1. Q

    Search for a number in a column of alpha numeric data and display only the non numeric data

    Hi All, So I have a column which has only numbers. For eg. 345678, 674567. I want these individual numbers to be looked from a series of data which have corresponding Alphanumeric Values eg. 345678 - Computers, 674567 - Printers on. How do I place a formula which looks up the...
  2. M

    Strange Clipboard behavior After Macro Ends

    After I run an Excel macro that I have created, if I go to do another task, like copy data from a program like Showcase Query to a new Excel workbook, instead of pasting the data as individual columns into individual cells, the data pastes as non-delimited data. I am assuming that this has...
  3. K

    Excel formula reverting back to blank once i double click on individual cells

    Please see file below. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. M

    IFERROR / #DIV/0! causing issues to another formula

    So I have this (the below) excel formula that does work, =IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9<=60%, "0", IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9<=80.99%, "1", IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9>=81%, "2"))) However the sheet it is reading from has lots of #DIV/0! on there. So I have added in an...
  5. D

    Send individualized PDF to each recipient from a list

    Hello All, I use a macro that generates a PDF summary of sales made by each seller. Then, I send each individual PDF to each seller. I do it manually. :-( I would like to modify the current macro (or create another one if easier) to automatize the sending process. Each individual PDF should...
  6. A

    Formula to Find and Replace sheet reference in individual sheets

    Hi I have a workbook with 250 individual worksheets (named C1-C250) and a 'Data Summary' sheet. On each of the individual sheets (C1-C250) in need to display data from the 'Data Summary' sheet using a cell reference. So for example on sheet C1 I need to pull data from row 3 of the 'Data Summary...
  7. P

    Is it possible to look up individual prices in a range, and then calculate the number of items at individual price

    This is share market related. Just trying to see how many shares, at various prices , were traded during day. This is an example of the csv file I want to work on Excel WorkbookABC1TimePrice $Volume24:10:16 PM1.055256234:10:16 PM1.0552500044:10:16 PM1.051000054:10:16 PM1.0451000064:10:16...
  8. P

    Mail Merge Function with emailing different excel worksheet under email attachment

    Hi All, When doing Mail Merge, is it possible to send individual customer with individual different excel worksheet in each email as an attachment? Cheers, Peter
  9. C

    Create Unique ID # for ALOT of Data

    Hello, Have been struggling with this for some time. Basically- we have land owners who own multiple properties across different counties. I may not uncover all of what one land owner owns - and so assigning a unique ID # to them proves difficult. I need to assign each individual NAME...
  10. A

    How can I find the range in which is cell falls when the ranges are not continuous?

    In Tab 1 i have a list of individual 5-digit codes. Each code is a specific type of hospital procedure. In tab 2 I have a list of hospital procedures names and the ranges of 5-digit codes that fall into that procedure. The ranges are NOT continuous and have gaps in them. For example, one...
  11. K

    Save worksheets to PDF and email in individual (outlook) message each

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to convert all worksheets of the excel file into individual PDF and automatically attach to individual email (outlook) message each one of them. So far I was able to rename each worksheet (as per a certain cell) and save as individual PDF, but I still can't figure...
  12. F

    A log of when an Excel document has been opened

    Hi, I have a document of someone else's that I check daily and it was made aware to me that the individual whose document it is, knew that I was doing this. And I wasn't sure how this was possible. As far as I know, there's no way to log when an Excel or Microsoft document has been opened...
  13. P

    VBA to copy to another worksheet based on a matching cell value.

    Hi. Complete newbie here - literally just joined! Also pretty new to VBA and so really finding my way around it all, but I'm very eager to learn and understand a lot more. I'm currently producing some spreadsheets for someone else that I need to automate as much as possible using VBA. I...
  14. M

    Copy n' paste 150 rows on individual sheet with header then loop to next 150

    The title pretty much says what I'm looking for, I need to breakout a sheet of 15,000+ rows into individual sheets of 150 data rows + header row from sheet 1. I just don't know enough coding to be able to make this happen. Appreciate the help, thanks.
  15. E

    Need Help with Financial spreadsheet

    Hi, I have a workbook that is meant to track travel costs across various departments. it has 11 department spreadsheets and one summary sheet. My issue is finding either a macro or function that will transfer the individual travel cost entries on the various sheets, to a single cost cell on the...
  16. S

    Can I do mail merge in which the data source is a pivot table?

    Hello, I have an excel file with different worksheet of the individual officer (i.e. 40 officers which means there are 40 worksheets) on their list of projects that they are managing and their involvement (by man-days) on each project. The data in each worksheet is presented in a table form and...
  17. G

    Multiple values in a single cell

    Hi Everyone, Newbie here I regularly receive a spreadsheet which include merchandise orders in a column. However, if two or more items are ordered by a customer, the data is all added into a single cell in the row corresponding to their name. I then need to extract the data for individual...
  18. R

    Counting multiple postcodes, but only individual postcodes once

    Hello, I have a list of postcodes and wish to only count each individual postcode once and not take into account the amount it appears. Any help would be great.
  19. R

    Find rows/groups with unique values and return

    I am having 127 columns and 405 rows. A row consist of a group and column has individual (value of the cell consist of = "Unique accession | individual name or Species") as given below. <tbody> Groups Individuals (Unique accession | individual name or Species) Group[ 0 ]...
  20. P

    Visual Basic to make Pivot Table that exports/imports data to database

    First let me say I'm not savvy in writing Visual Basic, so I'm really looking for guidance. I'm trying to make table that we would use to schedule individual employees on individual jobs on individual days, and store that data in a simple Access 2016 database; Basically, its like I'm trying to...

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