1. A

    VBA Conditional Formatting

    First of all I would share my data but it contains personal information about patients so I will abstain. I will preface through: in my role I receive many reports containing patient data and there is a lot of manual leg work to go and tell where the fallouts are. In this specific spreadsheet we...
  2. A

    Duplicates Highlight with condition from second column

    Hello world, so I have the sheet as seen in the attachment (I have included a picture) I have 2 columns, A for machines, B for products. I want to highlight those products that are created from both machines , so something like if duplicate and column A in the range of the duplicates contains...
  3. B

    Highlight rows with the same date and appointment time

    I am looking for a macro to highlight rows that have an appointment that occur on the same day at the same time. See table below for reference. 04/11/2022 11:00 AM 04/11/2022 11:00 AM 04/11/2022 10:00 AM 04/11/2022 9:00 AM 04/11/2022 8:00 AM 04/11/2022 10:00 AM 04/11/2022 8:00 AM
  4. Jyggalag

    Edit email macro to ignore certain emails

    Hi all! I have the following email macro: Now, what I am wondering, is whether it might be possible to ignore certain emails from being targeted on the list that I have designed in my "for i = 2 to 10" code? A nice solution personally for me would be if I could simply just highlight the cell...
  5. N

    Highlight specific text in one cell based on another cell

    I have few values in column I and column H, i have a code which highlights specific words in H column if those words are exactly present in I column. Drawback is it highlights the works only if they are exactly ditto and are present together, Can any changes be made in the code and make...
  6. M

    Macro to filter and highlight

    I need help please. I have the range A4:M downwards with content. A4:M4 serve as the heading of my range (not table but turning it to a table won’t be a problem if I need to). I want a macro that help to use cells M1, M2 and M3 as “filter and highlight” criteria for 'bodytext' M5 downwards...
  7. E

    Highlight Duplicates Based on Adjacent Column

    Hi There! Hoping I can explain this well enough. In the attached sample file, I have product listed down column "C" to send to a store; then all of the stores listed "E:L". I want to have a macro in my personal book to read the active sheet and tell me by highlighting the cell red, if it's a...
  8. C

    VBA highlight and count empty cells in a range of data

    Hi there - beginner to VBA here, so what I'm about to ask is way out of knowledge base, but am wondering if someone can help. I would like code that is able to do the following: 1. Within a range of data highlight empty cells in yellow up until the last populated row. That will need to be...
  9. L

    Highlight 3 duplicates occurring within 3 days time

    I'm looking for a best way, most likely via Conditional Formatting, to highlight 3 reoccurring from B within 3 days time frame from A I've managed so far to get 3 reoccurring but for just 1 day So, all those 4 rows with PC should be highlighted, not just 3 of them Hope you can help
  10. F

    Sum Visible Highlighted Cells In Column VBA

    Hi All, I have a sheet in which I need to sum values based on condition that these cells need to be highlighted/filled with a color and it should be visible in filter. I found following code which is working for Highlighted/filled cells but it is summing up all visible and hidden cells...
  11. O

    Highlight rows if values in a column are consecutive

    Hello, I'm trying to highlight all rows based on whether values in a certain column are consecutive numbers. My spreadsheet is thousands of rows long and each cell in column I contains an 11-digit number. If any of those numbers are consecutive, I would like the whole row highlighted. I tried...
  12. J

    Conditional formatting to highlight duplicate and ignore value x in same column

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out how I can highlight cells that contain duplicate values, but only if they are in the same column. Obviously, I could just go column by column and add a conditional formatting rule for each, but I'd like to be able to use one rule that applies to my entire range...
  13. T

    Highlight duplicates in 2 columns: Keep duplicates, delete rest

    Hi there, I am new to the forum since today because I am facing a problem highlighting duplicates in a large Excel file (at around 200.000 rows). Situation: Our suppliers sent a list with over 200000 rows in a file. I only need 1800 of them. I can identify the 1800 needed rows by the SKU...
  14. T

    VBA code: Highlight a part of text within a cell

    Hi guys, I found a very good VBA code but I have problem. When this code face with #N/A it gave an error and doesn't match. Can you help solve this problem and also I want the same code to green matching. What I should change ? Note : after my searching i understood that, it is because #N/A ...
  15. L

    Highlight if cell is used twice across worksheet

    I think I may be asking the impossible here but here we go! I am trying to make conditional formatting across multiple sheets. Tabs: TIMETABLE 1, TIMETABLE 2, TIMETABLE 3 If B10 in TIMETABLE 1 (tab 1) is used in B10 in another tab (TIMETABLE 2 or TIMETABLE 3) , highlight both cells red. Is...
  16. F

    Copy Formula Result & Highlight

    Hey All, Could you please kindly advise as to what's the best way to loop through cells and paste as value a result from formula in another cell? If the result was copied, the cell should also be highlighted in yellow. In short, formula in column AY throws a desired result or states FALSE. If...
  17. J

    Conditional Formatting need to Highlight cell based on value in any order

    Hello, Conditional Formatting need to Highlight cell from B:D based on value in column A any order should match 3 digits of column A ABCD1237345678902456789023567890227734567890245678902356789034793456789024567890235678904578345678902456789023567890 Thanks for your time and help
  18. Q

    vlookup - how do i see/highlight changes made in the table?

    Hello everyone, I have a table with a lot of prices for some products, and from my 2nd excel document i pull data to update those prices with =vlookup function. But it takes a lot of time for me to go from 1-2-3-4-5... and look at the prices and see if any price changed. Is there a way to...
  19. C

    Formula based on Highlighted

    I have a number of cell that are highlighted, I want to create a formula, that will produce a number based on if the cell is highlighted in increasing order, See Below: THANKS!!
  20. A

    Search for texts in adjacent cells and highlight

    Hello all, I'm quite new to VBA searching for guidance. I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to write an excel VBA script that would do the following: 1. Search column B for a cell containing "Checker Plate". 2. And if the adjacent cell (Column A) contains a "6" or a "9" then highlight...
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