1. X

    Conditional Formatting question

    Hello everyone, I can't figure out how to accomplish following task: I would like to use conditional formatting to color certain cells based on how big is the difference when comparing two cells above each other. Looking at the example below, Row 2 is the starting value and Row 3 is one that...
  2. L

    How to highlight 5 consecutive cells with a word of "Need attention"

    Hi all, I want to highlight cells when the row has 5 consecutive (or more) "Need attention". I only want to highlight cells with a word of "Need attention", and only if there are at least 5 consecutive word of "Need attention". The cell values are from a formula. Thank you in advance.
  3. R

    Highlight active rows in a 2 or more table

    Hello! I'm trying to highlight the active row in a table. I have multiple table in 1 sheet and I already formatted the sheet to highlight the row when selected. However, when selecting the row in a table, it also highlight the same row in all the tables. is there a way to only highlight the row...
  4. F

    Highlight active row Except cells that are currently highlighted

    Hey Team, I have this code that highlights the entire row of the active cell. But I don't want it to mess with the cells I already have highlighted in that row. Is there a way to modify this to only highlight cells that are not currently highlighted?? This way my highlighted cells are not...
  5. A

    VBA Highlight consequent cells based on value from another cell with criteria

    Hello together, please help me to extend my VBA code to highlight amount of cells (top to bottom) for a certain year based on how many tools are planned in separate table on the right side in attached "example". So far i wrote code that only counts tools for first country, but i dont know how...
  6. E

    Conditional formatting in Pivot Table for values (taken in aggregate) that are higher than a threshold.

    Dear Excel Community ! I hope you are all doing well :) I come with a question that it seems not raised before as far as I know. I would like to get certain values within a pivot table getting highlighted dynamically provided that the total of theses values are higher than a threshold ( 80 %...
  7. S

    VBA to Highlight Rows that Contain Any Keywords in Lookup Table

    Hi all, I've scoured the internet for a solution and have tried coming up with a solution myself, but I'm just not proficient enough with VBA to be able to do it (and all of the solutions that I could find online involved a popup input box to manually enter keywords each time). I'm trying to...
  8. R

    Userform listbox search button

    Hi, I have a search button in a userform to highlight/select the matching list item based on the value entered in an inputbox that is activated by this search button. I would like to be able to select the list item, regardless of case sensitivity. With the code below my entered value does not...
  9. N


    Hello everybody. Pretty silly userform case study, to experiment, yet I'm facing a problem. The UserForm has 2 rectangle images, each in blue color (initially) and green color (when the MouseMove-s on it). When the MouseMove-s over the rest of the userform surface, the images are blue again...
  10. V

    Creating highlighting rules based on string values

    Hey all, I'm doing some data analysis work on a bunch of spreadsheets and I'm seeking a way to automate part of the process. The entire row is highlighted based on the string value in column I, there's many different string values I'll need to create rules for. The longest string I've counted...
  11. C

    Highlighting only 1 cell

    Hi I have written the following formula as a conditional formula =AND(C$20=Sheet1!$D$46,C21>=Sheet1!$D$47) which highlights values based on 2 criteria. This can give me up to 3 results and i only want the closest one to one of the specific criteria values not all possible answers. How do i...
  12. A

    Five Crowns score card

    Hi, I have watched videos and tried Conditional Formatting, Macro and Active cell editing, but still can't seem to find answers or any Etsy shop that has an electronic spreadsheet. I am sure this is simple, but need some help. I have a basic spreadsheet with rows and columns. So, for example...
  13. R

    Highlight coloumbs with formula

    Is it possible to use a if statement to highlight all the the numbers bigger than row D red for rows E-V instead of doing it individually. DEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV3401-May02-May03-May04-May05-May06-May5BUDGET PER...
  14. IIII

    VBA: Highlight row within range if a date is a weekend or based on cell value

    Hi, I'm looking to find a way to highlight rows within this range (not entire row), based on the following two conditions: If any date in column A is a weekend, then highlight that particular row and/or If any cell value in Column B at min. contains the word "TEST" (doesn't have to match...
  15. A

    VBA Conditional Formatting

    First of all I would share my data but it contains personal information about patients so I will abstain. I will preface through: in my role I receive many reports containing patient data and there is a lot of manual leg work to go and tell where the fallouts are. In this specific spreadsheet we...
  16. A

    Duplicates Highlight with condition from second column

    Hello world, so I have the sheet as seen in the attachment (I have included a picture) I have 2 columns, A for machines, B for products. I want to highlight those products that are created from both machines , so something like if duplicate and column A in the range of the duplicates contains...
  17. B

    Highlight rows with the same date and appointment time

    I am looking for a macro to highlight rows that have an appointment that occur on the same day at the same time. See table below for reference. 04/11/2022 11:00 AM 04/11/2022 11:00 AM 04/11/2022 10:00 AM 04/11/2022 9:00 AM 04/11/2022 8:00 AM 04/11/2022 10:00 AM 04/11/2022 8:00 AM
  18. Jyggalag

    Edit email macro to ignore certain emails

    Hi all! I have the following email macro: Now, what I am wondering, is whether it might be possible to ignore certain emails from being targeted on the list that I have designed in my "for i = 2 to 10" code? A nice solution personally for me would be if I could simply just highlight the cell...
  19. N

    Highlight specific text in one cell based on another cell

    I have few values in column I and column H, i have a code which highlights specific words in H column if those words are exactly present in I column. Drawback is it highlights the works only if they are exactly ditto and are present together, Can any changes be made in the code and make...
  20. M

    Macro to filter and highlight

    I need help please. I have the range A4:M downwards with content. A4:M4 serve as the heading of my range (not table but turning it to a table won’t be a problem if I need to). I want a macro that help to use cells M1, M2 and M3 as “filter and highlight” criteria for 'bodytext' M5 downwards...

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