1. C

    using ISERROR on IF AND statement

    Hi All Im trying to add the ISERROR syntax to the start of this formula in order to eliminate any #values appearing to no avail =IF(AND(L$5>=$C6,L$5<=$D6),$J6,"")*$K12 can anyone assist? thanks
  2. B

    #Value Error using IF Statement

    Hi Community, I have a formula that is leaving me stuck and I'm not sure how to solve it and hoping you can help. =IF(ISERROR(D50/D49),"BCB Auto-Fail",D50/D49),IF(AND($C$14,$C$18,$C$22,$C$26,$C$37,$C$40,$C$44)="---Select---","N/A") Issue: the formula should be trying to calculate that IF...
  3. L

    Correlation between two columns, ignoring errors

    Hi all, I want to check the correlation between two columns (column B and I), taking out all the values that give an error. Furthermore if a certain nth value in column B (I) gives an error, the corresponding nth value in column I (B) should also be ignored. I did it this way but it gaves a...
  4. A

    Simple Formula Help!

    Hey guys, I have column with 500 repeated formulas. The formula is =IFERROR(IF('052'!E44="","",'052'!E44),"") BUT....the E44 is different on each line with no sequential order. I need to remove the "IFERROR(" and ,"") from every line without effecting the IF formula criteria. any help?!
  5. P

    Help with ISERROR function.

    Hello all. Here is the scenario. I am using Excel to track the inventory of desk phones(among other things) This screenshot is row 8. Here is what I currently have for the H Column =IF(G8<>"",INDEX(AD_Username,MATCH(G8,AD_Locations,0)),"") The phones are assigned to a particular seat or...
  6. M

    Iserror returns "FALSE" but acts like it was "TRUE"

    Hi! I have an If function which examines a cell and if contains error, then gives a value of "1" to a cell in that row. Code: If IsError(Cells(k1, 5).Value) = True Then Cells(k1, 8).Value = "1" End If But it doesnt work as expected: there is a "1"...
  7. bs0d

    Calculated Field Replaces Character, Exclude Errors From Query Results

    I have Make Table query that evaluates a field, replaces an undesired character ("*") with another ("_"). The replace function within the calculated field works correctly, however errors appear in the results. This creates problems down the line. Is it possible to somehow exclude the errors...
  8. M

    ISERROR Help

    I am trying to keep cells from having an error using iserror function . . . but I can't seem to get my arguments correct on the following: =IF(AQ3<>0,INDEX(AL$3:AL$62,MATCH(AQ3,AM$3:AM$62,0)),"") How would I write this using the ISERROR function to keep error out of cells? Thanks in advance!!!
  9. D

    Run time error 1004 Ref: ISERROR

    I've entered this bit of code into a macro and it's working ok: ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=MID(R[0]C[-2],SEARCH(""Range"",R[0]C[-2])+6,1)" however, when the cell doesn't have the word Range it returns a 'Value' error. To overcome this I added an ISERROR function...
  10. L

    Function Nesting

    I'm trying to combine the following functions: Match Index, Search, and If Iserror but cannot figure out how to arrange it.
  11. P

    IsError llookup and calling a nearby cell as results.

    Hello Excel gurus. I have another wild project that I'm almost able to complete, but stuck on the last part. Previous posts have been resolved (with MUCH appreciation) by using the IsError formula to search an array of values and find matching values. Now the request is similar, with an...
  12. S

    Vlookup or Match help?

    Hello, I've been trying to figure out what formula to use so that when I input it in Sheet1 column B, it looks up the string "USERID1" in column A (the url) and matches it with column A in sheet 2, and the result is the value in column B (clientName) Sheet1 <tbody> Column A Column B...
  13. C

    Add If and IsError to vba folmula

    Hello, I have VBA formula and I need to add If & IsError due to empty cells, I have tried "=If(ISERROR(LEFT(RC[-1],FIND("", "",RC[-1])-1)),"",LEFT(RC[-1],FIND("", "",RC[-1])-1))" But not working Thanks for any help on this Sub SplitColumn() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws =...
  14. I

    IF + OR + ISERROR Logic doesn't seem to work

    Hi guys, Please explain me what am I doing wrong with the following situation: I have two tables, in both tables I have sim card numbers and according contact addresses. The reason why I need two tables is that in one of those tables, addresses are more fresh but the problem is that not every...
  15. B


    Hi Guys, I hope you are all well. I was just wondering if anyone could help me on the below please =IF(ISERROR(F2)=TRUE,"N/A",VLOOKUP('Hidden Sheet'!H2,'Hidden Sheet'!I2:J176,))) It keeps on erroring under #VALUE but I am sure I have covered my bases. any help would be great jamie
  16. U

    IF.OR VS IF.ISERROR.LOOKUP: In need of a better formula

    Hello, I have looked hell over for a solution to my problem. I have a matrix containing a column of text mixing dates and text. I want it so that my formula copies a cell to its left if it contains either monday, or tuesday, or any day of the week, and leaves the left cell blank otherwise. The...
  17. E

    Trouble Referencing Data in Separate Spreadsheet

    Hi, I’ve been working with the following array formula for about 3 months now and only recently has it begun to present some problems. I understand excel fairly well, but this formula is a bit complex for me. I was able to customize this formula from one I found online. I do not understand...
  18. W

    Iferror formula help

    Hello. I need help creating a formula to compare and look for items between sheet1 and sheet2 below. Sheet1 is a report I can run to see what lines currently exist in our system. Sheet2 is an example of what the monthly invoice looks like. I need to determine what the line numbers are (from...
  19. H

    Vlookup, if then function, iserror function

    Hi there, I am trying to create a function which does the following: In Spreadsheet "2016" column "Destroy" I would like to put: if [product code (which is found in spreadsheet "data 2") is AB (which is found in spreadsheet "data 2" on the same row but a few columns over) then the Destroy...
  20. S

    Excel IF(ISERROR Formula Error

    I am having issues with a complicated formula that has previously worked. In the past this formula insert text in 70-100 cells. Now I am only yielding text in about 15 cells. The goal of the formula is to copy the text from cell CO3 into cell CP2, if cell E3 = "system" and the text in CO3 is...

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