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  1. D

    VBA Conditional Statement That Functions Based on Today's Date

    Hey everyone! I am currently trying to implement a function into a workbook that has many worksheets. Each worksheet has individual dates stored in cells E1:R1. When the workbook is opened I want the code to immediately run (so I put it in the Workbook_Open sub). The code looks through each...
  2. C

    MACRO: Hiding rows when blank and providing responses for other conditions

    Name Status Email Status2 Comments Carrier Chk1 James Smith Provisioned JamesSmith@gmail.com REGISTERED Luke VzW Christopher Anderson Disabled ChristopherAnderson@gmail.com PENDING VzW Ronald Clark Disabled RonaldClark@gmail.com REGISTERED VzW Mary Wright Provisioned...
  3. N

    Need Help with VBA for hiding rows and columns based on value from multiple drop downs

    I am brand new with VBA code but from my google searches, this seems like what I should be using. I’m hoping someone can help me made this worksheet. I’m trying to design a sheet that will keep track and display the number of ports on my circuit. The rules are I can split each port 3 times. So...
  4. U

    VBA Hide unwanted columns on multiple sheets or a workbook

    Hi guys can anyone help me create a VBA code to hiding unwanted columns not needed, i want to enter the specific column header only that I want to remain on the sheets, Sample: I want "Tea" (can be change anytime) to remain on all the sheets because this is a workbook, and the rest o the...
  5. U

    VBA: Hide Columns in multiple sheets using loop

    Hi All, I'm currently looking for ways on how I can hide columns in multiple tabs sheets. Hide Columns: A, C-E, H, K-P,V-Z Sheets to loop: Sheet1, Sheet1 (2), Sheet1 (3), Sheet1 (4), Sheet1 (5) and so on (example Sheet1 (6) Note: If sheet's doesn't exist, just skip. Any help would be greatly...
  6. S

    VBA to hide date columns based on user selection in drop-down list

    First post and desperate to stop wasting my time trying to piece together bits of what I need from different searches. I am pretty new to writing code and will admit I don't always understand every line of code I find when searching. I have a timesheet template with date values (properly...
  7. J

    ComboBox to Hide Columns

    Hello Gurus, I am currently having trouble making my ComboBox ActiveX hide and unhide columns based on range of text in a row. I did not have an issue with the formula when it used to be a dropdown, but when I tried to convert using the ComboBox, I am having issues. What I would like this...
  8. E

    Hide Column

    Kindly I need your help in this: I work in a glass industry. I have 12 processes in the plant (Cutting, Edging, Drilling...) These processes are put in Cells B16 --> B27 I did an excel file for my planning. Each order is a column in Excel (column C till Column ZZ) And for each order there's an...
  9. B

    I Need Help with VBA Macros

    Hello, I'm pretty experienced with Excel and have been using it extensively for almost 2 decades now. However, my knowledge of VBA and Macros is very limited. I am looking for someone to help me with a few macros that will trigger when specific cells change to specific values withing a pretty...
  10. F

    Hide rows & columns based on range totals?

    Hello everyone, Excuse my ignorance but I found this macro, which works for hidding columns: Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("D7).Value = 0 Then Columns("D").EntireColumn.Hidden = True Else Columns("D").EntireColumn.Hidden = False...
  11. E

    What is this between the formula bar and the column headers?

    Hi there, I'm hoping that someone will just be able to take a quick look at this screenshot and tell me what it is I'm looking at. I've never seen it before, and it has just cropped up on a template I came across. I've used an orange rectangle to indicate what I'm looking at. From toggling...
  12. T

    WARNING!!! Watch out folks I just lost hours of work time because I didn't know.....

    Hey Guys, Not trying to spam, but thought this information would be important, because I haven't found it anywhere else. The other day I created a worksheet that had some intense formulas in it. In an event to make things easier I hid the column that the formulas resided in. I have just now...
  13. J

    Hide Columns based on Value

    So I'm pretty new to VBA and I'm not entirely sure how to approach this. I'm working with an existing report and my boss doesn't want it transposed or changed from the current format. I have productivity metrics running down column B and C4:AO4 has the headers (names of different offices)...
  14. M

    Why is my code now working?

    So I have come up with this really simple code Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address = Me.Range("I") Then If Sheet("CAPA").Cells("G9").Value = "" Then Target.Hidden = True Else Target.Hidden = False End If End If End Sub And It is not working, can anyone help me...
  15. S

    Hide columns that contain numbers

    Hi, I'm trying to create a macro that hides any columns that do not contain any numbers. for example: <tbody> Cat dog mouse 3 mouse 5 mouse 4 Fred x x x x x x x x x x x x x </tbody> Turns to: <tbody> mouse 3 mouse 5 mouse 4 x x x x x x x x x...
  16. K

    Hide columns based on value in cell

    Hi, I want to hide unhide columns based on the criteria given in the cell for eg: my cell a1 has programme life eg 5 years, so the columns for only five years should be visible and the rest of the columns, viz the rest 10 years, should be auto hidden. Thanks in advance......
  17. M

    Hiding Columns AND rows based on a cell value.

    I am building a sheet as a building configuration guide for sales staff and customers. The customer is given the option of having several buildings next to each other, each with different options Cell B8 contains the number of side-by-side buildings the customer is asking for and is restricted...
  18. F

    Showing/Hiding Columns on Sheet 2 based on data validation in Sheet 1

    Hi All, I'm new to VBA and could use some help. I have a data validation with Yes and No as the choices on sheet1 and based on the response would like to hide columns AJ:AW on sheet2. I have been digging around the forums for the last hour and haven't come across the answer yet. Can someone...
  19. J

    Hide Columns outside of date range

    Hi all, I'm after some help if you will. I have a single worksheet that has every day of the financial year (as from 17th June) on it starting in cell C5 through to Cell KD5 (being 31st March 2014). I am looking to only show data from today back 2 weeks so it will be a rolling 2 week period...
  20. M

    Code to hide rows accross multiple sheets based on cell content.

    I need the macro code to hide rows on several sheets at once based on their content. Like if cell contains letter "U" hide that row... this in several sheets. Thank You, Mauro

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