1. G

    Parse dates into comma delimit values

    Greetings Excel Community, I have a set of data and i am wondering if there is code or formula that can be created to parse these values into comma delimited dates. The dates are combined together to make it look as a long string, however i am attempting to create the end result under the...
  2. N

    VBA Text() function not formatting correctly

    Hello everyone, I am new to writing in the VBA and have been using the WorksheetFunction.Text() command to format data. The data I am using is taken from PowerBI and for some reason my text function will not work correctly. Sub FormatAsText() Dim cel As Range, rng_percent As Range...
  3. G

    Split items into Rows

    Greetings Excel Community, Below I have some Test data where the Unique ID has a relationship with the "Value" column. For each UniqueID, there must be a corresponding row from the "value" Column. What I am trying to accomplish is a formula or VBA Script that will split the UniqueID into its...
  4. N

    Format cells option for a cell in an excel

    I have a column as ZIP code based out of USA that can have maximum length as 5. If I give 11, then it can take 000 as predecessors and become 00011. I tried formatting cells option but that has options to make it 0011 or 000-11 or 000000011. I am not getting options to make 00011. Any leads on...
  5. larinda4

    Sport Stats - How to Format

    Good morning, I'm making a spreadsheet to keep track of our leagues win/losses and stats. However, I think I'm formatting it incorrectly? The problem I'm having is if I try to filter it by home team, it won't show me the the same team when they're the visiting team. ex. I want to see all of...
  6. M

    MID function not working

    I need to cut a long column of cells (millions) quickly. The current data displayed in the cell its date and time, displayed in a custom format of dd/mm/yy hh:mm I need to quickly cut this in a new column that only contains the hour. However, the MID function isn't working for this: . I have...
  7. L

    VBA script to remove excel striked out text (partial) inside each cell.

    Hey Experts, Please can I get some help ? I have a lot of excel in different folders and each excel has a tab of test cases, in each cell of excel there are steps and that I have made changes by striking out with red font and added relevant text in red. Now the review is done and they want to...
  8. Sweedler

    Getting date from Userform (formatting issue)

    Hello I have a Userform that I am using to enter data into cells in a row. One of those cells is to include a date. I want the date to be formatted "YY-MM-DD" (January 5, 2020 = 20-01-05). When I have the value from the userform entered into the cell it does not act as the date that it visually...
  9. WarrenCarr

    Why is the Time not adding correcting?

    I am trying to use a basic formula D2+E2, but it wont add the time right. It should say 2:07 for time stop. (2:07+00:00) but it says 7 minutes. Any ideas why?
  10. N

    Deleting Specific Spaces & Subscripting Issues

    Hi there, I have a column with a mix of letters and numbers in each cell and I need one specific number to be subscript, even when there are other instances of that number present (e.g. I need the first 2 in H2-2 subscript but everything else normal case). I tried to target the first 2 by...
  11. E

    VBA to format border on every nth cell

    Hi, I have multiple data sets in columns A-G of 13 rows each, which are stacked on top of each other. The data sets are dynamic and there can be between 1 to 40 sets of data. The cells in the first row of the whole data set are headers. I currently have a macro that draws this data from the...
  12. G

    Parse dates into mm/dd/yyyy

    Hello Excel Community, I have a weird request which I am hoping someone might be able to provide a solution. I have rows where dates are provided in the following format yyyy-mm-dd and contain multiple dates in that format (Example: 2023-04-062023-04-072023-04-08). What I am trying to...
  13. Robyrubyjane

    VBA change format formula to value in column

    hi guys, so in column X my value have formula, so i want to change the format to value only with VBA. can you help me?
  14. B

    Conditional formatting the number format of a chart

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a solution for a chart in PowerPoint, but I assume that if there's a way to do it in Excel it would also be applicable to my query. I'm trying to achieve the following. I have a column chart and I want to force it to show only the values <3% with 1 decimal place, and...
  15. G

    Formatting issue with constructing an array.

    I have the code below, written by someone else and face an issue we have not seen before. ReDim b(1 To UBound(a) * UBound(a, 2), 1 To 5) For i = 2 To UBound(a, 1) ant = a(i, 2) ini = 0.01 For j = 2 To UBound(a, 2) If ant <> a(i, j) Then If ant <>...
  16. J

    Time formatting

    I have a spreadsheet that is generated nightly by our ERP system and I think the timestamps are being entered in 2 different way, or something? When I try to pivot the table, I can't group the time nor sort it by time. I've tried every different time format but nothing seems to work. I think...
  17. J

    Use Power Query to Load and Transform Excel File from K Drive

    Hello, What I am attempting to get help with is creating an automated power query (as in using a macro button to initiate process) that loads and transforms the source file into a usable and repeatable format. Below, I have attached a picture of the source file so that you can see what it looks...
  18. G

    Convert Numbers to Date Format

    Greetings Excel Community, I have numbers formatted in the following Text or general format: 20221026.. I am trying to format it as mm/dd/yyyy.... I have used a formula as follows but it is not generating the correct output: Formula is =DATE(LEFT(G2|4)|MID(G2|5|3)|RIGHT(G2|2)). I am including...
  19. MrDB4Excel

    Two Posts in One: Custom Formatted Text & Extraction of Formulas

    Earlier this year I was able to create a custom number format such that whenever I typed, for example, three pairs of numbers altogether: 112233 or 095543 or whatever, any combination then the outcome would always be, using the above two examples: 11:22:33 or 09:55:43 which was to signify...
  20. Y

    Data validation

    Hi Team, I want to validate my inputs so no unnecessary data will be entered. Please show me how. Date Rego# (eg:ABC123): 3x ALPHABET & 3x NUMERICALS Time Out & Time In. Date Rego# Driver Name Type of Vehicle Trip remarks Load remarks Destination Time Out Milage- Out Time In Milage- in...

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