help coding

  1. R

    Print Batching

    I have been using Excel for a long time but am very new macros and would consider myself a novice at coding even. I have been trying to write a macro to basically batch print multiple documents available in web hyperlinks. I'm not even sure if what I am trying to do is within Excel's...
  2. R

    Match Lookup Formula

    I am trying to do a lookup match with a formula. This is not working. I either get a circular error or no data filled in. The excel file is a file with a worksheet labeled Main and a worksheet labeled Ebay. In column C on the Main sheet there is a price. On some of the records (On the Main...
  3. S

    VBA Code- finding #Spill and moving the formula to the next column

    I'm not sure if it's even possible, but I need help in the following: so far, I made a made to insert rows, by the value of D minus 1, each time column D is >1. The macro is working from bottom to top since its trickier for the macro to function if the last row keeps changing as its going top...
  4. J

    Question for Worksheet Change in Excel

    Hello I am new in Excel and I would thank a lot if someone can help me. I wrote this code with linked dropdown lists in cells: Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = "$S$4" Then Range("$T$4").Value = Empty End If If Target.Address = "$S$5" Then...
  5. D

    Create a diary entry from populating a line in a tracker spreadsheet

    Afternoon all, Firstly I'm not even sure if this can be done, so I guess that is the first hurdle. Secondly, If it can can I have some help with even starting the coding/recording a macro as I can't even think how to start this. what I'm trying to do: Using the below table when I enter a new...
  6. S

    Automate tab color changes for the whole workbook based on a cell in each sheet

    I have a workbook that's currently a good 60-some sheets deep, and growing larger. Inside of each sheet is a different productivity tracker that has color coded values and I want the tab color to match the highest value on that sheet. I've just been manually changing each sheet to the color I...
  7. S

    Copy Columns based on Header > Paste to a new Excel File

    Hello Guys, pretty new here and definitely new to Macros. I am hoping to ask for your help on a possible code that I could use that would hopefully make my work so much easier. Apologies if my details are vague or quite complicated, but here goes, allow me to share the steps that I do manually...
  8. T

    Help: Random Game Dungeon Generator

    Fairly new to VBA and have an idea that I think is possible but need a ton of help. Any assistance would be appreciated. I am looking to create a Random Dungeon Map Generator in Excel with the intention to make printouts. I think I have the steps down but I have no clue on how to do this and am...
  9. G

    Help with improving formula

    Hi everyone I copied the following code from a YouTube tutorial: The code does as instructed but the workbook is very slow and sometimes crashes. I am using =XLOOKUP formula to retrieve data from another workbook called Mail Merge Data to return a customer's name, address, suburb, and...
  10. S

    Multiplying with cells based on a criteria

    Hi everyone, I am new to using VBA and not totally comfortable with Excel yet. I have a project where I need to multiply a range of cells with a value that a user inputs in a table. So if they input the year "2014" in a cell, then the value they input from that year need to be multiplied...
  11. L

    Automatically send emails to specific addreses within the worksheet based on a value within a cell

    I currently have an automatic email parsing system where it splits a recieved email into important sections such as name email and date email was sent. I need to send an email to the address in that row when the days lapsed cell in the same row reaches a value of 180. This needs to be done in...
  12. M

    vlookup match data and send an email

    Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well I'm working on a project and I need help please!! I have 2 sheets in my workbook Report and email.. The sheet "report" have all the data and sheet "email" have all the users email.. I would like the data shown in the report to go to the appropriate...
  13. M

    delete duplicate data in the same column

    Good morning!! Can you please help!! I wrote this code but I keep geting error I want to assign this code to pacific sheet the sheet name is Devices names. Sub Final2() ' ' Final Macro ' ' Workbooks("Mobile devices report").Worksheets("Devices list").Range("A1:A10000").Replace...
  14. N

    VBA Dropdown to Display Flited Results from Table

    Good morning amazing excel people! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunny weather, if geography appropriate. I’m really not to sure on a what VBA code I should use or if what I would like to do is even possible. The question; I have a very simple billing table that records appropriate...
  15. H

    Macro to move cells from one column to another column based on value from cell (Calendar)

    Hi, I have just got a hang of macro but need some help with coding in VBA! I have a calendar with a lot of different activities placed in different cells. Let's pretend that my activities are A,B,C. The cells in the calendar (workbook A) will be externally referenced with data (dates) from...
  16. Jyggalag

    Please help me wrap up my IndexMatch formula (90% done)

    Dear all, I am currently having some issues with a mix of IFERROR, INDEX, MATCH and TRANSPOSE and ROWS formula in Excel: I have the current sheet of data: The formula and the data links to this test sheet of data: Now I have done about 90% of the work (I hope), seen as my...
  17. P

    VBA help coding (seems simple)

    Hello, I have a worksheet with data, where i have cable numbers with all the information how, type, from, to, routing etc. And i have a sheet with a pulldown to all the cables the of the form fills by vertical searching in the other sheet. So all information gets produced only have to do this...
  18. H

    How can I code VBA with named table

    Hi, I'm trying to create a league tournament for a 10 deck vs. 10 deck card game. For each victory I fix the score of the duel and click on a button to launch the macro which will implement the different tables. I name my tables with the name of the decks. My question: I have 2 dropdown menus...
  19. T

    Make blank cell actually blank....

    I can't figure this out. The code all works as required however... when referance "Lalllo" is pasted into range "I32" the blanks it pastes are not actual blanks in terms of what sub Clearvar is doing I get error message 1004 no cells were found. If I then manually click on each blank cell and...
  20. A

    Autofill Formula in next line

    Hi ive been working on a VBA project (Note: im still a novice and google everything I need to know) Ive developed a userform to capture some employee details and in the process to calculate the days to expiration of set dates against every new employee... The sting that I use are as follow...

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