1. F

    If Statement (maybe) that takes into consideration several factors

    Issue: Need to calculate the times per person, per day using minimum/maximum (or that's how i figured it out). Each day, there could be multiple timestamps. Need to figure out the oldest and newest, then calculate the time in between that based on person and day. Appreciate any help Example...
  2. H

    4 IFs

    I want to fill D2 as per below criteria’s D2=1 if B2>0 D2=0 if B2<0 D2=null if B2=zero 0 or null How to accomplish please?
  3. E

    Formula to Find which category a value falls in

    Hi all, I have a spreadsheet that looks like the following <tbody> Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark Benchmark Wages 10th 25th 50th 75th 90th 65,000 100,000 200,000 300,000 400,000 500,000 300,000 100,000 250,000 298,000 350,000 400,000 180,000 50,000 60,000 70,000 120,000...
  4. L

    ifs() not in office 365

    Hi I am reading that ifs() is in excel 2016. I have office 356 and I thought it is updated version of 2016. Thank you.
  5. B

    average ifs/ percentile

    all having some issues with average ifs logic. my formula of "average if" / "percentile" works fine {=AVERAGE(IF('Data sample'!$E$11:$E$211>PERCENTILE('Data sample'!$E$11:$E$211,0.9),'Data sample'!$E$11:$E$211))} HOWEVER, when i try to add "averageifs", i cant seem to make it work...
  6. E

    How to change date by 5 years with a formula?

    Hello, I'm trying to make an excel sheet that tracks my bill payment dates. I need a formula that adds 5 years to the date 27/11/2012 and if that's < today() then add another 5 years and if that's < today() etc. etc. Right now I have 10 IFs just manually adding 5 years to each nested IF...
  7. M

    Rewrite IFS formula - Or create addin to be able to use

    Hello, I have the latest version of excel and created a sheet with a "IFS" formula in one of the sheets. It is a long formula with many if statements. I copied sheet over to another computer only to find out that it was using a older version of office and does not have the functionality. So was...
  8. J

    urgent - nested ifs

    Hi guys, i'm under pressure to get this done in next 3 hours ao any help would be appreciated. lets say I have 4 cells ABCD. The text in A can will either say "Pass" or "Fail" depending on the following: IF (B,C,D = blank ) then A=“Pass” If B not blank but C,D are Blank, then A=“Fail” If B is...
  9. C

    Nested IFs?

    Hi everyone I'm using the below code which works fine: =IFERROR(IF(J29="As Required","Confirm Qty",J29*K29),) But I'm trying to work out how to add another if statement into the above code at the end so that the following also happens: If K29="Item Not Found" then ALSO in L29 print "Update...
  10. S

    VBA delete row above if

    Hello, Im not great at vba so im looking for some help. Im looking say if in column A, Delete the row above if date value in A1 does not match the date value in A2 <tbody> a 1 <tbody> 8/1/2019 9:16 </tbody> 2 <tbody> 7/22/2019 21:04 </tbody> 3 <tbody> 7/22/2019 20:55...
  11. S

    VBA if cell contain text

    Hello, I'm trying to create a VBA that states if within Column A if there is a text then paste to the right. If the cell in column A has a numeric value then do nothing. <tbody> a b 1 john 2 1 3 3 4 jake 5 bill 6 7 </tbody>
  12. S

    adding Percentage

    Hello, In the formula below how do i add IF 7% or lower make 0%? =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(B$1,OFFSET(INDEX($K$2:$K$900,MATCH($A2,$K$2:$K$900,0)),,,MATCH("*",INDEX($K$2:$K$900,1+MATCH($A2,$K$2:$K$900,0)):$K$900,0),2),2,0),"")
  13. K

    Generate Summary Paragraphs

    I'm trying to design a sheet that generates a standardized summary of the results of an assessment. I've begun making formulas to do this. However, I would prefer the summary generate as formatted paragraphs, rather than as single lines as it does when written as formulas. Here's an example of...
  14. P

    Copy Value of Cell from other Rows based on Multiple Criterias

    I am having trouble setting some automation. It works best if I explain I have three types of "Products" these products can be purchased Separately or as a collection. The can be "Completed" at different times. I collect the data as separate projects, but need to see them as a collection also...
  15. C

    IFS statement with Data Validation

    Hello, I am trying to make an ifs statement that works with data validation. I want it to be IFS(A1="Location1","Fred",A1="Location2","Mike",A1="Location3", *drop down of 3 names*) (If A1= Location 1 then A2 autopopulates to Fred, same with location 2 and Mike, Location 3 I want a drop down of...
  16. R

    IFS gone now what?

    Hi all, So I'm trying to figure out what I need since it seems that the IFS formula has been taken away. I have several questions that students need to answer, and their choice from a drop down list is in cells H3 and the list is Agree, Disagree, Not Applicable. The results will be...
  17. R

    Nested Ifs function with date and calculation

    =IFS(C14=YEAR(D8),(E8/H3),C14=YEAR(D9),(E9/H4),C14=YEAR(D10),(E10/H5)) Above is my formula that is not working. I am trying to get a spreadsheet that automatically distributes the budget evenly based on each year by month. Does anyone have advice on how to correct my formula? <tbody> C D...
  18. G

    Using IFS function/ always show green triangle on the upper left corner

    I was using IFS function to calculate the grades although the formula and result is correct it always show green triangle on the upper left corner of the cell. why so?
  19. S

    Sumifs/MAX formula Fix

    Hello, In the following example below I am trying to use a SUMIFS/MAX formula to get the total sum of a event minus the allowed amount of time for a event. When i try to use the formula below i get a sum of 0:00:00 instead of the actual value. Should i use a different formula completely or does...
  20. N

    Using a named range in an IFS formula's criteria

    Hi, I have an IFS formula thus: =COUNTIFS(Orders!$V:$V,$K$4,Orders!$H:$H,I7,Orders!$G:$G,"unfulfilled",Orders!$E:$E,"<43566") where 43566 is the serial number of a cut-off date. This date is however regularly changing. I have created a named range, Order_Cuttoff_Date and put the date in...

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