1. P

    Default Excel row height doing something strange

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px}</style>Hope someone can work out what I've done wrong .... In ONE particular file, default row height is misbehaving. COLUMNS A...
  2. R

    Splitting a table

    Hello, I have a huge table (about 200.000 rows). Now I want to split this huge table into, say, four minor tables A, B, C, and D. How can I achieve that by using VBA Code? Thanks for your help. Saludos Ralf
  3. S

    Delete Rows

    I need a macro that checks column G for either a 0 or 1 and then deletes the row if the cell equals 0. I have a huge array of 1200 cells to run this through.
  4. J

    Compile Error - Unusual

    Hi all. I recently made an excel VBA project which then turned out to be a huge application. This application is being saved in a network shared folder where multiple users are able to access the file (only one at a time though). So, this application runs smoothly thus far on multiple machine...
  5. S

    Application for automation / consolidation

    Hi all, We are very small organization working, we are getting data of 10K (71 columns) on weekly basis. My job is to collect this data and consolidate for month and year, over a period of time this data becomes huge ( 300mb in 2018). These details having fixed columns and then I apply few...
  6. A

    Sumif with VBA

    Hey Dear community, i use this formula =SUM(SUMIF(D:D,A2:A10,E:E)) to find markets total income D:D whole market names , A2 to A10 name of markets which i need to calculate. and E:E is income from markets But data is very huge and array formula wont work. Can anyone help me to do it with VBA...
  7. earthworm

    Find Specific number from list of huge data

    I want to find a specific number that adds up to , From the list of huge combination. The list of data can be 25000 and more and i want a small amount from the list of 25000 . it can be of any combination . I tried excel solver addon but its restricted to 100 variables . Please suggest a way...
  8. M

    Assign formula

    Hello guys, Cant solve this function, so decided to write here. Maybe you can help me. Situation: Have a huge list (like a 30k+ rows). in A Column i have Numbers and in B i have Names. Basically i get a random list of names and i need to assign a exact number from list. Example: My...
  9. J

    Splitting a huge text file

    Hi all I am hoping that for some help please, new in the coding world. I have a huge text file +- 2 mil lines, is there perhaps a way that I could split the text file in order for me to import into excel. I had a look at the google but nothing that works for me or I just don't get it:confused...
  10. R

    This might be a stupid question.....

    ...but after days of dedicated Googling that have not yielded results, I need help. In a nutshell, I use huge datasets to run a dashboard and to make it work I need to relabel each line of data to tell me what Division it applies to, and what Function. Bearing in mind these are workforce...
  11. earthworm

    Alternate to COUNTIF(E$6:E6,E6)

    I have a huge data set and i need to identify duplicate . I am using the formula COUNTIF(E$6:E6,E6) but this formula slows the calculation significantly in huge list approx 65000 rows. Is there any fastest formula ?
  12. K

    vid 1336 -- ERROR in Date column

    Hi i am using Excel 2013 with Jan 2018 power query version i was practicing 1336 Excel Magic Trick 1336_ Power Query_ Import Big Data Text Files_ Connection Only or Data Model_.mp4 found the ERROR "we could not parse the input provided as a date value" in Date column from 1/13/2014 to...
  13. J


    Can one change a font in slicers? Seems my tables look great but the slicer font is huge.
  14. B

    Categorising all instances of a text value

    Hello and Merry Christmas I have a spreadsheet with about 14,000 rows of text data, much of which still needs a lot of cleansing but I'm sure there must be a number of ways to save time. One of the tasks I need to do is to be able to sort all the entries in one column, theatres, into one of...
  15. R

    Count working days but display custom text if end date is empty

    Hi All, This is probably a really easy one for my first post but my formula skills aren't perfect. I'm looking to count working days between two dates (this part is easy - NETWORKDAYS) BUT, if the end date is open/incomplete, I'd like my count box to display custom text instead of a huge...
  16. S

    Match/Index not pulling correct values

    I had some great help last week relating to this post; Index, Match,or List?? For the most part everything is working except that the formula I am trying to use to pull out the actual distances in the cell is not working? The spreadsheet is huge bu I can show you the formulas that are working...
  17. S

    Huge file size doesnt make any sense

    Hi All I have got a VBA model that performs our monthly reporting, I then have a command button on an Userform which allows the user to email four of the sheets in the workbook, will refer to this as the extracted workbook. The masterfile is 18MB, the extracted workbook that gets emailed is...
  18. M

    Excel Crashing Issues

    Hello Everyone, Using Windows 10 on a newer surface. Have a .xlsm file that's about 14,000 KB. Literally crashes when i try to do anything.. convert whole row of data to number, calculate formulas, etc. When i google this seems to be a huge ongoing issue and seems to have the same message...
  19. M

    Shortening a massive IF statement

    Hello Friends, im actually a Wintel Server Admin / DBA who just got thrown a excel spreadsheet to fix, im not the strongest with formalue, i need to shorten the following code because its huge. thanks in advance if someone can do it <3 =IF(ISBLANK([@[Assigned To]]),"Select...
  20. P

    Request = macro to separate repeated formations from a huge 500mb list.

    Request = macro to separate repeated formations from a huge 500mb list. Example = we have 02 15 76 = 12 35 74 02 23 76 = (I.e. 10 15 76 02 15 76 = In the example we have 02 23 76 = three times, just leave a formation Only one training = 02 15 76 only So with the other formations also The...

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