How to create a search command box sheet to input one factor and display results specific to that factor


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Jan 18, 2019
Hi All,

In case my subject line may not be self explanatory, apologies for that, I shall try to explain it better below.

I have a data dump of a sheet. I want to create a sheet where I can get a summary of specific criteria/columns based on an input. I believe I would need to have an input text field button where I would need to type in this number. Based on this number, I would like this summary sheet to display the corresponding values for this input.

Probably have an "ok/enter" button which runs lookups the corresponding values in the data for my input.

The purpose of the sheet would be to quickly provide a reference to the inputs corresponding values rather than having to search and find in the data sheet.

I have seen versions of such click and find excel sheets, dont know what these would be called formally.

Any help / guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


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Aug 31, 2016
The "number" you are searching for ... do all of the 'numbers' exist in the same column or are they spread out
all over the sheet ?

Once the 'number' is found ... is the goal to copy the row where the number is located and paste it to a sheet whose tab
name is the same as the number ?

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