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    Help me Filter Mail unopened by Exel ???

    Help me Filter Mail unopened by Exel ??? I want manage some opened And a columm include some unopened. Like below picture, Help me, Thanks All
  2. V

    Compilation error : BLOCK IF WITHOUT END IF

    If ((char = ",") And (cou >= 10)) Then add = add + char + vbNewLine c = 1 cou = 0 Else add = add + char c = 0...
  3. T

    Importing data to be divided by group?

    Hi all, My apologies if I am posting this in the wrong section. I am new to the forum (I am also fairly new to excel). I would like some help from yourselves if possible? I am fairly sure there is a simple solution, I just do not know it. I have a frustration with spreadsheets I have been...
  4. M

    Search Entire Workbook

    Hiya, I have created a workbook with multiple worksheets of data. I'm trying to understand macros and formulas but I am not very good! I want to create a master page which has a search box that will search all of the worksheets for any text that is entered and display the results. is this...
  5. G

    Pivot Table Filters

    My data has two columns (a start date and an end date). I need to be able to select a date and see which projects were active at that time. <tbody> Start Date End Date Funding 6/25/2012 6/24/2015 $200,000 1/1/2010 12/31/2014 $500,000 etc. </tbody> For example with the data above how...
  6. T

    Enable Totals/Averages in Incomplete Data Set

    Hi everyone, I really hope you can help... I'll illustrate my problem below. ....A......B......C.......D 1 Mon ..Tues Weds ..Total 2 5.6% ..7% ...........#DIV/0! I need the totals column D1 to show the average of A2 and B2 even though C2 has not yet been filled in, but instead I...
  7. Z

    Combining Multiple workbook into single Workseet.

    Anyone help me combine multiple workbook containing worksheet name "SUMMARY" into a single worksheet. Please see the link below to understand more what I am saying here. Thank you in advance. For GENERAL SUMMARY(EXPECTED) -Zee
  8. A

    Help with current VBA code (keeping cell value in same worksheet)

    Hi, I'm new to all this but have been able to receive a lot of help just by googling my question and finding it on your website. Unfortunately, this has gotten me only so far in my project and I figured I might as well create an account with you guys and get specific help tailored to my needs...
  9. Z

    URGENT!! Need help and some advice/reference.

    Hi, Good Day! Can anyone help me in my excel work. I Have 1 excel file that Has multiple worksheet. The first worksheet is my master worksheet/ the summary worksheet. and the other worksheet is the worksheet that contains multiple data that are in same format/template. I want to gather all of...
  10. H

    Cell stimulating search on seperate sheet

    Hi All, I really need some help!! I have a problem where I need a cell to control a lookup. Cell D1 is the cell in question where the information can be variable such as: A,B,C,D, despite that each variable will have a corresponding sheet also named: A,B,C,D and so on. Inside each sheet cell...
  11. N

    Subtracting a number until 0 then go on to next row

    Hi, I have question: For example I have these numbers: <colgroup><col><col span="3"><col></colgroup><tbody> A B C D E 20000 15000 10000 125000 15000 </tbody> And I have a decrease of 40000 on these categories and I want to subract this number from the first category (A), and then...
  12. L

    VBA Loop through Rows

    All, I need help using the loop function to move to the next row while always following the Column order of "I, A, B, D, C, E, F, G, H" Currently, I have alot of identical code, only difference is the row number is increasing. There must be a way to utilize 1 section of code and have it run...
  13. B

    Hyperlink in an indirect Function

    Dear users, I having some trouble with Excel. i'm making a front sheet where i will show all the data from the different sheet. To get the different from the data sheets to the front sheet i use the indirect function. Only now i have an hyperlink on the data sheets which i want to show and make...
  14. M

    VBA UDF Calculation Error

    Hello, I am developing a function that is incorporated into a project management spreadsheet. Each month we must produce a breakdown of how many hours we have spent on a project activity, the value of that work for the month and running cumulative total. it would be easy to use a "vlookup"...
  15. J

    Moving from empty dropdown list to next in order to look up value

    Hi, I am currently using the below formula to find the value in my table: {=IFERROR(INDEX($D$45:$D$404,SMALL(IF($B$19=$A$45:$A$404,ROW($A$45:$B$404)-MIN(ROW($A$45:$A$404))+1,""),ROW(A2))),"")} A dropdown list is contained in cell b19, there are others in cell b25, and b11. I need this...
  16. T

    Form Problems! Help!

    Hello, I have created a database with multiple tables in Access 2013. i have had no problems getting the relationships for the drop boxes set up. Where i am struggling is getting a unit price from one table, to be multiplied with a entered quantity in a fox text box to create a total that...
  17. D

    Array Formula Help

    Hi, so i'm trying to include an array formula in my workbook (will eventually be automated), all the example i can find have data starting in a1, my data doesn't and i can't get the formula to work as it should. It's fine if i put my data into A1 and then eneter the formula, but i can't work out...
  18. D

    adapting a formular

    Hi <tbody> Apples Bananas Shopping 1 1 1 2 1 </tbody> Say i want to put a formula in the shopping column that will put a 1 in the shopping column if there is no figure in Apples and a figure in Bananas. I also want a want to leave it blank if there is any figures in Apples...
  19. O

    Calculate subscription rates

    Hi first time posting on here Appreciate any help I need to calculate subscription rates based on turnover. for example Company A Turnover £100,000 Company B Turnover £1,500,000 Company C Turnover £4,500,000 Subscription Rates Under £1m = £300 Under £2m = £600 Under £5m = £900 So I charge...
  20. J

    Vlookup / Index,Match????

    Hi Guys, Looking for an easy answer -hopefully, A1 = R1000 B1 - B7 = 1-7 I want to be able to enter a formula into D1 to lookup A1 and return the 5th result in column B Does this make sense? Ta J

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