1. Sangar_338

    Methods for Quartile Calculation with Multiple Criteria

    I need to calculate quartiles on the assumption that 5 criteria are met but I am unable to determine which method is logically the most sound. From what I can think of, there are various ways to do this: Using the IF function or using an IFS function. (1) One way seems to be to nest IF...
  2. R

    Multiply IFS Function

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a Multiply function that replaces the SUMIFS? Basically the formula will look for 3 critertias and will return 4 different values. In a SUMIFS formula it will add the values however I need each of the 4 values to multiply. Example 2, 3, 4, 5 in a SUMIFS will return...
  3. LearningByDoing

    total (weight) per shift and date calculated in every row of 1st trip

    Hello together, I have the following problem. I want the total weight of the tonnage per shift (Column shift - 1 or 2) and by date. The total weight should be added in each row of the 1st trip. As can be seen in the column "My incomplete result", I have succeeded for the 1st shift. The...
  4. N

    Take the Median of a Dataset with Multiple Criteria

    I'm struggling to take a median of a set of data with multiple criteria I have a set of raw data (Shown Below) I want to find the Median of the data in Row K (Gain) for all the cells where the DEF Call (Row H) is "Base Tommy" AND it's in Hole (Row R) 2 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5. (I don't want the median...
  5. N

    Multiple Ifs?

    Hello I would appreciate some help with a spreadsheet I have. I am trying to determine the responses from a survey that is sent out weekly. The respondent reply options are Yes or No, but I would also like to record if they dont respond. I have Sheet 1 where the survey results are pasted...
  6. B

    IFs with IFNA and a vlookup

    Hi, I think this should be a simple one but it doesn't seem to be working for me. There is a list of numbers in column A. On the next tab there is a list of the largest 5 numbers from Column A. The largest 5 numbers are in column D. Next to each of them (in column E). I want to write "Exp" if...
  7. W

    IFS, VLookup & Index Match Values Method?

    Seven groups of numbers are being compared. Based on the total points, I would like to determine the three most optimal group configurations (optimal meaning the highest and most equal values). These three groups will have the highest point value, but with the restriction that there are only 12...
  8. R

    COUNTIFS question

    Hi all, I am trying to write a formula where I can calculate all the 4a’s that are in the Gym, playing Basketball and are on a Tuesday. Hoping to find a formula where I would be able to drop down H3, H4, H5 to give me what I want at any time. Is it possible given that the dates are column...
  9. K

    QUARTILE formula help needed

    Hello, I am struggling with quartile formula to calculate the selected value in another tab based on the description and grade. In the workbook I have one tab with all the data range based on description (i.e. Maths - A, B, C) and in another tab I need to calculate 3rd quartile for grade A, B...
  10. B

    Power Query Multiple if contains

    Hello, I'm using power query to compile multiple spreadsheets. I have added a custom column which I need to have an If/else statement. If my SITE column contains East and in the same row the NUMBER column contain 1 then enter "East1" This part is working but I have more data to check, else if...
  11. S

    Have cell stop calculating future data once a value is met

    Not 100% sure where to start here. Once B11 equals $1,400 I don't want the sum(B6:$M6) to continue to be calculated. Prior to D6 being negative B11=$1,400 and I want it to stay $1,400. I hope I made that clear enough.
  12. iosiflupis

    IFS Statement issues

    Hello all, I am working on a spreadsheet that uses the following columns: Scheduled Departure Time (HH:MM), Actual Departure Time (HH:MM) to calculate Departure Delay (Act - Sched). Using that calculated column I am trying to have a column that will tell me Early, Late, On-Time or Cancelled...
  13. iosiflupis

    Nested If statements using IFS()

    I am working on a table with arrivals and departures for airlines at my airport. I have two columns, a time column (HH:MM) and a delay column. I want to annotate in a third column whether the airline departed early, late, on time, or was canceled. I can get the early, late and on-time ifs...
  14. C

    IF/MAX/MATCH formula required

    A B C D E F G H 1 week 1 week 1 week 2 week 2 week 3 week 3 2 W R W R W R WB RB 3 25 10 30 8 30 12 30 FIND THIS NUMBER I have a table of data that looks like above. I have used MAX function to find the highest occurring number in cells labelled with "W". In cell H3, I want to find...
  15. J

    Flag Rows to Automatically copy over to another Worksheet

    Hey Guys, I was hoping to get a little help here with what I though would be a simple excel command, but turns out its out of my pay grade. Essentially I have a risk sheet that tracks ALL cases opened. Now out of those cases some are more concerning than other, so we watchlist them. I created...
  16. P

    Multiple AND statements, long formula

    I have a dataset with 500+ athletes, each with information on age category, best distance, season in which PR was achieved, and the absolute time of the PR. On another tab ("SBT") I have the overall season best time per age category on 6 distance over 5 seasons (total of 150 season best times)...
  17. N

    Sim if with conditions

    Hi I want a formula that will sum data in a range based on a set criteria and I’m struggling. I have 1 - 100 data sets that I want to total 3 different columns with. Currently my formula reads = sumif(acc!$d$4:$ec$4,’FWD’,acc!$d5:$ec5) and that’s working to give me the total for all 100 data...
  18. S

    IFS Formula with multiple conditions. Error: function in the formula causes the result to change each time the spreadsheet is calculated

    I need big-time help here! I have altered the formula so many times and have gotten completely confused and still, get an error "The function in the formula causes the result to change each time the spreadsheet is calculated. The final evaluation step will match the result in the cell, but the...
  19. S

    Index match with multiple criteria in a table

    Hi, Please see the picture attached. For every number in the left column I am trying to match that number and the property type found in the row next to it and return the associated number at the top. So for example for 103 0 06 with property type house-Y i want it to return 0. Note that I want...
  20. T

    Check if row values in column cannot be found in another range

    Hi all, I would like to: Check if row values in Column AP cannot be found in another workbook's Range("D2:D31"), return "NULL" in Column AO Else, return row values in corresponding row of Column AN in Column AO I'm not sure how to create a formula which would find row values which do not...

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