1. A

    Urgent Help required IF/ISERROR/MATCH

    I'm trying to compare four cells from sheet 1 with four columns in sheet 2. Based on which I'm trying to find the missing numbers. Why this formula is not working? Any suggestions please. =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(B2&E2&K2&M2,Sheet2!B:B&Sheet2!C:C&Sheet2!G:G&Sheet2!D:D,0)),"Missing","Found") Thanks
  2. anna82marie

    ISERROR Function - Too many arguments: Please Help!!

    I'm having an issue trying to get the following formula to return N/A instead of #VALUE! =IF($K8>$F$5,(TODAY()-$K8)*($O8*0.2739726%),(TODAY()-$F$5)*($O8*0.2739726%)) Can anyone help me to do this? I can't get my head around it at all and have a deadline looming. Any help would be really...
  3. R

    Nested If, Multiple Nested If, IsError

    Hello, I'm stuck here. Column G is people's names, columns I and J are dates, the formula I’m writing is in column R. My desired end result is: If column G contains the name “Ed”, column R should say “N/A”. However, if column G contains a name that is NOT "Ed" AND there are dates in...
  4. D

    VBA insert IF(ISERROR( into Block of Cells

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to VBA and am trying to create a function that takes my original cell with function "Original Cell Function" and changes it to IF(ISERROR(Original Cell Function),"",Original Cell Function). I want this to be done on a block of cells, from A1 to R18 The VBA code...
  5. J

    Macro error message - macro to enter formula in cell

    I can get my macro to work until I add some error handling: This works: Sub BudgetFormula() ' ' BudgetFormula Macro ' ' Worksheets("WIP").Select Range("J2").Formula = "=(1-SUM(VLOOKUP(E2,'Set Up'!$C$17:$D$26,2)))*G2" Range("J2").Select Selection.Copy...
  6. G

    Countifs with one of the columns containing #N/As

    On sheet "Data2" Column A has the name of the Underwriter that saw a case (with repeated values), and column J has the name of the Doctor that the case was referred to. Many cases don't get referred to doctors, so those rows have a #N/A instead of the Doctor's name. (the Doctors names are...
  7. S

    Return Cell Info From Other Sheet Using ISERROR/INDIRECT/ADDRESS/MATCH

    Good afternoon all, thank you in advance for taking the time to assist. I am currently working on a formula to do the following: *See if cell B2 of current sheet matches any cell in column B of another sheet, 'Scores'. *If matched, return the cell value in column 4 of other sheet, 'Scores' to...
  8. M

    Iserror, if, find and

    I have the following formula =IF(ISERROR(FIND("SCADA",M516)),IF(I516>0,IF(AND(I516=2025),"PD","COM"),"Unknown"),"SCADA") All I want is the formula to look at an additional cell BS516 for the value of 281 and print PD in the cell. I keep trying to manipulate the existing formula and I am not...
  9. T

    Formula which works in Excel 2003 doesn't in later versions?

    Hi I have a spreadsheet which I built in Excel 2007 but saved in 2003 format. Had to do this as some users who receive it still only have 2003 (believe it or not). When opening the file in 2007 in Compatibility mode the formulas all work fine. However, I have found if you open in Excel 2010...
  10. D

    Vlookup and error handling

    I currently have a worksheet (Rego) whereby I enter data in a cell which then looks for matching data in another worksheet (Data) and returns results found to cells either as filled or blank depending on a data match result. This has worked well to date. However I wish to advance the error...
  11. A

    Can VLOOKUP be used in this way?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to Excel formulas, so bear with me here. My problem is this: I have a main sheet (Sheet1) which has a table (Table1) with several columns - blog URL (self-explanatory), status (whether an article idea has been pitched, sent, or is live), and some other columns that aren't...
  12. nbk95jg

    How to add ISERROR to IF statement:

    Hey everyone, I have a formula running (in column AN) to calculate how long it took do something (in days) =IF(AL2="Outstanding",DATEDIF(H2,TODAY(),"d"),IF(AL2="Final",DATEDIF(H2,T2,"d"),"")) Column AL2 = Status if the question is answered (final) or still needs to be answered (outstanding)...
  13. J

    Iserror statement interpretation

    Forgive me if this may be elementary to most! Can someone please explain in a conceptual fashion what this means? =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP($Z1,'C:\07232012.xlsx]00O80000004PWWQ'!$A$1:$T$82972,#REF!,FALSE)),"N/A",VLOOKUP($Z1,'C:\07232012.xlsx]00O80000004PWWQ'!$A$1:$T$82972,#REF!,FALSE))</SPAN>...
  14. J

    Lengthy If Statement interpretation - HELP!

    Hello! In layman's terms, would anyone explain how this formula operates? Forgive me I think I cut off the ending part -- which is only missing a few closing parenthesis.... =IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(Y19,'Z:\Models\Billing Model Report\7_July 2012\Contracts\[Missing Billing model Report Contract...
  15. A

    IF OR Function Not Return Correct Result

    Hi I'm tring to use the following formula to return a blank if B6>5 or there is an error value such as #DIV/0!. However, any cells that contain an error values such as #DIV/0! still show #DIV/0! =IF(OR(B6>5,ISERROR(B6)),"",B6) Appreciate your help!
  16. Johnny Thunder

    Double Vlookup between two Columns - Excel 2010

    Hello All, I have two columns E:E and G:G that I have matching data in. Column G:G may contain duplicates so it usually has more lines than E:E. I was using this formula, =IF(G5="","",IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(E:E,G:G,1,0)),"Missing Acct "&E5,IF(ISERROR(VLOOKUP(G:G,E:E,1,0)),"Missing Acct...
  17. T

    Is error help using counta

    Hi i am having problems intergrating iserror with this formula =IF(COUNTA(H25:K25)="","n/a",COUNTIF(H25:K25,"a")/COUNTA(H25:K25)) i can get it to work with other formulas eg average etc but can't seem to get this to work any help would be aprrecieated. Alistair.
  18. M

    Need help with iserror

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with addding a iserror to the following {=INDEX(Data!$D$1:$D$433,MATCH(C5,IF(Data!$C$1:$C$433=$F$4,Data!$A$1:$A$433),0))} I have to press ctrl+shift+enter when entering the formula so will iserror work with this? Many thanks in advance.
  19. D


    I'm using vlookup to search a block of data with a max of 31 rows, and a min of 0 rows. This is data from a calendar in spreadsheet form. Only dates with work (event column) occur. So if there is work every day, then there would be 31 lines, or 30 lines or less in appropriate months with <31...
  20. M

    Run-time error '1004'

    I can't figure out how to get rid of the Run-time error '1004': My VBA code is supposed to write a simple ISERROR-function to the worksheet. When I type it manually and record a macro the code reads:ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _...

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