1. K

    Create an interactive Heatmap

    Hi I am trying to great an interactive heatmap that will be have the ids listed in the correct square that you can click on singularly and go to another page to see more detail. Is this possible at all? thank you in advance for any help
  2. E

    Moving a 3D graph from Plotly (Python) into Excel, whilst keeping its interactive features

    Using Plotly (with Python), I have generated an interactive 3D graph. Please could you help me in finding a way to plot the graph in Excel, so that it keeps its interactive features (i.e. Graph is replotted within Excel if data of the axis value is changed)? i.e. Imagine that there were four...
  3. A

    Enable interactive calculations

    I have enabled Interactive calculations in Option/Formulas. I have PW protected the Workbook and the sheet. Others use the form to input data. The enabled Interactive calculations keeps coming unchecked or going back to what is default. How do I stop this from happening?
  4. L

    interactive userform (read/write)

    Hi I want to learn how to make simple interactive form like the one below which can upload data from excel sheet to the form if user entered an existing ID# or if the ID is not existed then that would be a new record to be added to the form. ExcelEasy website has the code but I have found it...
  5. M

    Drag and dropping the controls in a User form at run time!

    Hello, I want to develop a user form in which user be able to drag and drops the controls (Labels or Text boxes) from one specific frame to another frame. Can anybody helps me on this? Is this possible in VBA excel and is this handy? the actual project is bigger and have the login and log...
  6. H

    Interactive Calendar with sheet for each day?

    Probably a long shot. I haven't created anything yet was just interested if this was possible. I would like a calendar, full year on single sheet. I would like to be able to click a date in the calendar for example click 23rd May and have a sheet open in which i would store business results...
  7. F

    Interactive charting with filters

    Hi guys, new to the site so let me know if I'm doing anything wrong and I'll improve! So I have a large chart of data with tens of thousands of cells. My task is to create a tool that will create a dynamic and interactive column chart that is linked to either drop down boxes or a search bar...
  8. N

    Create a macro that will access a website and pull specific data

    Hey community! I have a complicated project and needed input/ information as to how to create a macro to solve this. I need to create a macro that will access a website (with a username and password) and search for specific information. I will have a list of PO's. I need to macro to input...
  9. D

    Interactive comments box

    Hi, I have created a sales dashboard for some product managers. At the top are 2 drop down boxes (the 2nd being dependent on the first, thanks to another thread on here! :biggrin:) whereby the user can select the manager and then select one of the product categories for which that manager is...
  10. A

    Make bars on bar graph change color if limit passed

    Is there any type of Macro or way in excel that can make a single bar on a bar graph change colors if it is passed a certain limit. Right now my bar graph has data that is automatically updated every 10 minutes. Can we get it for a bar to change colors when a value in the range of where it is...
  11. A

    InterActive Line graph help

    I would like to know if there is a way to highlight my line graph when the line passes the control limit. Also If there is anyway to highlight the line when I hover over it and show a lot more detail, that would be very cool. I have been looking around for a video or blog that would show me...
  12. T

    Interactive Pivot Calendar with Tasks

    I have an interactive pivot calendar built in excel with the ability to click to change the months and the year. It is very similar to the following link...Interactive Pivot Table Calendar & Chart in Excel! | - Learn Microsoft Excel Online. What I need to do is have a list of tasks...
  13. K

    How to create mouse-interactive ChartObject?

    Hello, I have created some charts (probability distribution models) as embedded ChartObjects on a worksheet with VBA, and would like to enable events so that I can click and drag the mouse over the chart(s) to change the parameters of the distribution model... How do I enable events for...
  14. adaytay

    Interactive Excel Chart

    Hi all, it's been a while! Had an unusual request in from a client, and thought I'd post up here as it's something I don't even know if is possible. A client has a spreadsheet with a table of data and a chart. Updating two cells with new latitude and longitude co-ords moves the position of an...
  15. R

    Changinf cell values by moving chart data points

    I have a line chart with markers, i would like to be able to move the markers and change the cell values they refer to. I googled it and found something on this board :Moving a line chart data point revises data table value in Excel ' - ExcelBanter They said the functionality did exist but was...
  16. J

    Dynamic area chart using IF statement

    I'm having trouble drawing an area chart that ends sharply at a specifided value rather than drawing a diagonal line down to zero. Let me explain I watched an Excellsfun youtube tutorial that used the IF statement to chart a subset of normal curve data as the second series in an area chart...
  17. F

    List system, need VBA code assistans

    Hi, I'm working on a data sheet/equipment list system for my business and need VBA code to minimize the filesize. For now i have two separate things i need help with: 1. I use a Table with 38 Columns to input my data. I want to have a button that adds a row to the bottom of the column with the...
  18. L

    Chart Question - Please help

    Hi, I am really struggling trying to figure this one out and am hoping that one of you guru's can assist me :( I have 4 columns of data, A = Title of issue, B = Volume, (Bar Chart) C = Cumulative % over total, (Line Chart) D = Description. I have created a Pareto Chart, Title (Column A)...
  19. M

    interactive validation lists?

    Is it possible to make two validation lists interact with eachother? Example: A1 = "cat", A2 = "dog", A3 = "bird", A4 = "frog", A5 = "fish" B1 = "Code 14", B2 = "Code 47", B3 = "Code 21", B4 = "Code 34", B5 = "Code 56" Range A1:A5 has been named "the_animals". Range B1:B5 has been named...
  20. J

    Interactive Dashboard... Publish to Web?

    I have developed an interactive dashboard type workbook for my company... but I would like to be able to publish it on our intranet instead of re-mailing out a workbook every week. How can I publish my dashboard to the web and maintain interactivity? I tried going to a workstation with Excel97...

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