1. C

    Loop through range. Use range data as input

    I am struggling to add further functionality to my code. I would like for my code to run a loop through a range of dates, found in column "E:E", and thereby use this input into cell C2 and then perform the rest of my code - saving the file to CSV (SaveAsCSV()). The spreadsheet is such that it...
  2. E

    Formula Audit

    Hi all, In my worksheet there are two cells D8 and E8 where I have to input data and the outcome of the formula will be visible on M8 cell. Below is the tabular representation of data input in cells, and their expected output <tbody> Value in D8 Value in E8 Outcome E E 10 NA E 10...
  3. K

    Automated conversion from TXT

    I have a txt file that needs to be converted from txt to csv with excel. Process needs to be automated and I am not sure how to do this at all. Any input would be a big help. The deliminator is a | Thanks Keith
  4. D

    Input Box to update multiple sheets/cells

    Hey ya'll, Been tinkering a bit to see if I could get the macro recorded/cobbled together to do the following, and I keep hitting roadblocks in debug: 1.) Select several Sheets, and Ranges in each 2.) Have an Input box pop up, requesting a number 3.) Increasing the selected sheets/ranges by...
  5. F


    I'm after some help! :confused: I have 3 data validation lists - E4 (01-31); F4 (Jan-Dec); H4 (2019-1969) and I want to check what the User selects - IF their input is ON or BEFORE 30-04-2013 the result cell will be 31.5 IF it is AFTER 30-04-2013 and the Users input is GREATER than 5 years...
  6. S

    military time function error

    Good Morning, A user made this (and I just contributed) probably a year ago and I've been fighting a bug in it. I have a userform that inputs data (in a halfway pretty GUI) in appropriate cells on a sheet. The user is supposed to be able to input, say, 0900, 9:00, or any "theoretical" method...
  7. S

    2 sheets, Connect 2 formulas, Vlookup and Concatenate

    Hi Great minds. Greetings. I have a file with 2 sheets Values for example: <tbody> Sheet 1 Code Product Type Colour sd123 Necklace Oxidized Black hf32 Bangles Gold Rose Gold </tbody> If we input a code from sheet 1 to sheet 2 manually, we would like to get the following result...
  8. V

    Select, Copy, Paste one by one till last data to new format

    Hi Excel Experts, Myself Srini, new to this forum. I need your help to provide a macro code for the below Input & Output file image links are as below Input File Image--> Output File Image--> In Input, Rows & Columns can be n numbers. Need to...
  9. R

    Unable to paste cell value in input box while triggering VBA script

    Hi All,:) I'm having a vba script wherein a pdf is being generated by providing account number through input box. I'm coping a cell value (account number), triggering the vba script through keyboard shortcut, a input box appear and now I'm supposed to paste that copied cell value into input...
  10. N

    Userform inputs to overwrite entries if they're duplicates

    I have a spreadsheet with a userform used to add entries to a mapping table of items. There are four fields which need to be input and once done the entries are appended to the bottom of a table. What I need to do is get the code that inputs the data to look for a duplicate entry for the first...
  11. M

    User form Date Field Mask or Template

    Hi, I would like a user form date input field where "dummy" characters appear in the field when field is selected i.e. dd/mm/yyyy. These characters should be greyed out. When the user starts input to the field, input would overwrite the "dummy", in black. My attempts up to now have resulted in...
  12. Q

    How to create a search command box sheet to input one factor and display results specific to that factor

    Hi All, In case my subject line may not be self explanatory, apologies for that, I shall try to explain it better below. I have a data dump of a sheet. I want to create a sheet where I can get a summary of specific criteria/columns based on an input. I believe I would need to have an input...
  13. J

    VBA UserForm with Check Box

    I am trying to create a pretty simple UserForm that will contain 4-10 choices that I want end users to select all that apply and then create a text string based on their input. I have browsed the web but nothing seems really clear to me. Can anyone point me towards resources/step-by-step...
  14. M

    Pull data based on another column

    Hello everyone I need little help for solving a small problem. below worksheet is out of our Bill of Material formula, if we want to produce a Product '55500' we will need input 500,510,520,530,7600. 7600 is our WIP which also has input 10,20,30,40. i need a formula in next column which add...
  15. J

    Dropdown in vba userform

    how to avoid a user to input text in my dropdown.. all I want is to let the user choose on my items in dropdown list and avoid the user to input text that are not belong to my items in dropdown list
  16. H

    Combination of 1/0 with TRUE/FALSE

    Column B2:B7 is EITHER of 1 OR 0 Input Data Range D2:H7 is EITHER of TRUE OR FALSE Input ‘Header’ (above D2:H7) i.e. D1:H1 is 111, 222, 333, 444 & 555 Output Range J2:N7 as shown: How to accomplish. Thanks in advance I am using Excel 2007 Sheet2 <colgroup><col style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold...
  17. J

    textbox max of 2 and min of 1

    is it possible to input 1 and 2 only in textbox ?
  18. S

    Return a date based on it being Monday, Thursday or Friday

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet that gets dates manually inputted into it. What I need is a formula to return a date 7 days on from the manual input but has to be a Monday, Thursday or Friday. I.E. Manual input is 1/10/19 or 2/10/19 I would want the returned date to be 10/10/19. Manual input 3/10/19...
  19. 0

    Change cell value on multiple worksheets using a wildcard

    My workbook contains many sheets and before closing the workbook I would like to replace the same cell on all worksheets with the same text. For example, certain cells replace all that start with "rateid_???". I have tried the following code but receive an error on the IF ws.Range…… row. Could...
  20. M

    Help with VBA coding

    Good day everyone. I'm looking for some help regarding a VBA script. I have an Excel database that a user must input data for a weighbridge/landfill facility. When a truck comes in, it is weighed, its data is captured and the truck can dump its cargo. When it leaves, it is weighed again and the...

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