1. D

    Consolidate Duplicate Cells in Column A and output products associated in Column B Horizontally

    Hi There, Looking for a formula that will consolidate column A with the products in Column B into a horizontal line that I can drag down in column C that will output in the Desired Output. Initial Data Data-11 Product1 Data-11 Product2 Data-12 Product3 Data-12 Product3 Data-12...
  2. B

    Copying Horizontallyand Pasting Vertically

    Hi, I am using the below code copying horizontally from one workbook and pasting vertically to another. but once pasting it's making a mess. Sub Alldrrdata() Dim sourceworkbook As Workbook Dim currentworkbook As Workbook Set currentworkbook = ThisWorkbook Set sourceworkbook =...
  3. AWM21

    Complex sorting issue from vertical to horizontal.

    Hello everyone, I may be asking too much. I have a vertical table of data that needs to be redistributed horizontally to prep for a data set that Photoshop can read. Transpose isn't working the way I expected it would. My data shows the attendees of who participated in certain events and as...
  4. A

    VBA Autofill horizontally referencing a variable date in a cell

    I have the below vba to autofill the formula between J17 to ACP17 based on if there is data in column E. Range("J17:ACP17").AutoFill destination:=Range("J17:ACP" & Range("E" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) Works fine, but J17 to ACP17 hold formulas that relates to a row of sequential dates...
  5. Guzzlr

    Horizontal Bar Chart Question

    Hello All, I thought this may be easy, but I'm finding it aggravating <tbody> Project Name Start Finish Project 1 11/16/19 3/15/20 Project 2 6/12/2019 1/14/2020 </tbody> I want to make a horizontal bar chart with a series name of the projects...
  6. G

    Advanced Graph options.

    Hi, I'd like to be able to plot multiple data series on the same graph with the same horizontal axis. I have sets of data including metrics like temperature, pressure, distance, height, speed etc etc all of which have the same horizontal axis (time). The problem is that all of the metrics...
  7. V

    Transpose problem: produces zero results

    I hope this is not too trite for the forum.:confused: I have 16 numbers in a vertical list, which I want to convert to horizontal. I am using Control+C, selecting an empty cell then using Paste Special, ticking Transpose, then OK. instead of the expected horizontal list of numbers, all that...
  8. S

    Lookup values and out horizontally

    I've done Array formula's before and got them working, but for whatever reason, it's not working on my current information. Currently I've two sheets: Master Sheet - 'Sheet1M' 2nd Sheet - 'Sheet2S' Sheet1M contains the following: <tbody> <tbody> 60521235 </tbody> PART01 <tbody>...
  9. A

    Excel Graphing Question - Move X-Axis Title

    I have a simple horizontal bar graph. The X-Axis title currently sits on the X-Axis at the top of the graph (above the horizontal bars). How do I move the X-Axis title to the bottom of the graph along the x-axis (below the horizontal bars)? I know I can physically drag it, but is there an...
  10. T

    Sumproduct vertical vs Horizontal

    Hello again, I having trouble figuring out how to use sumproduct formula vertical vs horizontal. I have this formula =SUMPRODUCT((a1:d6=LEGEND!$D$4:$D$7)*(LEGEND!$E$4:$E$7)) what I need is =SUMPRODUCT((a1:a6=LEGEND!$D$4:$D$7)*(LEGEND!$E$4:$E$7)) can anyone assist please... because when I...
  11. J

    Drag horizontal with spaces

    Hi friends, I have one issue which I cant resolve. So I have sheet1 with vertical list: Name Name1 Name2 Name3 Name4 etc... And I have to link it on sheet2, but on every fourth cell and horizontal. So it should be in link like: Name (empty cell) (empty cell) (empty cell) Name1 (empty cell)...
  12. Nelson78

    Chart: arrange values on axis

    Hello everybody. I've the following table: https://imgur.com/D8BG8cM I need to represent these data in a line chart this way: - on horizontal axis, YEAR - on vertical axis, ALPHA and BETA (in order to compare them on a timeline). How can I set the axes?
  13. R

    Can I make a horizontal scroll bar inside a userform represent a ratio split?

    Hi all, Let's say I have a counter of two different brands, JG and OM. I have a horizontal scroll bar on a userform which I want to show the split between the brand allocation. If I have 300 allocations, and 200 are JG and 100 are OM, I would like the bar to look as follows...
  14. J

    formula-link to a page vertical to horizontal autofill

    I have horizontal table that I want to link to another page which is in vertical order. And to auto fill vertical to horizontal. Example: ='Adam'!O5 -next cell on page would be 'Adam' !O6 Need to autofill across the Main Page: Main Page ADE -Column headers are horizontal Group1, Group2...
  15. W

    Horizontal merge into new cell

    How do I use vba to merge the contents of 3 columns on one row into a new cell on that row with each former cell separated with a comma and the last entry in quotation marks? e.g. AA BB CC would merge to AA,BB,"CC" in a new cell and the process repeats for n rows I've found lots of ideas...
  16. D

    Returning a Sum based on two criteria (Horizontal and Vertical)

    Hello Everyone I have 2 sheets; 1 with raw data and the other which willhave all of the formulas. The second sheet,which contains all of the data has horizontal and vertical conditions (House Nameis horizontal and construction work elements is vertical). Some of theconstruction work elements...
  17. N

    Transpose horizontal data to vertical data with automatic update

    Hi, Can anyone have an idea on how to transpose horizontal data to a vertical data. Check the sample in the picture below: [/URL] url picture[/IMG]
  18. R

    Create a sliding line on a chart

    I'll start by apologizing for my vagueness but I'm working on a proprietary project of which I can't disclose much, but seeking advice for a trick I'd like to try. I have an XY chart that has time across the X-axis (bottom) and a lot of horizontal lines showing events by start/stop times...
  19. J

    Pictures Placed Using VBA - Results in Different Locations for Horizontal or Vertical

    I have been using the following code for placing a picture over a cell range in Excel. The code works beautifully for pictures obtained in the horizontal format but when a picture is selected that has a vertical format, the picture is placed far far outside the intended location. It usually...
  20. L

    stuck combining multiple INDEX match formulas

    Hi everyone, I've been fumbling around with multiple INDEX MATCH formula's for a couple of days now, but I seem to be unable to figure out how to combine them. What I need them to do is check if column A = Yes and Column B = No and if those conditions are true look up the correpsonding value in...

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