1. D

    efficient way to lookup and return multiple values?

    currently i i want to look up a unique security ID to another tab and return the inventories its in. the problem with obviously vlookup is that it would only return the first inventor result found.....what would be a way to return all the inventories the security ID is in? i suppose this can't...
  2. Nelson78

    Vba: search a string in a range, if found highlights the cell

    Hello everybody. I'm dealing with searching a string in a range: X = "ABCDEF" Dim foundVal As Range Set foundVal = Worksheets(2).Range("C2:C21").Find((X), LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlPart) My deadlock is: I need to highlight, for example in yellow RGB(0, 255, 0), the cell where the...
  3. darrenmccoy

    Help to Index unique records in Multiple columns

    Hi Experts, Could you help me with formulas to index data where there are duplicates in multiple columns? I am trying to find counts of all unique records and tabulate it. Here is a sample of the data to be indexed. The found records are UID from a CRM. <style type="text/css"><!--td {border...
  4. G

    Compare, Match and Copy based upon 2 variables

    We are looking for an easier way to automate matching payments from customers. Checks that include invoice numbers are easily matched, those are not the problem. It is for the payments that are received without invoice numbers that require manual review to determine where the money should be...
  5. TAPS_MikeDion

    Is there a shorter way to find the next available number?

    Hi everybody, Below is the code I'm using (it does work) to find the next available number in a series of numbers in column A. I search through column A, find the missing numbers, put them into an array and then find the smallest number in the array. Is there is a more simplified/efficient way...
  6. kelly mort

    Having trouble with how to format search criteria to match dates in a column- vba

    My dates are found in column B and in the format “dd-mm-yy” – this is how they look to my eyes but when I click on them, they look like “dd-mm-yyyy” in the formula bar. When I then do my search for the date with the inputbox entry, it throws back to me the message alert that the said date from...
  7. M

    VBA List Separator

    Hello Everyone! I have a question about List Separator, so it is possible to change list separator via vba code? I know the decimal can be changed via vba, but I didn't found anything about list separator. Thank you for help!
  8. R

    INDEX/MATCH Lookup Assistance

    Hello, I amjust beginning to learn VLookup, but have found that I will need to useINDEX/MATCH for one of the lookups I need to perform, as the key will not be inthe far left column. I am struggling tofigure out how to accomplish what I need, as I have not yet used...
  9. S

    printing userform landscape and on a4

    Hello all I want to print my userform on a4 in landscape. i have searched the web for answers, have found code also, but it just does not work for me. i cant really pull the data from the userform to a sheet either, well not easily, i have certian layout and tickboxes etc the code i have...
  10. P

    VBA row ?

    Hi All, I'm trying to out a condition whereby if my sub produces a "Positive result" then that row gets locked. I'm working with Column B in range of ("B8:B66"): x = ActiveSheet.Range("B8:B66") found = True For Each cell In Range("B8:B66").Cells If cell.Value = "X" Then found...
  11. H

    Paste from clipboard, VBA

    I have created an overview sheet for a project where I also want the user to include a map of the location. The map should go in a special place of the overview (certain cells or a shape) and preferably look nice. Some user will have very limited experience. I have found that you could fill a...
  12. I

    If duplicated name is found & next number in sequence

    Morning, I am using the code supplied below. When i open my worksheet i start to type a customers name in cell A6 When i leave the cell the code checks to see if this customer has purchased from me before by looking down column A & if so it then shows me the msgbox "A Duplicated Customers Name...
  13. G

    Help with Userform MsgBox

    Hi everyone, I have a userform that has 2 textboxes to add data to a worksheet, this all works fine although i would like it to also search a worksheet called "Members" for a matching value entered into my first textbox called "txtMemFirst" if no matching name is found then it needs to show a...
  14. R

    If Cell value is equal to, copy data from cells to other workbook

    Hello, I'm setting up a macro for a button on a worksheet, worksheet 1 in workbook X. What I would like when this button is clicked, is to check all cells in column A for the word "Copy" Next step is that if this word is found, another workbook, Y, is opend. Finally if the word "Copy" was...
  15. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Rewrite my Loop in a different order

    Hello All, Need some help with my loop code, currently it works great for the first loop, the issue I am having is that I am using a .Find Method to search a column for a value (Currently working great) problem is that once I Declare the found variable the code process a few updates based on...
  16. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Search Column For String, Do Something, Repeat Search

    Hello all I am working with a code that does multiple Loops thru Sheets based on a Matrix, the Matrix contains a Product ID that will need to be searched on specific sheets. For this search, there will always be at least one value found on the sheet the code navigates too. Search column will...
  17. B

    VBA Search a table header row filter & copy used range

    I hope somebody can help me a bit please. I am attempting to put some code together to search for a name in a header row of a table, filter that column non blank cells. But it needs to filter the whole table. I have the code working up to the point where it searches the header rows and finds the...
  18. M

    Search for string of numbers within a range of columns and rows

    I am struggling with creation of a formula that will perform the following: On worksheet "Summary", search for the value found in B4 using worksheet "Table" range A2:F24, and if found on a given row, return the value in the 6th column of that row.
  19. G

    Search and mark

    Hey all, I have a excel sheet that I need to search row by row for specific keyword ( GDV5 ) and if it is found anywhere in the row it will write to Column B yes , if it is not found in the whole row it will write NO. I hope that explains my point. I know how to look for a specific clumn...
  20. T

    Looking for a value in a range and acting if it's not found

    Good morning all! As I am learning VBA I normally try to solve a problem before I break it and then come here for help :rofl: For this one though I'm not sure where to start. Basically, I have 2 worksheets of data. I need to loop through all the rows in one sheet, and find if a specific...

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