1. N


    Hello everybody. Pretty silly userform case study, to experiment, yet I'm facing a problem. The UserForm has 2 rectangle images, each in blue color (initially) and green color (when the MouseMove-s on it). When the MouseMove-s over the rest of the userform surface, the images are blue again...
  2. K

    Data Extraction From Web Charts Through VBA Coding

    Hi Team, I am trying to extract data from web charts. If we hover on charts we are able to see the values of each field. So, for this I have to note down all the values in excel sheet. This is really time taking. for your reference purpose in the below web address there is trend chart, if we...
  3. K

    Border around cell that hover over

    So my sister has an eye degenerative disease and has a hard time seeing the green highlighted border of a cell in Excel when hover over or clicked on on comparison to the black borders of the rest of the cells. Is there a way she change change.the colors so she can better see them?
  4. 1

    Change hover label data on Scatter plot chart

    Hi, I have 8 scattered plot charts, all containing more than 300 dots.. This means that I cant use ordinary labels, because it destroys all visibility of the chart. So I need to hover the dots to see the label data. This works good but I cant manage to get the names of the items on the...
  5. Drrellik

    Hover Over / VS selecting the cell

    Hello all, I have read these two posts about Hover over and wanted to ask if there have been any updates in excel over the years that might allow this to happen now. https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/515724-show-contents-cell-when-hovering.html...
  6. xeven_

    Bar chart shows series data points not dates

    When I amke a bar chart with the dates listed vertically in column A and the values listed vertically in column B the bars are showing series 1 point 2 for example when I hover over the bar. I want it to show the date/year and the value when I hover over it. Why is it not showing that like it...
  7. M

    Data validation comments...appearance

    I'm trying to get the comments from the cells that are on another sheet to appear when my users hover over cell where drop-down list is. Please help, Mike in Cali...
  8. J

    Hover over different parts of image

    Hi Everyone, I've signed up on the site as I cant figure out how to do this for the life of me. I'm trying to accomplish some sort of a heat map in excel where the values change depending on where the you hover in the map. For example, using the image below. If i hover over number 1 it will...
  9. P

    insert column prohibited by protection?

    I have a worksheet that i surmise has some sort of protection. I can't highlight a column to insert a new column. The cursor appears as a double-headed arrow when i hover over column. How can i check the different protections on this worksheet? Thanks.
  10. J

    Pivot Charts - Multiple Data Entries?

    Hello, I have a Pivot Chart created that is filtered by Splicers. I would like to have the users of my dashboard to be able to hover over each bar to display both the Value (as seen below) in addition to the count of total items that make up the Value. When I add the count to the pivot it...
  11. G

    User Form Toolbox Hover

    Hello All, Concerning the User Form Toolbox. Why is there no caption when I Hover over the individual controls? Makes it hard to figure out which one I need Thanks excel 2013
  12. G

    Vlookup error

    Could someone please help me. I have been trying to solve this for ages and I am sure it is something very stupid, but I cannot see what is wrong. this code is part of a much large macro. The active workbook is dn (i should not really need to activate it as the rest of the sheet is populating...
  13. S

    Hovering now only flashes open workbooks

    Hi there, When I used to hover over the Excel icon in the task bar, all the open workbooks used to show and remain showing, but now (this morning) when I hover over the excel icon, all the open workbooks appear and immediately dissappear (less than 1 second) that never used to happen. Any...
  14. F

    Chart hover overs

    Hi, Is it possible to switch off pie chart values (hover overs) and set to the workbook? And not the individual 'options'. I need to hide the values which I have as a % in data labels - in other words hide the numbers value. Thanks!
  15. H

    How to deal with two charts and their events

    Hello, I am working on an adapted version of the MouseMove Interactive chart (Interactive Chart in VBA using Mouse Move Event | Excel & VBA – Databison). My goal is to have 5 seperate charts embedded on one worksheet that all have the hover capability. I have sucessfully got one chart to use the...
  16. B

    LOSING MY MIND: Comment Display Question; please help

    This is somewhat similar to a number of questions that are in here, but none seem to directly address this question. I apologize if I've just missed a thread but I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I have a table that tallies errors made on an assignment based on a few different...
  17. andrewb90

    VBA for hovering over an object

    Hello, Is there a way to use VBA to have a something happen when you hover over an object? Basically when I hover over the shape"quickview1" I would like that shape to hide and a new shape"quickview2" to appear. And then once you hovered off it would switch back. Is this doable or too...
  18. D

    Pivot Table Misc

    Hey guys, I have a problem I would like some of you to help me or at least guide me. I have a Pivot Table with a lot of divisions, like company divisions and are structured on 5 levels of importance and break down as such. Each division has a unique code. My issue is that i would like Excel to...
  19. L

    Chart Question - Please help

    Hi, I am really struggling trying to figure this one out and am hoping that one of you guru's can assist me :( I have 4 columns of data, A = Title of issue, B = Volume, (Bar Chart) C = Cumulative % over total, (Line Chart) D = Description. I have created a Pareto Chart, Title (Column A)...
  20. D

    Adjusting comment placement when scrolling over cell.

    Hi, I am trying to find a way to adjust where a comment is shown when you hover over the cell. I have a size constraint for my spreadsheet and the comments are currently showing up off the edge of my screen when I hover above the far right row. I would love to have the comments appear to the...

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