and want to view sales by quantity/value or percentage based on slicer selection. the method that i’m using currently allows me to view any of the above with 1 type of format not based...
  15. H

    Language format - Date fields

    Hi I have a sheet which needs to be used in multiple countries. On this sheet there is a date field and a time field. I need to combine these into 1 cell with the following format yyyymmddhhmmss So i was doing a very simple formula of =IF(E2>0;TEXT(G2;"YYYYMMDD")&TEXT(H2;"HHMMSS");"")...
  16. P

    Adding Hours to a Date

    I need to subtract hours from a date/time value using a formula. The results I have tried dont seem to work. What i've tried: Using a formula in B2 like =A2-4/24 to reduce 4 hours doesn't work. It returns #VALUE ! I have also tried =DATEVALUE(A2) and it returns #VALUE ! I have also tried to...
  17. B

    VBA Concatenate and retain color format

    Hello Fellow Users, I need help concatenating two columns and retaining the color format located in column B. Please see the snapshot below. Can someone help me with the VBA code? Thank you! Column A (A1:A200) Name Column B (B1:B200).....Column B text color: RGB (47, 117, 181) Lname...
  18. J

    VBA getting the difference between Time Stamps

    I am looping through a column of TimeStamps in this format: 6/7/2019 9:15:19 AM CDT I want to find the difference between the first and last time in terms of hours and minutes preferably in a format such as 8.5. in the below code, sRange is an array of data containing the timestamp...
  19. R

    Custom Number Format

    How do I create a custom number format that always returns 5 digits? Examples: #2 = 00002 #2 2 = 00022 #2 22 = 00222
  20. Skybluekid

    Convert Column Dates to Text VBA

    Hi All, I have in column D a list of dates: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 43728 43710.35417 43732 43689.62014 43698.44236 43727 43708.5 43699 </tbody> I would like to convert these dates to Text and then format them as dd/mm/yyyy. I hear you cry "this is easy and why are...

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