1. L

    Highlight if cell is used twice across worksheet

    I think I may be asking the impossible here but here we go! I am trying to make conditional formatting across multiple sheets. Tabs: TIMETABLE 1, TIMETABLE 2, TIMETABLE 3 If B10 in TIMETABLE 1 (tab 1) is used in B10 in another tab (TIMETABLE 2 or TIMETABLE 3) , highlight both cells red. Is...
  2. F

    Copy Formula Result & Highlight

    Hey All, Could you please kindly advise as to what's the best way to loop through cells and paste as value a result from formula in another cell? If the result was copied, the cell should also be highlighted in yellow. In short, formula in column AY throws a desired result or states FALSE. If...
  3. J

    Conditional Formatting need to Highlight cell based on value in any order

    Hello, Conditional Formatting need to Highlight cell from B:D based on value in column A any order should match 3 digits of column A ABCD1237345678902456789023567890227734567890245678902356789034793456789024567890235678904578345678902456789023567890 Thanks for your time and help
  4. Q

    vlookup - how do i see/highlight changes made in the table?

    Hello everyone, I have a table with a lot of prices for some products, and from my 2nd excel document i pull data to update those prices with =vlookup function. But it takes a lot of time for me to go from 1-2-3-4-5... and look at the prices and see if any price changed. Is there a way to...
  5. C

    Formula based on Highlighted

    I have a number of cell that are highlighted, I want to create a formula, that will produce a number based on if the cell is highlighted in increasing order, See Below: THANKS!!
  6. A

    Search for texts in adjacent cells and highlight

    Hello all, I'm quite new to VBA searching for guidance. I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to write an excel VBA script that would do the following: 1. Search column B for a cell containing "Checker Plate". 2. And if the adjacent cell (Column A) contains a "6" or a "9" then highlight...
  7. P

    If/Then Conditional Formatting

    I know I am overthinking this. It is not a difficult task. For the life of me, I cannot figure out a simply Conditional Formatting. I have 2 pieces of criteria: If the value in cell D23 is equal to or less than 0 then highlight D9. If the value in cell D23 is greater than 0 then highlight D24...
  8. O

    Highlight cell if value higher

    Hi, I'm trying to compare two columns. When the value in column 2 is higher than in column 1, I highlight the cell. I've selected my first cell (let's say B1) and went to Conditional Formating > Highlight Cell > Greater Than and selected my first cell from my first column (A1). Now, I need to...
  9. B

    Match then highlight and return value.

    Hi There, How can I have the return value highlight in another workbook before being matched and copy into first workbook. =INDEX(Return_value_range, MATCH(Lookup_value, Lookup_value_range, Match_type)) Thanks in advance
  10. R

    Highlight duplicate values when two other pairs of cells have matching values

    Greetings! I'm trying to get find a way to highlight cells so I can see if duplicate values exist during the same day and time. This so I can easily spot these duplicates and change my dates/times in L column to avoid these. In other words: How to highlight duplicate values in cell range...
  11. C

    highlight cells more or less than 0.2 to nearest 1

    Hi, is there any way to highlight the cells in a range, if: the value is more or less than 0.2 to the nearest 1 there are already a formula in each of those cells in the range, which will change according to what i change at the other cell. example: if cell value = 6.09, highlight if cell value...
  12. D

    VBA Highlight Duplicate comma delimited cells in a column

    Hi, Is there a way to highlight duplicates in comma delimited cells that are in a column, I want to compare all comma delimited text values in every cell in a column and highlight the cells that contain the duplicate text, Can someone help with this please
  13. K

    Random Highlight only 1 in the each row

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I need a VBA, which can highlight 1 character out of 1X2 in the each row so far each time 14 total are selected within the 14</SPAN></SPAN> Example.. <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: #FFFFFF;border: 1px...
  14. T

    Conditional Formatting

    Is it possible to use conditional formatting to highlight a cell if it is the active cell and how would you do that? Thank you
  15. L

    Finding values that don't have the right # of characters

    I am working with a spreadsheet (received from an external source) where all values should have 9 characters. I want to highlight the cells where the values are fewer than 9 characters. Is there an IF/THEN or some sort of function that I can use to highlight? It is a very large spreadsheet...
  16. A

    highlight row and column

    I need to highlight range in excel. for eg. if i select "F6" in excel then column F and row 6 highlighted with color. is this possible with conditional formatting ?? or there is any other option to do this.
  17. D

    loop column with VBA, tell you how many times it appears

    i want a macro that loops through column F and then tells you if it appears more than twice and highlight those cells.
  18. K

    Formula for conditional formatting

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> Here the below is my example I need formula for conditional format to highlight result in 3 different forms highlight 2 match, 3 match or 4, for example if I put in the cell C3=1 & in the D3=2 it should highlight in the column C6:D44 all 2...
  19. L

    conditional formatting

    Hi I have the table below. I want to use conditional formatting or any other way to highlight the event based on condition like the following: If the event takes less than 14 days, then I highlight "Current" in the 3rd column. but not to highlight the "xmas" or any other events which have...
  20. J

    Highlight Row and Column of Selected Cell

    Hello, I need help highlighting the row and column of a cell selected. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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