1. A

    Extract time from DateTime format

    Having trouble isolating the time component from some .csv data I'm importing. The datetime comes in as dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm:ss:000 format, I ran a replace to repair the colon separator between seconds and milliseconds. Now I just want the hh:mm:ss.000 component. I tried to simply reformat with a...
  2. S

    Excel Macro Help - Borders

    Hi Everyone :) I am experiencing an issue with a macro I created to help format some raw data sheets I have to deal with at work. The macro I have made is almost perfect, except I need the macro to detect the data range of the cells in use (as this changes with each RAW data file I receive) and...
  3. E

    Make Cell Range formattable while protected

    I'm looking to make cell range C9:C56 the only cells on the sheet where I can allow users to format the cell while protected and be able to change the cell colors in that range only to their liking. So far, with the given code below, all cells on the sheet are formattable while protected. From...
  4. M

    Line graph - change colour if number decreases

    Good afternoon, I have some data already in a combo chart, a mixture of stacked columns and a line. The data for the line predominantly goes up in order, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5 However their may be some instances where the data will decrease, e.g. 1,2,3,2,1 I would like the line for the data where...
  5. A

    Switching around Credit Card Expiration Dates

    Hey guys, this forum has been super helpful for me in the past so I registered to ask a question I'm not able to figure out on my own rn. I work for a credit card processor and need help formatting expiration dates for use in a gateway that requires them in a specific format. The original info...
  6. M

    Timer mm:ss in textbox VBA

    Hi all, I have a problem with textboxes in userform. Basically i just want to display one cell with a timer inside through one textbox in my userform. In C2 i have a timer and the cell format is "mm:ss", so the textbox2 should display that cell in that format but it seems so complicate. If the...
  7. F

    One out of every X

    I think this is a formatting question ( or could be something else and I'm just not seeing it). I'd like to display data as 1/x. So the numerator is always 1 and the denominator changes. For example: 200/ 1000 = 1/5 2/5 = 1/10 330,000/330,000,000 = 1/1,000 403,000/330,000,000 = 1/819 Thank...
  8. D

    Wrap-text Format Question

    Hello, I have a worksheet that contains a parent product in column A, a Catagory in column B, and part numbers in column C, and again in column D. The goal is to combine all part numbers in column C and D. Normally I would find and replace all " " with "," followed by a =CONCATENATE(C2,",",D2)...
  9. S

    Date Comparison formula with varying formatting

    I have seen similar questions asked but have yet to find an answer for my circumstance. I have a Name Range (CDate) where a date is manually inputted into an excel file. I was using that name range in a formula to see if I should hide or show a column header. They are name ranges as well and are...
  10. T

    format data

    Hello I am having a problem formatting data in excel, I am preparing this data to import into a database that i have created. the problem is as follows: the raw data i have is for multiple chocolate recipe's that are broken down into the following: Name of recipe weight of ingredients unit of...
  11. R

    Convert Excel DateTime Value from Double to mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss.000

    Hello Excel Gurus! How can I format an Excel TimeDate from a double to mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss.000 Thank you! Please call this sub to demonstrate my question: Public Sub TimeWithMS() Dim Timestamp As Variant Timestamp = Evaluate("Now()") Debug.Print Tab(0); "Timestamp:"; Tab(15); Timestamp...
  12. A

    Help setting up data

    Hi, this may seem a basic question but I really cannot figure out how, would appreciate some help I’m training to be a business analyst and have a table with 30 leads in column A then B is 01/01/2020 and the corresponding cells are filled to show how many leads we’re getting from each lead...
  13. J

    Converting text numbers to include a '.' before the right two digits

    Hey guys, I guess I'm just being dense because this doesn't seem like something too difficult, but I'm hitting brick walls at all of my ideas. So I have text numbers pulled from our database and when they pull the data there is not '.' where there should be for normal dollars and to be able to...
  14. S

    Excel changing cell format in the data sheet linked to SAP application

    Hello! I have a sheet which is bringing data from an internal SAP application via a plugin. There are columns which contains date and percentages. Every time I refresh the data the format of column changes to text and I have to use text to column to change the format. This is frustrating as I...
  15. A

    drop down filter in Excel

    I'm using a standard filter on a run-of-the-mill spreadsheet. I pressed a shortcut key by accident and now my drop down list has moved to the right, almost as if it's right-aligned. This is just an example to illustrate the position of the drop down box. How do I get it back to normal? Thanks
  16. thelukeee

    Importing Multiple .Txt Files Into Excel Based on the Date Last Modified (VBA)

    Hello everyone, I'd appreciate some coding help in Excel using VBA. Background: There is a new .txt file made for each furnace run. The .txt file is created automatically in the system, and goes unedited by anyone, therefore using the date last modified is a viable way to sort through the...
  17. I

    Print to PDF - Fit to 1 page wide + automate saved file name

    Hi Everyone, I am very new to VBA and need some help please. I have 2 work sheets which I want both to be saved into the 1 PDF. I can get this working with the following piece of code however I face 2 issues: 1) I can't seem to get it to fit to 1 page wide (I get only left half of worksheet in...
  18. K

    Charts changing section colors with slicers

    Hello! I have an interesting problem that I am occurring. I have created some charts that is looking at racial data through pivots. When using some slicers to within the data that I have, it takes away some of the racial information that is located. You can see with the images below. While...
  19. R

    Conditional Formatting and Percentages

    Hi All, I have a spreadsheet which, in column L there is a percentage that is based on the numbers in columns D and G. I would like to create a conditional format that says: -if column L is less than or equal to 3% format the entire row green -if column L is between 4 and 6% format the entire...
  20. T

    Excel date vba filter

    Hi guys, Been stuck on this for days now so I'm resorting to asking for assistance on this one. I'm trying to filter between two dates in dd/mm/yyyy format ( my PC is formatted this way too in regional settings), but after I run the code, the date "custom filter" has mixed up the days and...

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