1. B

    Private Sub keeps freezing file

    Hello, i have a code that is displaying the last changed cell of a range. It works for a few tests but then randomly will freeze up my workbook. Any help would be great, also im looking to make this apply to all worksheets in the workbook, if anyone has any direction on that it would be helpful...
  2. Z

    Closing Code Causing Major Lag

    Any idea why these lines of code would be causing my computer to lag and the excel sheet to freeze when closing the sheet? Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean) Dim f As Long Dim j As Integer For f = 1 To Rows.Count If Cells(f, 1).Interior.ColorIndex = 37 Then...
  3. P

    Controlling Worksheet Tab Position

    The Worksheet names that I have make the tabs wide enough that five tabs show at any given time when scrolling through the twelve Worksheets in my Workbook. I would like one of the Worksheet tabs to be seen at all times, preferably the right most of the five tabs that can be seen. Essentially...
  4. B

    Excel Freezing on doing any Action

    Hello All I have a very large excel file with 7 million records and 45 MB in size and on doing any action like deleting column, my excel is freezing and it takes a long time to complete that action. Is there any way to make these actions on excel quicker. Thanks in Advance.
  5. R

    Excel Freeze Questions

    Hello We use Excel 2106 via office 365. We have had countless issue with excel freezing. We have tried a lot of things and nothing seems to really fix it. The freezing isn't consistent, they happen when moving from cell to cell or saving, etc. We have turned off annual updates and went to...
  6. P

    Incredibly slow worksheet

    Hi, I have a workbook which is running very slow in just one worksheet. It is almost unworkable. I cannot scroll, the page constantly freezes and occasionally the workbook crashes. When it does work I can use the other worksheets without any issue. The worksheet in question has a lot of...
  7. C

    MS Word Query: Word 365 suddenly 'not responding' with 7 MB Word file

    Hi, I have a large Word file (around 7 MB, 2000 pages) which I update everyday for work. I have used this file and updated it in Word without issues for many years until now. Since the last 2 weeks Word keeps going 'not responding' for a long time when I try to do anything with it (scroll...
  8. K

    Excel Freezing when Pasting data consecutively

    Greetings, Context: I have three tables (formatted as tables) with the same data going into them. Each table has different formulas for calculating different things. Duplicates from each table are removed differently, to accommodate different reports, which is why there are three (in case you...
  9. S

    Multiple sheet splitting

    I have a macro splitting multiplte sheet depending on coloumn (A) in all the sheets and freezing top 2 rows while runnig the macro error reflecting Runtime Error 1004 Cannot rename a sheet to the same name as another and the macro not executing can it be done to flexible with freezing the...
  10. B

    Form freezing, Esc key for evey subsequent action required

    Periodically (but quite regularly) when I try to open a user-form it will open up but be blank. If I click the Esc key the form will fill but from that point onward (to click buttons or close the form) I must click the Esc key again before it will accept each action. Also, if I have VBE open...
  11. F

    Excel 2013 Locking Up When Trying To _Print

    Hey all, I have this strange issue with some of my Excel files. Whenever I try to print from excel, it will lock up when selecting the "Print" section under "File." Once it's at the printer settings, it will say "Looking for printers" at the printer selection menu and the entire excel sheet...
  12. K

    Excel 2013 Hanging/Freezing

    Please help me if someone can help me. I have one excel file, the file property around 500kb. whenever i tried to open more than one file its got freezing, not responding anything but still i can save and close all workbook. its happening only if i open specific file (Salary Payroll). I tried...
  13. J

    Macro causing Workbook to slow down and freeze

    Hey guys, I am using the below macro and whenever i try to delete or add a row or column it takes longer than normal, like it is having to think about it, and when I run the macro the entire workbook freezes and after waiting 5+ mins i have to force close excel. Now the workbook I am using has...
  14. J

    Excel Calculating Data Tables when set to "Automatic Except for Data Tables"

    Hello All! This has been bothering me for a while. I work with many large, data-heavy models. Many times I need to paste in values from outside files into these models to keep them up-to-date. When pasting values into these models, some function perfectly fine when the Workbook Calculation is...
  15. P

    Excel 2013 Hangs/Freezes sorting cells that are conditionally formatted

    <article> I am using Excel 2013 and have the issue of Excel keeping on freezing/hanging when working with a sheet that has more than say a thousand rows of information. The current spreadsheet I have problems with works with is populated by 36,475 rows of information across a...
  16. B

    Freezing when updating links

    Hello all, I have a workbook with several formulas in it that link to a program called Prosystem Tax. The formulas look something like this: =WinFx|'11948,1'!'4,N,-1' There are a lot of times when I open the workbook and enable links that excel will freeze and ultimately crash. The only...
  17. B

    250MB File, 30 million cells, freezing, crashing, etc

    Hello, I have a very large excel file with around 30 million cells, with approximately 2 - 3 million of those cells being formulas. The file is about 250mb. When doing a sort, adding or deleting columns, or pasting formulas, Excel either can take around 5 - 10 minutes to complete the task, or...
  18. A

    Find/Replace randomly taking forever

    Hi everyone! Thanks for checking into my issue and I appreciate any responses I'll get. I have a database that has thousands of cells that I need to find/replace monthly because the formula needs to reference the correct month's data folder from another workbook every month. My issue is that...
  19. J

    Excel 2010 Menus "graying" out

    I support a company that is having Excel 2010 issues. A few users are having issues with the Menus "graying" out they can edit the workbook but cannot use any of the menu items. They are accessing the XLSX files over a network share
  20. C

    Excel Freezing during Filling Cells

    Does anyone have a solution? I didn't change any code recently but this started to happen yesterday. My Macro goes about copying a number of tabs out of a master Spreadsheet and then pastes them into a new Spreadsheet and pastes special a lot of data using defined names. I would appreciate...

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