hlookup formula help

  1. M

    Placing coordinates to which grid it belongs (Combining IF with HLOOKUP or Index Match)

    I have a set of data of coordinates X, Y, Z (Column A, B, C). They are located on a surface with grids consisting of 26 cells. I also have the information of those grids (Xc, Yc, Zc are the centre point of those grids, and X1 until Z2 are the corner points of them). (See attachment) For each...
  2. P

    Hlookup? What else to do here.

    Hi, So I am having some trouble figuring out how to summarize the square feet of the fences being applied to concrete, grass. asphalt and soil. What I am looking to achieve is for excel to look for "*concrete*" in rows B4:AE6, and return the values in row 7 (the height). In this case that...
  3. W

    Hlookup with Rounding

    Hi all, I have a formula: =IF(ISERROR(HLOOKUP(BD23,'Laser Tables'!C1:R2,2,FALSE)),"",(HLOOKUP(BD23,'Laser Tables'!C1:R2,2,FALSE))) My issue is the data table for the lookup is in Tenths... So for example user inputs 2.40 into BD23 and the formula works great. If the user inputs 2.35 it fails...
  4. S

    Function to find closest date to target with Hlookup

    I am having trouble searching a range containing workday dates for the closest one to the target. Ie. Jan 26, 2014 is on a Sunday, if this is the start date of a project I want the function to output Jan 24,2014. (This function is triggered by another sub, so I'm not really using it to output...
  5. S

    HLookup VBA Question

    Hi, I am struggling with getting code for the following. In short I would like to use HLOOKUP to find a value in Sheet 2 and then copy and paste all the data below into Sheet 1. So simple example Sheet 2 (Upper left cell is A1): <tbody> Jan Feb Mar Apr 44 6 7 10 21 17 35 1...
  6. R

    Match values iin two rows to return the value assocated with one of them

    I have a row in one sheet which is the number of pages in a newspaper and a second row in another sheet which lists against each pagination a cost. What I want to do is match the values in the rows and where they match return the cost value. Each pagination has a unique cost but the number of...
  7. S

    HLOOKUP Question

    I have started using the HLOOKUP function to simplify our proposal process at work and was wondering if there was any way to accomplish the last obstacle standing in my way. The plans will each be under a unique identifier to search using HLOOKUP, however, some of the plans have "In-Network"...
  8. M

    "0" value instead of cell value in HLookup

    I have an HLookup formula series in a sheet that looks up information on another sheet in the same workbook. The series goes from cell 2 all the way up to cell 57. The formula works fine until I get to the 21st cell. It then returns a "0" on cells that the reference data is a validation rule...
  9. C

    Hlookup query ?

    Hi, I am trying to achieve the following: If a value occurs in a range, display a given value. A Hlookup would display THE value, but I want to display a different value. e.g. IF the value within cell C16 is contained within range C13 to LP13, display the value in C16. This...
  10. J

    Hlookup 2nd instance trouble

    I'm fairly new to using excel and have been trying to create a simple spreadsheet that keeps track of scores and automatically displays the names of the players in descending order. Anyway I have gotten to the point of using hookup to match a value and return that players name. But when two...
  11. R

    HLOOKUP Setting Range in formula

    Goal: Track Number of times employee is Late in a rolling 12 week period Attempted Method Start // Date Manually entered =C3 // Entered 1/1/2012 End =C3()+84 = 3/25/2012 I have dates horizontally (D1:CO1) RANGE1...
  12. C

    Data Index

    I have having trouble designing an index formula, I have the table and the data setup but cannot get the criteria correct. The biggest problem that I can see is that the lookup criteria for both columns and rows would be constantly changing. I have tried inserting V and H look ups but keep...
  13. M

    Lookup Reference from Separate Excel file/Window help

    VBA question. I am utilizing an excel file that has macros that are locked that I cannot access the code of the file (proprietary macros). I have built another file to run along side of the locked one to be able to automate my loading of information into the locked program. I am having...
  14. W

    Hlookup formula trouble

    I need to have the months of the year arranged in different ways for different employees, meaning , every employee has their year start at the month of hire, so at cell A1:A12 I have the months of the year and in A1 I have a data validation list of all months of the year residing at Z1:Z12...
  15. G

    sorting and matching data, then giving a corresponding output

    I have a array of data that import from a sports analysis package, in the form of letters and numbers, e.g. A1, BC20, DD31. I want to search through this array of data (in rows) and find particular combinations, for example, any within these ranges DA23-DA26, DA31-DA34, DA39-DA42 (these ranges...
  16. R

    Excel Formula Issue

    I have a Lotus spreadsheet that was created before I started here. I am attempting to recreate it in Excel. I have a Field I a dynamic field G6 which the user puts a date in. When they do this Field B10 needs to be populated with the number in the corresponding date field that is on sheet1 of...
  17. B

    excel 2007

    Can I use the HLOOKUP formula for this...? C3:AB4 is the data range. C3:AB3 is the top row and C4:AB4 is the bottom row. I want my formula and result in cell U7. I am using the cells C7:T7 as my data entry range, where I can only enter a single digit uppercase letter. Each letter correspond to...

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