1. P

    how to let excel plan out work schedule by itself based on conflicting criteria

    Hi guys, Need some help here. I have a library of recipes which acquire several systems. All recipes have a specific number of hours in which they will take when you run them. Now I wanted to run multiple recipes together but some of the recipes conflict with each other as they acquire the...
  2. D

    Can I update a cell from date to general format and retain the date instead of being converted to a number?

    I want to update a column format to general instead of a date. Can I retain the date instead of the date being converted into a number?
  3. J

    Excel Automatically Changing General to Date

    This doesn't happen for every file but for one in particular...a cell has a general format. I close the file and reopen it. The cell now is changed to date. For example, I have a column that has customer number. The cell has 127487, formatted as general. When I reopen the file (doesn't...
  4. kweaver

    General style question

    Wouldn't it be advisable to avoid using a lower case "L" for, say, a loop when it (l) looks too much like the number 1?
  5. C

    Assigning X amount of assignments per day

    Once a month I download a list of workorders for my company and assign X amount of work orders to each group per day (table below). Another table is the list of each and every work order we have. I want to assign work orders based on the amount per day specified in the table below. So on...
  6. A


    I have converted time format from 08:30 to be 830, However when trying to change the number format from custom to general it goes to 0.3542 How do I stop it going to 0.3542 and stay as 830 in general format
  7. F

    Excel stats verses Matlab, R and Python

    Hi Everybody, Can anyone provide some pros and cons of each of these stats packages for a general professional level but not for full on data science work. thanks, Farmerscott
  8. redspanna

    show percentage formula result as a general number

    Hi all In cell AG9 I have a simple formula to work out a percentage value from two numbers in other cells. so cell AG9 holds the formula =K14/500 and then cell AG9 if formatted as a PERCENTAGE, the result showing (with no decimal points) as 10 is there a formula to then show this result as a...
  9. D

    Why do I see green ribbon on top left corner of a cell

    When I paste data onto a spreadsheet. For columns formatted as General which has numbers in it, it says Number stored as Text with an option to Convert to numbers. Why do I see this despite the formatting being general? Even when I highlight the entire column and format the column cells to...
  10. G

    Electricity usage

    Hi, I have a data file CSV from my energy provider. The data is in 30min increments and reports on 3 meters (General, Solar and Controlled Load) How can I represent that in Excel graphically? Thanks
  11. C

    Converting from General to Date Format - Hashtags

    Hi all I have a column of general formatted data which are dates displayed as yyyymmdd. When selecting 'Date' in the 'Format Cells' window, the sample output is hashtags and this is what appears in the cell if I press ok. I tried the 'Text to Columns' feature to convert to date but nothing...
  12. B

    Assitance with Format Cell

    The following number is formatted as "GENERAL": 2019-03-06T06:47:06. When I remove the T character and replace it with a space. It changes the number format to "CUSTOM" and now the number looks like this 3/6/2019 6:47:06. What can I do to get keep the number with the "GENERAL" format once I...
  13. L

    Excel for book keeping and accounting

    Hi I am an intermediate user of excel but haven't done anything to do with accounting and book keeping with it yet. I have attached a spreadsheet with the type of data I'll be receiving in a csv file and a general journal. Im interested to see if there is a way to have the transactions imported...
  14. L

    convert now() to general

    Hi I typed =now() and I got 4/25/19 8:31, then I changed cell format to general and I got 43580.3552 My question, how can I get 4/25/19 8:31 back (day and time) from that number 43580.3552 ? (suppose undo is not working)
  15. P

    MID Function to find a string within brackets

    Hello I am using the following: =MID(B5,SEARCH("[",B5)+1,SEARCH("]",B5)-SEARCH("[",B5)-1)+0 Where cell B5 has the following contents: =IF(B6="","rdhgxfjhsftjhjh(Text to extract)hujkfjkdjsdt","") and cell B6 is blank. I am receiving a #Value error, and am unsure why. My cells are formatted...
  16. H

    Another Countifs with multiple criteria and between 2 dates

    Hi again and thanks in advance for your help. I'm trying to count all of a particular name that meets certain criteria. For example: i'm trying to count all "ASC" in coliumn B providing that column C has data in it but the date in column A need to fall between dates in two particular cells...
  17. T

    Helped Needed: Linear/nonlinear Optimization with Solver

    Hi guys. I am currently working on an simple optimization problem that has a two non-linear constraint. Nevertheless, I want to solve this problem (I am required to do so) using Simplex LP and I struggle how to convert these constraints into linear constraints or how to approach this problem in...
  18. F

    Time Sheet Calculation

    I will be grateful If someone can help me with this task: I have the data from our "Attendance Machine". I need to calculate the "Total Time" considering that solution should be able to sort the data by employee and date. It should also be able to recognize if there are two time stamps are...
  19. B

    golf league schedule 20 teams of 40 players

    new to mrexcel but would like some help putting together a golf league scheduler for a 40 player / 20 team league. 18 total weeks. am new to formulas in excel and a general beginner but use excel daily but not to its full potential. want to learn more. thanks.
  20. wrightyrx7

    Data Validation List help

    Hi all, I have a table with to Data Validation drop down lists. Business Area Financial Year Budget Name I need to create some sort of cascading drop down list from this table (data is added to this table all the time) <tbody> Business Area Financial Year Budget Name 1 18/19 General 1...

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