1. T

    Array element not displaying all the data rows

    Sub LoadColsIntoArray() ' This code worked perfect with no problem EXCEPT as noted in ' the TEST SECTION at the end. Dim ws2 As Worksheet: Set ws2 = Sheets("Sheet2") Dim Ary2 As Variant Dim Ary2rows As Long Dim Cols As String Dim LastRow As Long...
  2. M

    Power Query not loading data - Stalling

    Recently I have had both relatively small power queries (180 rows, 10 lines of M code) and larger (approx. 6000 rows, 25 lines of M code) stall at the load stage. It happened first with the larger query and I thought it had to do with the size of the query. But it has now happened with smaller...
  3. kelly mort

    QR code to load a static barcode control on a worksheet

    I have this code here, to create qr code. It's doing well getting the code. But I am thinking of having a pre-created barcode control, where I only run the code to load the control instead of creating new one each time. Maybe, the sheet change event will do the job. But since this object is...
  4. E

    Data Validation - error

    I have a data validation with a nested if statement. =IF(R8="D18",D18_OP,IF(R8="D24",D24_OP,IF($R$8="D34",D34_OP))) It works fine as long as I don't have D18 in R8. D18_OP named range = "Not Applicable". When D18 appears in R8 the drop down will not load with "Not Applicable" nor can I select...
  5. sharky12345

    Listbox dates not formatted correctly

    I have a strange behaviour occurring whilst trying to load a Listbox on a Userform. I have the following code which populates the Listbox with data dependant on the value of column E: Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()Dim Rng As Range, Dn As Range, c As Long, Ray() Set Rng = Range(Range("A2")...
  6. S

    Annoying Error When Trying to Reload Excel Database

    Cannot Define field more than once and The specification failed to execute. Try re-creating the specification I am simply trying to reload an excel file with the updated one, I've done it before no errors. I even removed the Auto Numbered ID and reran the load, same issue. if not this error...
  7. H

    BuiltIn Dialog Boxes

    Hi I'd like to load Excel BuiltIn Dialog Boxes by using the following line of code or similar and where the strDialogBox variable contains the name of the Dialog Box to load. strDialogBox="xlDialogFontProperties" Application.Dialogs(strDialogBox).Show How would I do this? I'd like to open...
  8. Y

    Listbox selection slow

    I set listbox items to load picture in the picture box. Selecting an item in listbox is slow, the higher the size of the jpg file, the longer it takes to load, which do not give room to select another item quickly. is there any solution to this?
  9. M

    Button show hide on load of excel

    Hi, I have an excel file with 5 buttons and each of them has a separate vba module but I want to display only one button on load of an excel. Other 4 buttons should load on click of the fifth button which was visible. Can anybody please guide me how to get this thing done? Thank you
  10. K

    Need to Combine Rows

    In the spreadsheet below I have information that represents truckloads of steel. The different colors represent one individual load that has multiple shipper cities and / or multiple receiver cities. The loads however are on different Lines. They are identified by a unique Load ID (column B)...
  11. Y

    Load a custom DLL programmatically from another path

    I have a DLL with I don't want to put it in the system folder. I do I let VBA, how do I load dll from the path I want?
  12. W

    Query Load to -Option of Pivot table report not coming

    Hi, recently started using Excel professional 2016. I am not getting option of pivot table report while loading data to excel. Can any body help. I am getting only two options:- 1. Load to Table Only Create Connection
  13. Nitehawkhp

    Load data from worksheet into Userform

    I have a column of data in a worksheet and need to load that data into text boxes on a userform. I have done this in the past, however, I can’t get the code to work in this new situation. A sample of the worksheet data consists of the following: <tbody> Row Description Yes/No Distance 1...
  14. S

    Internet Compatibility mode

    Hi, I have a problem with loading data from a web-page with Power Query. I get an error message that it can't view data beause of Internet Explorer Compabiliy View. And when I try to load I don't get any content, just the html framework. Why is this?
  15. H

    Power Query Result to specific location on other sheet?

    Hello all, I've got several query pulling out unique subsets from my main data set. This is all in the same workbook. When I do my PQ, I always close & load to new sheet. But, I want the result to come into the new sheet down a few rows, like maybe in cell D1 or so. This leaves me room for...
  16. W

    VBA macro for copying cells from one sheet and pasting to another

    Sub Tapcon_134() ' ' Add_Fastener Macro ' Sheets("Hardware Load List").Range("C" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Offset(1).Resize(, 6).Value = Range("B9,D9,E9:F9,G9:H9").Value End Sub The above macro is only taking the value is B9 and copying it across all cells in "Hardware Load list". I want to copy...
  17. W

    How to modify the load behaviour of Excel 2010 add-in (e.g. flexfind)

    I'm using Microsoft Excel 2010 and had a few useful add-ins like flex find installed. https://www.jkp-ads.com/officemarketplaceff-en.asp.However, I do not use these add-ins frequently. Since it seems that Microsoft excel 2010 loads, these add-ins at start-up and it significantly increases the...
  18. Nitehawkhp

    Load FORM with data from Excel worksheet

    Hello again, I have a FORM that is used to select players/teams to play in a tournament, and then macros will generate brackets for the competition. The 'Yes' and 'No' cells also have radio buttons to select who will be playing during that round of competition. I have been unsuccessful at...
  19. Nitehawkhp

    Load player names into FORM automatically

    Hello again, I have a FORM that is used to select players/teams to play in a tournament, and then macros will generate brackets for the competition. On the FORM there are radio buttons before the 'Yes' and 'no' words. They are used to select who will be playing during that round of...
  20. W

    Load multiple data tables into arrays and using vlookup on the arrays for speed improvement

    I have a couple of hundred rows that I want to vlookup and I have over 100 data tabels, when I change a combobox a couple of thousand formulas recalculate. And it takes a couple of seconds to recalculate and I am looking at ways to increase speed. Will it be faster do load every data table...

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